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After Yourself


by Stefani Altieri

Lash Inc. Senior Journalist Stella Lash My name is Stefani Altieri. I am an entrepreneur, single mom of an incredible 14-year-old son, four dogs, I live in sunny California and I am the founder of Stella Lash. My life journey has been filled with ups and downs and all arounds, and through it all, what has remained true is my passion for love, wellness, and beauty from within. I am inspired by making a difference in someone else’s life. This year I learned one of the most rewarding life lessons; How to selfheal. Over the past few years, life has been a gigantic roller coaster. My ride has meant changing the way I run my business, moving from to Southern California; losing my number one cheerleader, my dad; helping my son adapt to his new environment; and dealing with my own stress and anxiety. It has not been easy! The fear was setting in all around me. Every person on this planet struggles with some type of fear, and that is what keeps us from moving ahead. We allow ourselves to let fear control our thoughts and emotions. Exorcising that fear can help you

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succeed – if you don’t take that risk, you will never reach your goals. We have to face our fears, look them in the eye and doing that is terrifying. Failure isn’t easy either. Everyone reaches a point in their life where they can either give up or keep fighting. I am a fighter! Throughout the years I have been battled addiction, ADHD, and other complex health issues which all require that I take several different medications. The most rattling experience of my life is when I felt like I was having a heart attack. I called 911 and was rushed to the hospital with my blood pressure

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reading 220/137. It turned out that what I was experiencing was an anxiety attack. Anxiety is scary! I had tingling in my left arm for about a month, starting from the Vegas Trade show in June 2017. Fast forward to the day I called 911, it literally felt like my left breast was being squeezed so hard that it was going to burst - a huge wake up call. At the same time, I moved my business 2,400 miles away, with visions of starting fresh. I didn’t understand how hard it would be to trust the business would continue to grow with the same quality and efficiency as when I was in sole charge. This was change that I wasn’t prepared for. As a result of this, my body started breaking down with stress and anxiety.

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