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Essential Back Bar Supplies for the Professional Lash Artist Product Support | Advanced Online Continuing Education 855-4LASHFX | GLS 5

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FL AWLESS L ASHE S BY LORETA Global leaders and industry i n n ov a t o r s o f Vo l u m e L a s h t ra i n i n g and techniques by international master lash artist and judge Loreta Jasilionyte


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CONTENTS Editor’s Note

Hilaree Brand

By Jill Heijligers-Peloquin




Loreta Jasilionyte

Petr Lhotský




Eva Zacharias Biography


Jill Heijligers-Peloquin Biography


Agnieszka Kwiatkowska Biography


Growing your business: Professional Lash Shoots! By Courtney Buhler


Courtney Buhler Biography


I want to compete... but I'm scared By Hilaree Brand


Prepared to compete. Poised to win By Eva Zacharias


Trend Spotting


By Kyung Hwa “Kei” Kim

Tetrahedron. The New View of Lashes and Brows

Kyung Hwa “Kei” Kim

By Ellie Malmin


Ellie Malmin Biography


Meet Doug Schoon Biography


American Eyelash Association By Sunnie Ullo




Kimball V. Regier Biography


Derek Elvin Biography


Irina Levchuk Biography


Maria Herrera

An industry icon. For Russian volume and more!


By Jill Heijligers-Peloquin




Stefani Altieri Biography



Editor in Chief Jill Heijligers-Peloquin Art Director, Graphic Design Vincenza Santangelo / Ultrafine Design Studio Contributors Ellie Malmin Courtney Buhler Hilaree Brand Kyung Hwa Kim Kimball V. Regier Associate Editor S. Agostino Global Lash Summit Events 2015 Executive Group Jill Heijligers-Peloquin, Loreta Jasilionyte, Eva Zacharias Global Lash Summit Long Beach September 19/20, 2015 – Long Beach, California Jill Heijligers-Peloquin, Executive Event Coordinator Team Long Beach (alphabetically): Courtney Buhler, Derek Elvin, Jill Heijligers-Peloquin, Loreta Jasilionyte, Kyung Hwa Kim, Irina Levchuk, Petr Lhotsy, Ellie Malmin, Kimball V. Regier, Doug Schoon, Eva Zacharias Global Lash Summit Canada October 17/18/19, 2015 – Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Eva Zacharias, Executive Event Coordinator Team Saskatoon (alphabetically): Courtney Buhler, Hilaree Brand, Derek Elvin, Jill Heijligers-Peloquin, Maria Herrera, Loreta Jasilionyte, Ellie Malmin, Kimball V. Regier, Doug Schoon, Eva Zacharias Global Lash Summit UK November 7/8, 2015 – Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom Loreta Jasilionyte, Executive Event Coordinator Team UK (alphabetically): Jill Heijligers-Peloquin, Loreta Jasilionyte, Agnieszka Kwiatkowska, Tatyana Nikonorova, Doug Schoon, Tatiana Terentyeva, Eva Zacharias GLS 10

GLS 11

Monika's wish be happy be beautiful be cancer-FREE

GLS 12

EDITOR’S NOTE by Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

As a founding host and collaborator of the Global Lash Summit events, it is my sincere pleasure to release this

1-year Anniversary reprint of our exclusive Commemorative edition of the Global Lash Summit Magazine.

This magazine – it’s fantastic articles, Master Faculty Educator bios and the beautiful ads from our esteemed Sponsors – is now available for the world to see and enjoy. This publication is far too wonderful to keep a lid on! Whether you are enjoying the content via digital issue with its interactive links or special edition reprint, we hope you find it a great read (and gorgeous to gander!).

In one, 12-month span, we will have delivered SIX international events, bringing the world’s finest Master Educators to a luxury location for amazing hands-on and conferencestyle continuing education. With

each Global Lash Summit Event, we

topped our own best-in-class style, and we are excited to see who will join us as Alumni VIPs and first-time attendees for the 2017 events. SIX fantastic events, chock-full of relevant, advanced continuing education framing our signature offering The Mock Competition and International Competitions Criteria Class, and you can expect more surprises and interesting content to come!

Will YOU be joining us in 2017?

a scholarship program for Global Lash Summit Events, and earmark a contribution to support My Hope Chest – a charity that funds Breast

Cancer Survivors’ reconstruction surgeries. On behalf of all the Speakers, Sponsors, Staff and Founders of the Global Lash Summit Events, we want to thank you for supporting our events, and we want to congratulate YOU on making the commitment to investing in your future with excellent continuing education!

We hope so, as we are constantly planning, dreaming and scheming to bring you the year’s most exclusive, engaging Lash Industry Event! Because we want to continue to give back and pay forward the lash love, a portion of the proceeds from

all digital and print edition sales of this re-release will be used to create

GLS 13

GLS 14

GLS 15

GLS 16Eyelusionz

Beauty Concepts

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

(306) 381-LASH (5274)

Science and Artistry of Eyelash Application

Available on the APP Store and Google Play GLS 17

LORETA JASILIONYTE Founder and CEO of Flawless Lashes by Loreta

Loreta Jasilionyte, founder of Flawless Lashes by Loreta, is quickly rising to the head of the lash industry with her range of impeccable products and coveted courses. Originally a nurse and midwife, Loreta had always yearned to break into the beauty industry. After beginning her lash artist training in Lithuania, Loreta realised that she had even bigger ambitions, and decided to come to London, a thriving mecca for aspiring beauty professionals, to perfect her skills. Now, after years of hard work and dedication, she has become a figurehead in the lash industry, with aspiring technicians from all over the world desperate to learn from her unparalleled expertise. Her formidable combination of medical training and beauty schooling make her one of the most respected international lash trainers and judges in the industry, and she has gone on to educate some of the leading trainers in the largest lash companies. Her techniques are second to none. Since founding Flawless Lashes, Loreta has become a pioneer in new techniques, and is invited to travel the world as an international judge for many prestigious competitions. GLS 18

With years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, Loreta prides herself in the precision and quality she brings to everything she does. She has built herself a

reputation as one of the top Master Lash Stylists, as published in the first Worlds Master Lash Artists Book. Her work is always nothing short of ‘flawless’. Despite being an expert in all areas of lashes, understanding the importance of a rounded education and a keen eye for new trends, Loreta’s speciality is Russian Volume Lashes. They offer multiple extensions of applied to one natural lash, resulting in a natural yet dramatic look that will give a healthier, denser look than you could ever achieve with individual lash extensions

Not only is she forever striving to reach perfection in her own work, she also finds great joy in teaching others. After establishing the Flawless Lashes Training Academy, her students have gone on to forge their own prestigious paths within the industry. In her own words ‘lashes

are my world, my students are my kids’. She is thoroughly invested in her student’s success as much as her own. Offering courses throughout

the world, Loreta’s classes are in huge demand, and she continues to expand her teaching repertoire, going from strength to strength. Despite her non-stop schedule, Loreta and the Flawless Lashes team have taken on the mantle of organising the world’s largest global Lash Summit here in London. Taking

place on the 7-8th November 2015, the summit will give up and coming lash technicians an advanced education in the practice. Loreta recognises

a huge gap for education in the industry. She promises a rounded awareness of the newest lash trends, techniques and the manufacturing of lash products, opening eyes to the wider world of lashes. She will also give attendees the chance to compete in a high standard competition, giving them a taste of what the most successful world lash clients would expect.

EVA ZACHARIAS CEO and Founder MYLashBook EyelusionZ Beauty Concepts

Being mentored is what started the journey. Eva had the pleasure to have a few wonderful mentors as she developed her sense of artistry. Now, mentoring others, and passing on the ideals of insightful balance and artistry, is her legacy. Eva began her career hair styling in Edmonton. Known as the “Beehive Queen”, she relocated to Lethbridge to open her own salon and began to compete in hair competitions.

One of her mentors, Richard Jeha, inspired and coached her to eventually win over 34 awards, including the 1989 Canadian Contessa. This honor placed her in demand for instruction at trade fairs and seminars in Poland, Minsk Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The years of competing and the extensive training taught Eva to honor beauty, balance and structure – these are ideals she holds in high regard and emphasizes to her students to this day. The opportunity to train and work directly with Anne Bray – the most decorated hair stylist in the world – brought her further insight regarding balance and hair artistry. Eva relocated to the United States to embrace Lash Extensions and Lash Artistry, where she naturally was positioned to be a Lash Educator. She once again travelled the globe to teach Lash Artists in Australia, Nigeria, Germany, England, France, Italy, Poland and all across North America. Now, back in Canada, Eva opened a studio in Saskatoon (2014)

and continues to train lash artists all over the world. It didn't take long for Eva to realize the lack of uniform training in the lash industry and the idea of the app My Lash Book was born. My Lash Book launched in November of 2014. It will revolutionize the industry and the average lash stylist to design perfect lashes for each client. 2015 marked Eva’s return to the competition stage, this time taking 1st place for Fantasy Lashes at Lash Wars in Las Vegas. At the Global Lash Summits in Long Beach, California and then Canada and the UK, Eva will teach her unique Design Theory as well as Fantasy Lash elements to attendees.

GLS 19

JILL HEIJLIGERS-PELOQUIN Founder and CEO of Lash FX® Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies

A founding member of the US Professional Lash Community, she is an original content contributor on the famous Wake-Up-In-Your-Makeup Eyelash Chat. There, way back in 2006, a small, but passionate, circle of lash artists chose to share their knowledge of all things “lashes” in order to grow this niche industry into the amazing global community it is today. Often called a “Pioneer” in the industry, Jill would rather be known as a mentor with a particular nose or genius for detail. Never simply satisfied with “how to”, she quickly became the go to gal for “why do”. As a thirsty student of The Lash Life herself, she is proud to bring her previous life and work experience to every class she takes and every course she creates. Course creation and exploration of innovation is her specialty, as well as being the CEO (Chief Eyelash Officer) of Lash FX® Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies.

“I am an ‘early adopter’ to the core, and a born educator. I feel it’s my privilege AND my calling to go out, learn, explore, and bring it home to my tribe. “ Her “tribe” congregates at various online course platforms, forums, secret Facebook groups and now, in person, at the Global Lash Summits.

“This isn’t a one-off event or a gathering of 6-10 students for a great class. The Global Lash Summits is blazing new territory, leaving professional lash artists to bask in the afterglow of a world-class immersive event. “Simply being in the same room with the gathering of industry experts, celebrated Master Trainers, amazing Alpha Lashers and esteemed sponsor partners is an experience NOT to be missed!” The first to bring advanced, continuing education in lash mastery to the cyber classroom, Jill invites you to seek out excellent opportunities to enrich your Lash Life experience, becoming an expert in your own right. A great place to start is Lash FX® Academy

GLS 20

GLS 21

T he Online Con t i n u i ng Educ at ion Volume La sh T r aining & Mentori ng Pro gr a m for La sh Art ist A roun d t he Wor ld

St efani Alt ier i, Ma st er L a sh Educ ator Pa ssion at e Ab ou t L a sh Educ at ion Pa ssion at e Ab ou t Your Educ at ion

Hand s on T r aining Varie t y of La sh E nhancement Cour ses Al s o Avail ab le at Sk yn l a sh Ac ademy in Howell , N J USA GLS 22


S t efani ’s m i ssion i s to p rov ide you w i t h t he l at est & gr eat est to keep you one st ep ahead of you r c om p e t i t ion for t he de tailed l a sh art ist in mind wor king more efficient ly

GLS 23

AGNIESZKA KWIATKOWSKA Founder and CEO of Star Lash Academy

Meet Agnieszka Kwiatkowska. She is one of the new breed of Volume Lash Stars, and a top pick for the talented line up of guest speakers and mentors at the Global Lash Summit UK. On the international scene, we see some fast-rising stars, but this Lash Artist/Trainer, owner of Star Lash Academy has a national team of 15, hand-picked, personally trained educators taking Poland by storm! In fact, Star Lash Academy trains approximately 300 students each year. Agnieszka prides her unique programs to embrace and help her students from the very first steps of learning eyelash extensions, through the highest level: perfecting Russian Volume.

“Eyelash Extensions is my passion. More than that, it has become my style; my life” Agnieszka’s time, when not teaching students her unique, high quality, high speed Volume Technique, is spent hosting, organizing and participating as an international juror in the most prestigious events and lash competitions in Europe. Her influence and style imprint spans Czech Republic, Poland, UK, Russia, Italy, Ukraine – and the list is evergrowing! GLS 24

Speaking at the “League of Lash Masters Congress” and co-authoring some of the newest 3D-8D technology are only a couple of her most recent accomplishments. She is a proud member of LBAB – Lash and Brows Association Baltic.

“I am very happy to be a guest mentor/juror for Global Lash Summit UK in 2015, and look forward to sharing my passion and some new skills with those who attend.” Enthusiastic students come from all over Europe to learn with Star Lash Academy. They also offer a line of quality products for Lash Extension Professionals, and they ship worldwide.


Agnieszka Kwiatkowska founder


GLS 25


GLS 26

Potential clientele are over stock photos and generic images on websites. These days, everyone wants to see real work, real skill, and real people! You want to build the right clientele, so having the images to showcase your work is imperative to attracting new business to your lash lounge! Sugarlash does a ton of photo shoots to showcase our lash product and keep creative juices flowing and if you haven’t done a professional photo shoot for your business yet, don’t wait any longer! They can absolutely be a game changer in your success! I’m here to tell you my top tips for making the most out of your lash photo shoot. COURTNEY’S TIPS ON A SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL LASH SHOOT PHOTOGRAPHER • Splurge on a great photographer. It’s better to do one really great photo shoot and get amazing images than have to do 2 photo shoots because the photographer wasn’t up to your standard the first time. Don’t skimp out to save money – high end photographers are absolutely worth it and will bring you more business! • Set guidelines. NO EDITS on the lashes! Skin can (and should) be touched up and smoothed, eyes can be brightened, and contrast can be adjusted but make it clear to your photographer not to boost or clone the lash line. It looks fake (cause it is!) and you don’t want to false advertise and give customers false expectations of results you can deliver. HAIR/MUA • Hair and make up artists will help to showcase your lash work properly but set some boundaries for them also. To show off lashes the best avoid a heavy eyeliner or a smoky eye which can hide the definition of the lash extensions; a nude or a bold colour eye shadow is best. • Not sure what “look” you’re after for your photo shoot? Pinterest is my go-to for lashpiration! Look up “beauty photo shoots” and get ideas for the photography and hair/makeup style you’re after! It’s always easier for your

team to create the look you’re after if they can see an example in a photo first. MODELS • Choose models carefully. Every woman is beautiful (this goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyways!) but pay close attention to the eye type and natural lash base of the models who will showcase your lashes. Try to avoid heavy hooded eyelids, or weak/thin natural lashes. When

GLS 27

searching for a model be specific in what you’re after: examples of what you should be looking for could be: large eyes, healthy lashes, or a specific eye shape. • Keep your clientele in mind when selecting your model. Do you want to attract a younger clientele (18-30 years old)? If so, choose an appropriate model to represent that by choosing a college aged woman to lash. If you want to attract a more mature client, choose a stunning mid aged woman to represent and attract your ideal client. • Keep it professional. Professional models don’t always need to be paid for their work. Often times they will do photo shoots and will accept their amazing set of lashes, and a professional photo from their shoot for their portfolio as payment. But make no mistake – professional models move better in front of a camera and you’re more likely to get that standout shot for your business when using models comfortable in front of a camera. PHOTOSHOOT PREP If possible, it’s nice to do your lash work the day prior to the photo shoot. Set aside an extra hour above the time you normally take to complete a full set. Take your time placing each lash and breath! Each lash needs to be perfect because photos show every flaw. If you don’t love a lash, take it off a replace it. • Lash with 1-2mm longer than you normally would for the photo shoot. Sometimes a camera’s flash can wash out the tips of the lashes making them appear shorter. To be safe, I lash my models a bit longer to compensate for this. DAY OF THE PHOTOSHOOT • Always set aside 30-45 minutes to fill the lashes a bit more, and make sure they are all perfectly in place before the shoot. Insider’s tip: you want to “freeze” the lashes in place once they are all perfected. To do this: spray some hairspray on a mascara wand and lightly brush through your model’s lashes to hold them in place for the shoot. GLS 28

• Once lashes are perfected, models will move into hair and make up. This part feels like it takes forever, but let your stylists do their thing! The photos show all and when you have great make up and hair done on your model editing post photo shoot takes less time and you get your photos sooner! • Angles! Get as many angles as you can possibly think of. Above angles, angled from below, from the side, from profile, macro of the lashes close up, eyes straight on, eyes closed, eyes semi-closed, eyes looking up… You get the picture (pun intended). Insiders tip: make a checklist of the shots you need to get and cross them off as the photographer takes them. • Direct the photo shoot. A talented photographer is great but if they aren’t familiar with shooting lashes, they will likely only be worried about capturing the model as a whole

instead of showcasing your work. Make sure you look at the shots once in a while (off the back of the photographers camera) to see if the angles are properly capturing your beautiful work. • Have fun! Get some music playing, and let loose. Beauty shoots are fairly structured, but I find the best shots are often when I stop posing the models (after I have angles I need) and just let the photographer and model feed off each other’s energy and MOVE! I hope this has given you some insight into doing photo shoots for your business! Remember that your lash business is unique, and has something different to offer than any other business in the world! I hope you have a blast showing off and capturing your unique lash work in photos and hopefully taking your lash business to new heights.

Sugarlash founder Courtney Buhler is a business woman, wife, and mother of 3 children under 6 years old. Her passion for eyelash extensions began when she first tried the service for herself 8 years ago.

“I was instantly hooked” Buhler says, “I couldn’t believe the difference long, full lashes made on my overall appearance and more importantly my confidence! I was winking at everyone and doing big Bambi flutters every chance I got!”

COURTNEY BUHLER Founder and CEO of Sugarlash

I am thrilled to launch the very first training of my ChromaSTACK™ technique at Lash Summit 2015! Get ready for bold lash looks that will turn heads and drop jaws!

Courtney began her home lash business after realizing her huge draw to lash extensions was something she wanted to turn into a career. She took an afternoon lash extension course (which was the best available at the time), and began her part time home business. Within a year she had 5 employees that she had trained and apprenticed, was booking 4 weeks in advance, and moved to a commercial lash lounge which she developed and designed herself. Lash Affair Lounge continues to be Edmonton’s premier lash and brow destination, with 8 lash beds, and 4 brow stations! As a business owner Courtney was always on the lookout for the latest products right from manufacturers around the world. She was never scared to push boundaries from suppliers, asking for tweaks to their items, and working alongside them to custom create lash extension tapers, adhesive formulas, and tweezer closures she needed to meet her high standards. With this love for elevating performance and quality of products, Sugarlash was created! 

Sugarlash products you are part of high lash society – an elite group of lash artists that demand only the highest quality and performance for their client’s lashes. Sugarlash is not about cutting corners or fad items. Sugarlash customers demand the highest standards in their businesses and want to attract a high end, loyal clientele by offering luxury lash and brow supplies. As a company we are committed to innovation, and ongoing development to bring SL customers the absolute best supplies available in the industry. SL is proud to supply over 6,000 lash artists worldwide with our product and be carried in 28 countries around the world.  Courtney now keeps busy working as CEO/Principal trainer at Sugarlash training lash artists from around the world, and developing new products. Courtney is also honoured to be an international lash judge and to see talented lash artists from around the world compete on a global scale.

“My passion is fuelling other’s passion! If I can help a lash artist take their skill or business to the next level, then I have succeeded.” Courtney says, “The best part about my business is that my success is directly related to other’s success. When they grow – my company does also! It’s by this network of strong lash artists who are standing for quality, skill, and performance that our industry evolves.” Watch out for Sugarlash’s ONLINE Lash and Brow Academy launching this fall and available worldwide.

Sugarlash PRO is truly eyelash and eyebrow couture. When you use

GLS 29

GLS 30

Happy Lashing! 801-695-7385

GLS 31

I WANT TO COMPETE… BUT I AM SCARED By Hilaree Brand My Brand Lashes LLC

There is no question in my mind that if you have the opportunity to compete, you should TAKE IT! No matter the sacrifice, it is worth the effort. Having been on both sides of the clip board – as a Competitor and a Judge – there are some things I wish I would have known. I hope by sharing them with you, I can offer a few insights as to what Judges are looking for when evaluating your work, what pitfalls to avoid as a competitor, and help you overcome any anxiety you might have about competing. FROM THE COMPETITOR’S SIDE Let me just say, when you are competing, prepare to have your ego bruised, if not shredded. This doesn’t happen so much because the judges are out to tear you down, but from that little voice in your head that eats at your confidence. My advice? Leave your ego at the door. While it sounds counter-intuitive, and yes, you ARE there to “kick lash”, remaining focused on lashes is your only job. Do NOT look around at other girls and start thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen your Instagram account. I’ve got this in the bag!” That thought alone can cost you the competition. Bring headphones with an awesome playlist to help you keep your pace, and focus on your model’s lashes. When I competed I was docked 5 points for touching my cell phone to restart my playlist and check my time. Yes, my phone was clean. Yes, I was sanitizing often, but the floor judge still marked that as unsanitary. Note to self: Next time have a longer playlist and a digital clock to quickly glance at on my work station. Make sure you read your list, and check it twice, so that you don’t accidentally leave something behind like adhesive or tweezers. Remember your sanitation GLS 32

products and a mini trash bag or container to dispose of all disposable items. FROM THE JUDGE’S SIDE Competitors are provided a welcome letter with rules and expectations, a list of required items and times that models should arrive. Some of these things that judges look for may seem like common sense; however, they still show up when judges are picking through finished lashes, and these omissions will cost you points. Here are some things we look for as Judges: • Isolation. Winners demonstrate perfect isolation. Lashes that are stuck together (“stickies”) are unacceptable and will cost you points. The place where judges find the most ‘stickies’ is where the superfluous hairs are growing into the lash line that get caught in wet adhesive. While the artist assumes that they have thoroughly checked their work, don’t make assumptions. Check your work from skin base to tip because that is how the judges are checking. • Cleanliness. The judge can tell if the model’s lash line is not squeaky clean. Remember that primer is not a cleanser. For own sake, and the sake of your points, make sure prior to the competition that your model’s lashes are makeup and oil free. • Adhesive. Too much adhesive demonstrates little to no control of the product, and makes the lashes appear chunky and stuck together. Your goal is a set of seamless lashes. Too little adhesive allows newly placed lashes to pop off easily when the judges are confidently brushing through your work.

Length – The Judges are assessing whether you, as the lash artist, can choose the appropriate length for your model. Lashes that are too long are not always aesthetically pleasing and can affect your overall score. Diameter – Whether Classic or Volume Lashing, you need to demonstrate that the diameter you choose is appropriate for the model’s natural lashes.

A If you are competing in the Volume category, lashes should be evenly spaced between each other in the fan (See image A). Pictured below are fans that I have come across while judging, and here are the reasons why they are not competition worthy. Fan #1 – While the spacing is almost perfect, the real tragedy exists at the base. Notice that the base is split. Fan #2 – This fan is actually a 4D fan. You can’t tell unless you pull it apart with tweezers. Nevertheless, the eye does get drawn to the poor spacing, and the obviously darker, left side. Too much adhesive was used. Fan #3 – This fan is a 3D fan. This fan (as well as fan #2) tell me that the competitor did not pick up the fan correctly, OR they did not allow the adhesive to fix completely before moving on to the next fan. Fan #4 – This is another example in which the competitor was moving too quickly and released before the adhesive was “dry” or fixed firmly. Fan #5 – The fan spacing is okay, but take note of the base. A result like this will cause the Judge’s mascara wand to catch the base of this fan, not only causing the model discomfort, but also costing you a point. Fan #6 – While this fan would probably pass, as the spacing is almost perfect, I couldn’t help but notice a pinch on the second to the right extension lash. The competitor should relax his or her grip just slightly.




Application – Gel pad or tape application. Yes, the judges check the tape or gel pad for adhesive blots, lifting, and signs of soreness or redness of the eye or eyelid. This can also help the judge know if the eye was able to close fully during the competition, Placement/Overall Look – Lashes should not twist or lean to one side. When your model opens her eyes, she shouldn’t have a lone, droopy lash. All lashes should be in a consistent march along the lash line. Remember that the whole lash line is on display. Avoid letting the lash line split because of a rogue lash. My last piece of advice to you is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! I am so glad that I took the opportunity to compete. It really helped me learn a ton in a short amount of time. Most of that was due to the amount of practice that I did while preparing for the competition, but also the practice I got during the competition itself. I continue to learn as a judge. As stated in the beginning, if you get the chance to compete, do it. So many things are over looked or short changed because lash artists tend to run on a tight schedule.

Competing puts everything you know into practice while under pressure; the kind of pressure that makes you proud of yourself for being brave enough to try.

“Happy Lashing!”



6 GLS 33

HILAREE BRAND Founder and President My Brand Lashes LLC

When I was a little girl I loved eyelashes. I always wanted mine to be ‘princess’ long eyelashes. I used to pick blades of grass and say to my sisters: “Pretend that theses are my eyelashes. OK?”. This passion/obsession has stayed with me my entire life. I graduated from my Cosmetology program at Dallas Roberts Academy in Provo, Utah in 2003. I was 17. It was in my cosmetology program where I was first exposed to eyelash extensions. I went on taking various courses and absorbing all that I could about eyelash extensions and how they make a person feel beautiful. Thanks to my background in hair design I have been able to successfully integrate style and design into my lashes. I went on to earn my Master Aesthetics License at Mandalyn Academy in 2008 followed by my Instructors license. From there I opened the first location of My Brand Lashes LLC and had four lovely women working alongside me. I then opened my current location in Henderson Nevada.  I am an international instructor having had the opportunity to teach all over the world. I absolutely love teaching! On a normal day I take

GLS 34

between 6 and 10 clients and I work 5 days a week when I am not traveling and teaching. I have become addicted to that moment when my clients looked in the mirror and said: “Oh my goodness...I look so


I love all of my clients, I feel that applying eyelashes offers me the unique opportunity to get to know people from all walks of life. I cherish these connections and I often learn very valuable and insightful lessons through my interactions with my clients.   If you are an aspiring lash artist, I look forward to meeting you and sharing what I know with you. I want you to succeed and be the best lash artist out there. This industry needs passionate people to create lashes that change the way men and women see themselves. If people feel more confident in themselves then they inspire others and in a huge way can start little ripples that change the world.



GLS 35

GLS 36 GLS 37

PETR LHOTSKÝ Founder and CEO of Diamond Lashes

GLS 38

He is known as the “Lash Coach” for his unique approach to educating Lash Artists. The connection, the “a-ha!” moment, is achieved through guidance and mentoring; an opening of the mind to the improvement that can be accomplished. His students always come away with vast betterment of their lashing skills. Petr has personally trained over 600 people; his course graduates regularly positioned in top ranking at international eyelash extension competitions. From Prague, Czech Republic, he is the founder of one of Europe’s first luxury eyelash brands – DIAMOND LASHES® – focusing on high-quality professional products and comprehensive educational programs in Classic Lashes, 2D/3D, Volume and Eyebrow Designs. Petr has organized international competitions in eyelash extensions in Prague and performed as Juror of international competitions in eyelash extensions in Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Slovenia, and Germany, to name a few. His personal authorship of the League of LashMasters - International Conference and Championship in Prague, September 2015 has been a celebrated achievement. Product development for Europe’s masterful lash artists, such as DIAMOND LASHES® Gentle Cleansing Foam, speaking at international conferences like “Lash Revolution” in 2014, Moscow, Russia, working with celebrities and specializing in individual training using his coaching technique, keeps Petr’s busy schedule full of variety and invention. Attendees of the Global Lash Summit Events – Lash Summit Long Beach will benefit from Petr’s exclusive style of mentoring. He will share criteria and tips for taking your lash art skills to world class status. Whether you are bound for international competition, or simply wishing to deliver prize-worthy results for your established clientele, working with Petr Lhotský will be a highlight of your Summit experience!

GLS 39


We're living in an age where things are moving considerably faster than what we can keep up with. The lash and brow industry is no exception. To stay relevant, we’ve now got to get on board with medical, scientific, and technological innovations. Let’s think for a minute out of the box and about a strategy… A Tetrahedron is a solid figure with 4 triangular faces. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, defines the tetrahedron as a kind of pyramid, which is a polyhedron with a flat polygon base and triangular faces connecting the base to a common point. In the case of a tetrahedron, the base is a triangle (any of the four faces can be considered the base), so a tetrahedron is also known as a "triangular pyramid". I am using this figure to illustrate what is going on in the lash and brow industry on a symbolic level: MEDICAL SCIENCE



Lashes and Brows now have very significant scientific, medical, and technological application properties. GLS 40

Medically speaking There are so many advances now when it comes to eyelash and eyebrow implants and working with doctors. Doctors need and want your esthetic eye. An example of this is designing a blueprint and mapping for follicle placement with your esthetic eye for eyebrow design. They need your services and your input for Pre and Post op care for their patients. Preparation for surgery (the patient’s pre-op care routine) requires proper cleansing techniques, preventing sties and deterring infection. With regards to post care, teaching patients how to groom their lashes and brows after implant surgery is another area where you are again the expert. Performing on going services such as perming, straightening, tinting and styling puts you further in need. Technology One example of embracing the technology aspect is employing picture text consultations. We all know time is money, and here’s a perfect example: A client wants to book for the new brow service. This would include brow design, creating the perfect shape, threading, waxing or tweezing. Tinting, henna or both, brow extensions or using a substance that imitates the texture of natural hair. The fee is $250.00. The time required is 2 hours. She shows up and only really needs tweezing. You just lost time and money. So here’s my solution: Have your client text you a selfie of her with how she wears her brows with makeup and also one without cosmetics. You can then assess what she really needs and even up-sell as a result of using this process. Another Tip Utilize the eye of the camera. Take pictures of your work before you finish, as sometimes the human eye cannot see as much as the eye of the camera. This gives you a

different perspective so that you can make sure your work is “picture perfect.” Scientifically Speaking Everyone wants long beautiful lashes, that’s why we are so busy and the number one growing business in the beauty sector! Isn’t it a wonder why everyone is jumping on the bandwagon? There are so many growth serums using ingredients that are analogues of Prostaglandin. There are also Botanical Extracts in use like Ginseng Root, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Gingko Biloboa Extract, Biotin, SymPeptide226EL working together with Panthenol. Many of us are complaining about the look of “lashes on steroids”. As lash artists we need a healthy, hearty lash to use. A new, ground breaking, second generation stem cell product is now on the marketworking just like nature, using the molecules that stem cells release. This product penetrates into the follicle and works to rejuvenate and “wake up” that follicle to its natural state, giving the Segway for a beautiful, healthy lash. NeoGenesis labs in San Diego, California is the creator of this new break through. YouTube Channel eeducates

“I often say, ‘It all stems from the beauty of it.’ Lashes and brows are part of the bigger picture where every one is embracing Medical, Scientific, and Technological means to grow within the industry.”

GLS 41

ELLIE MALMIN Lash Brow Makeup Academy

Licensed in Cosmetology and Electrology accompanied by over 35 years in the beauty industry and professional makeup art, Ellie Malmin proudly provides her expertise ensuring clients everywhere receive professional and knowledgeable service. Co-owner of Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Center located in West Palm Beach, FL, Malmin administers beauty product clinical trials and maintains a daily full schedule of eyelash extension clients.  As a Lashologist® for over 10 years, Malmin not only educates and trains those new to this division of the beauty industry, but also frequently speaks for the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa promoting non-product based education for overall eye health and increasing professionals’ revenue throughout the world. Across the nation Malmin has co-authored manuals and developed training protocols for various cosmetic brands and eyelash extensions.  In collaboration with an internationally recognized hair restoration expert, Malmin established a complete styling program and related protocols for eyelash implants.  Ellie Malmin embraces the distinguished accorded authority moving toward adopting a broad set of best practices while continuing to lead discussions on educating business professionals on the most recent products, topics, and trends.

GLS 42

“I am honored and excited to be speaking at the Global Lash Summit in Long Beach. The educational program is jampacked! It will really ‘open your eyes’ and bring you to the forefront to learn and explore new concepts and techniques” You can find Ellie online, sharing her wealth of knowledge about advances in the Beauty Industry and the newest medical and technological advances relative to lashes and brows at: and on her YouTube Channel, “eeducates”:

Doug Schoon is an internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator with over 30 years’ experience in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry. He is a leading industry authority, known for his technical and regulatory work that has helped shape the beauty industry. He is Co-Chair of the Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC), and as Creative Nail Design's (CND) Chief Scientist, was head of the R&D laboratory, QA, and Field Testing/Evaluation departments for almost 20 years. Schoon has authored several books, video and audio training programs, as w-ell as dozens of magazine articles about salon products, safety, and best practices for salon professionals. Schoon is well known for his captivating presentation style and his unique ability to make complex concepts easy to understand. In 1986, Schoon founded Chemical Awareness Training Service (CATS) – the beauty industry’s first safety training company. This was followed by his book, Nail Structure & Product Chemistry, 1st and 2nd Edition, which has become essential reading for nail salon pros. Schoon is a chief contributor to Milady’s Standard Nail Technology and Standard Cosmetology, as well as several medical reference books such as Baran and Maibach’s Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology: A Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Text. Schoon serves as an expert witness in legal cases, and doctors, dermatologists and podiatrists often consult Schoon when writing articles, books or scientific papers. He has worked as a scientific researcher, author and lecturer for almost 35 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from UC-Irvine. He currently resides in Dana Point, CA.

MEET DOUG SCHOON Schoon Scientific & Regulatory Consulting, LLC Specializing in Answers and Solutions

Schoon Scientific Committed to delivering the highest level of technical expertise, advice, and innovative ideas to the beauty, cosmetic and personal care industry. We translate complex scientific issues into clear solutions for product developers and manufacturers.


Leading beauty, cosmetic and personal care product companies through scientific, regulatory and technical challenges.

GLS 43

GLS 44

w w w. f l aw l e s slas hes bylo r et a. co m

By Sunnie Ullo Founder and President of American Eyelash Association The American Eyelash Association is a movement of change, advancement, and betterment to legitimize our lash industry as a profession. The AEA is a higher league of lash professionals determined to raise standards and awareness in order to establish what it means to be a qualified lash extension technician and/ or educator in the eyes of clients and lawmakers both state and nationwide. Every state and every country has its own perimeters for who can and can’t perform eyelash extension application. This unbalance not only devalues our industry but it can ultimately derail it. We see this everywhere in a saturated market full of improper education and misinformation. This problem affects us all because it puts both our clients and careers at risk. But, we can work together to find a solution!

Our vision is to create regulations and programs specific to the foundational development and professional growth of all artists within our industry. Doing this with solidarity

AMERICAN EYELASH ASSOCIATION Development by setting standards on qualifications and practical experience. The Networking Committee establishes opportunities for professionals to come together, build relationships, and share a passion for lashes with other like-minded professionals. We value committee members for their dedication to serving the industry. The time has come for lash professionals to join

as a united force to take ownership of our destiny and pave the way for future professionals. We believe in a

future that includes technician and educator programs established by those committed to exploring every aspect of this amazing service. Just as Estheticians and Nail Techs before us, the time is now for Lash Techs and Educators to be recognized by opening the eyes of the nation on the importance of having solid educational foundation and being a legitimized profession.

will elevate our entire community and guarantee that every professional who performs the service is properly trained and licensed. Having a higher platform of education and setting a higher level of guidelines will ensure the safety of lash professionals and consumers. With regulations that require theoretical and practical requirements, our industry will be recognized as a legitimized profession and not just a trend. We can make this difference together! The journey has already begun and here’s how you can join. Become a member and commit to the profession that we all know and love. Just as there’s power in lashes, there is power numbers as well. Being a part of AEA is about building the foundation of an association established by lash professionals for lash professionals. There are different ways to be involved. You can simply be a member who supports the vision or you can actively participate on one of our events and represent as a professional on a mission to build a future for many.

AEA has 3 committees: advocacy, education, and networking. The Advocacy Committee works with

legislation to establish guidelines for the safety of consumers and professionals. The Education Committee spreads the word for professional members to gain educational opportunities. AEA will be highlighting quality programs for Technician & Educator GLS 45

MARIA HERRERA Founder and CEO of Maria Herrera International Face

GLS 46

Art & Makeup: from an early age, these have been my passions. As a Lash Artist, Makeup Artist and Body Painter, I revel in using my client’s and models’ skin as my canvass on which I express patterns and possibilities. I am virtually unlimited in my means of expression as I discover each day “more”. More materials, more techniques, more inspiration to refine and incorporate into this beautiful craft: Body Art. All these details and “more”, I will share with you at the Global Lash Summit Canada, including the very important aspect of never doing harm to the wonderful, living canvas itself. I was classically trained as an Art Student in my hometown of Caracas, Venezuela, attending “Cristobal Rojas”, and quickly became a makeup artist at the largest theater in Latin America, Theatre “Tereza Carreño", as it was called at the time. It was this that led me in 1981 at 16 years old to express my art in bodies and faces. Some of my proudest accomplishments are: ~ Nomination for the “Leon de Oro”

Award – Radio Caracas TV Channel in Venezuela 1998. ~ Winner of “Best Makeup Artist 2007 in Central Florida” Nominated by “Paoli Award” ~ Makeup Artist, XF Makeup, and Hair Stylist for Radio Caracas TV ~ Makeup Artist and Lash Stylist at the Latin Grammy Awards, Telemundo, Image Magazine ~ Educator at prestigious international schools: Wella, Paul Mitchell & Hollywood Beauty Academy ~ Gabriela Berrios Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2013 ~ Marcha FM (Fast & Furious 6 Premiere)

I currently live in Spain, work freelance and I'm continually updating myself and my students on the latest trends in the body paint, fashion, beauty and makeup industries.

Stefani Altieri has been in the beauty industry for over 14 years, and specializing in the lash industry for over 10 years. Her growth has significantly exceeded her

expectations. In less than one year, she went from working out of her house doing lashes & skincare-- to renting a room at a Chiropractor’s office. A few months later, Stefani went on a search for a new space to accommodate the demands of her clients. In an effort to continue her education at the highest of levels, Stefani attended the Lashboom Conference in Chicago of June 2013. She wanted to learn the newest technique in the lash industry which was then Volume Lashing. It was at this conference that she met Adele Sutton, and fell in love with Adele’s products. During her training, Adele asked Stefani to be the Master Trainer and Distributor for Lashcoat in the United States. Stefani was so honored by this gesture that she decided it was time to expand her business to a larger training studio in order to ensure success in these new and exciting ventures. Stefani took courses offered by the BAALA (Be an Amazing Lash Artist) and the Lash Mastery Group in December 2012. These courses gave her the tools and education to help become a certified Master Lash Educator and Trainer. During the time that Stefani participated in many classes and seminars on both skin and lashes, she realized that there was something missing. Stefani felt that there was a tremendous lack of continuing education services being offered to professionals in the business. Stefani then made it her personal mission to develop a Training Academy in an effort to help others further their education and training. This Academy would

STEFANI ALTIERI Founder of Skynlash Academy Creator of StellaLash Line Owner of The Lash Shop

also house an actual studio where the students can always return for either support, guidance or more continuing education.

Every time Stefani completed a class or training, she would come back to her studio and begin to implement the new techniques she had learned. Stefani would always wish there would have been a way that she could go back to her “trainer” to ensure she was utilizing the techniques that were taught to her effectively and correctly. Most classes that she attended required her to travel outside of New Jersey. In most cases, it was the “trainer” that traveled from city to city in order to educate the students in that area. As a matter of fact, there was no real Advanced Schooling in and around her state of New Jersey. Education & Knowledge is the key to a successful business in any Industry. Stefani is passionate about teaching, she strives for excellence and is determined to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in this industry without compromising quality. She hopes to keep all of her students one step ahead while providing them a platform to return to a professional environment of education & practice, whenever they may need it.

“Being able to help other people & to help achieve their personal goals gives me great pleasure!” GLS 47

GLS 48

PREPARED TO COMPETE POISED TO WIN Fantasy Lash Competition Lash Wars 2015 – 1st Place Eva Zacharias Eyelusionz Beauty Concepts

“Our theme was Mardi Gras. For me, I interpret that as being light, gorgeous, fun – a happy party time. That is what I based my design on, to start with. Then for color, I chose turquoise and blue.”

GLS 49

“The judges were surprised when they noted that the design elements, the embellishments on her face were all made of lashes! I’ve actually been playing with that concept for a couple of years, so it wasn’t something that I just created right there and then. I know from my years of experience in Hair Competitions, that you can make all kinds of things out of hair. I took these concepts to another level with the eyelashes that I used.”

GLS 50

“We look for balance and beauty. I kept the flowers attached directly to the eyelashes very light. Some of the flowers I made were made out of strip eyelashes and some were made out of the kinds of lashes that you find in trays, individuals.” “The whole time, I never once looked at another competitor. It’s very distracting if you look at somebody else. You could think, ‘Oh my God, that person is doing THAT! I should have done THAT!’ It takes away from the vision that you had planned. There’s all these little tricks and things you have to do to stay focused. This is why Mark and I were finished almost 20 minutes ahead of schedule.”

GLS 51

“My Makeup Designer Mark – we actually only met for the first time, the day of the competition! I had originally planned to take someone from here in Canada, but that didn’t work out. Literally 2 days before the competition, I found him! I really was just working on faith on that one! We met the morning of, but had discussed the theme through emails for that couple of days. He brought pictures, and I communicated what I needed to have on her face, and we worked from there!”

“You have to know your model’s lashes very well. Your model is the canvas you are working on. If you have a canvas full of holes or a crooked canvas, the picture would look ‘off’. About a month ahead of time, we actually cancelled a photo shoot. She’s been wearing my lashes for about 2 years now because we do a lot of photo shoots. I noticed that she wasn’t cleaning them properly, so I coached her on cleaning them and keeping them strong and healthy. By the competition, they were again healthy and clean and strong.” GLS 52

“It was very important to me that she end up looking very beautiful. I studied Lash Competitions in Europe and Russia. Their makeup application is incredible, but 90% of the time there ends up being a lot of elements on the lashes themselves. This is ultimately a ‘Lash Competition’, so Mark was very adamant that less is more. Really, Brandee’s lashes were gorgeous – they took me literally 3 days to complete her lashes – in 3-4 hour intervals. I used B-curl .10 diameter – black with blue tips – in 2D on all her lashes. I went back in and stacked D-curl in .07 diameter – bright blue – in 2D.”

GLS 53

“Once we packed up everything and walked away, it was a little overwhelming. I am glad I didn’t pay attention to the other interpretations. The results, the Final Looks were all so different. All I thought was – I did my best. I made my work beautiful. I made it clean. I was artistic – everything on her face was made of lashes. It’s what I set out to do. I will absolutely defend my title next year – I am already working on it!”

“I will teach the participants at the Lash Summit how to make these kinds of things. I will be happy to do that!” GLS 54

Lash Artistry, Design Concept / Eva Zacharias Makeup Artistry / Mark Quirimit Photography / Kimball V. Regier, CHELphoto Model / Brandee Friesen

GLS 55

GLS 56

GLS 57

TREND SPOTTING When new items or fun products come out onto the Lash Marketplace, Beautier’s worldwide partners (exclusive brand distributors as well as our private label companies) “spot” the trends – like “scouts” – and inform me of what they would like to see available. Since they are positioned in the first row of the market, they get the benefit of all the innovation and updates in those product ideas. As it comes to trends, we choose to not always be pioneers. Beautier Total Beauty Supply has created a very unique business culture. We prefer to sell and develop and update (or improve) the ideas we predict will sell well in the long game. While it’s always tempting to be first and chase the fast sale, we are sensitive when GLS 58

by Kyung Hwa “Kei” Kim Beautier Total Beauty Supply

it comes to the trends that catch our customer’s attention. Our strength comes from focusing on “consistency” and “quality” first. Manufacturing a trendy sample is easy, but we do not focus on the short sale. A reputable manufacturer has to have a successful production system or process that delivers consistently high quality. Without consistency – quality control – a hot item will not be a good investment. I would rather take 2nd place, monitoring a trend to see if it will survive the fickle beauty market. Many trends look “hot”, but have no longevity or staying power. It’s just a lot of noise and excitement – noisy marketing. At Beautier, we choose trends wisely and keep always producing quality.

What’s Trending Now? This last year has been all about the VOLUME EXTENSIONS and products closely related to that idea. It is very interesting to see how the Russian Volume Market (the originators of Volume Technique) has developed its own style and character, and how other areas are preferring to characterize their Volume Expression. Some lash technicians (and lash clients!) prefer Volume Lashes with space and openness, and some apply as much as they can possibly fit into the space. At first, I thought that Volume Extensions were a bit chunky to see them REALLY black and full of lashes. I thought, it will be another brief trend. But after seeing the world market go crazy about this trend, we started

focusing our attention to improving the work by developing products that boost speed and improve results. It seems like creating a “FAN” is a huge part of the Volume Lashing experience, and it takes a long time to get used to doing it with ease and swiftness. All of the educators in the field provide excellent programs to teach this and more. There are always those who are looking for simpler, faster ways to accomplish lashes, and I do understand there are always pros and cons when a trend hits the market (I am pretty sure there are still some of you out there still not completely sure about the whole volume extensions thing, for example).

Therefore, we provide premade fans and call them EXPRESS, so simply you can grab and go. This is not a revolutionary or original item, but it is an improved and updated version of the first, trendy attempts.

There is also a sincere interest in giving a more organic feature to Volume extensions – INTERVAL Lashes. These are random lengths mixed within the lineup of the lashes in the tray within the same strip or row, so that with one grab – within one fan – you have a natural texturizing or variable of lengths.

These improvements and innovations have been tested a lot. Multiple sample runs were created and used by field testers to predict excellent outcomes before we actually produce them and sell them. You may be familiar with similar products from other suppliers, but I can promise that no one will have the consistency in the production like we do. Understand that all these Lash Extension products are 100% hand made. With any handmade product, there will be a certain level of variance. We dramatically lower the possibility of faulty results by applying 5 quality point checks before we sell goods. That means consistency and trust. GLS 59

Predictions of What Is To Come I think that Volume Extensions will continue to be extremely popular, but with a mix of good ole RETRO style infused with it. Recent reports of fashion magazines report and predict the same, as the fashion trends move toward embracing RETRO style. How will this be expressed in Lash Stylings? Customers from both Russia and the United States are using thicker gauge lashes to give strong accents between the Volume Lashes. Color blocking is also making a comeback. It’s not about .25mm or .30 lashes like 6 years ago, but more of a feeling of “mixed media”.

Beautier’s newest lash product innovation takes the brief trend of flat or elliptical lashes and applies a retro fit with newer quality and technology called PRIME IMPACT – a clover shaped lash that looks bolder and thicker than it actually is, and has the amazing ease of being set into the natural lash from top, bottom or either side direction. We also listened to the industry’s plea for a matte finish in IMPACT LASH, and here it is!

How to Partner With Us or Find Beautier Products GLS 60

We do get quite a lot of requests to work with us as international partners. As manufacturers with a specific business culture, we only provide our products to qualified wholesalers who can carry the items in certain volume and order in those volumes regularly. We actually have several regions that have entered exclusive contracts, and we protect that contract relationship by only selling to that authorized, signed distributor. Any Lash Artist or Salon Owner in that certain geographical

area may contact our exclusive distributors for purchasing our products. We do also offer private labelling (“OEM”). That does also require a commitment to large quantities and minimum orders. In this respect, Beautier does not bypass our business partners, but we mutually grow the brand as well as their sales force, keeping the relationship and the industry strong.

KYUNG HWA “KEI” KIM Overseas Sales-Chief Director and Design Department Director Beautier Total Beauty Supply

If you are joining your fellow Lash land friends for our Inaugural Global Lash Summit Event, you’ll have the distinct pleasure of meeting her in person – a bundle of creative energy with an eagle eye for detail. She’s got at the same time, a sense of street savvy, a mind for strategy that any chess master would approve, and an artistic directness for design decisions made short work. She’s perfect for the job of “Lash Maker”… Meet Kyung Hwa Kim – we call her Kei (“Kay”) – the Overseas Sales Chief Director and Design Department Director for Beautier Total Beauty Supply. There is a saying that there are 3 key opportunities, decisive moments in your life that will change its course. I think I have already met 2 of those opportune moments. The first is when I moved to the USA for my education abroad (you will hear my Philly accent!). That move was the starting point of my journey to prepare me for a career that requires international communication skills. After I graduated from Art School, I wasn’t sure what to do with my major – I was a highly educated person

surfing the web for open internships, a part-time job, considering grad school… That is when my “second moment” came out of nowhere! An offhand suggestion from a family friend to go to Korea, “just for the experience”. It took me 2 seconds to say “Yes!” and that led me to work for a small but growing company that provided eyelash extensions supplies worldwide.

At first it was quite a shock to me that girls were extending their lashes longer and fuller. And then there

were the techniques – even more exciting, because they reminded me of “ART”. I used my artistic knowledge to bring design changes to the company, positioning their brand as a luxury brand. That increased their revenues 150%! I learned that I was also great at sales – it was so easy and fun for me to speak with our international clients and to follow the market more closely. Fast forward to the present – where I am part owner in a wonderful company, Beautier Total Beauty Supply. We work with trusted partners in a business culture that

has amazing support to realize our market vision. At Beautier, we stand close to our partners (the Lash Companies that you know and buy your products from), so we can be strong together. Our vision is to see our market’s long term success, as opposed to chasing the immediate short sale. We believe this makes the entire eyelash extension market strong; powerful. People ask if I am a Lash Artist. Well, I am not a lash “artist”, but I do know the techniques, and have skills to understand my end user. It’s not easy applying eyelashes with perfection of style and method! I can only admire all the technicians that pull off such beautiful work with the products we provide. I call that ‘a real work of ART’.

I am proud to speak as a Special Guest Presenter at The Global Lash Summit Long Beach and bring you not only information, but hands on exploration time, working with some very new industry innovations. To support the industry and our International Partners by empowering and educating lash artists from all over the world? Yes, that’s a good day!

GLS 61

GLS 62

GLS 63

KIMBALL V. REGIER Personal Fashion Photographer Hairstylist & Educator Artistic Director of AVEDA Concept Salon – CHEL SalonSpa which is co-owned by himself and his life's partner, Dianne Owner of CHELphoto

Official Photographer Lash Summit Long Beach and Lash Summit Canada

All his talents combined, and the need to travel, discover, see and be in a moment, a frame, makes Kim the perfect team member for the Global Lash Summit Events Team. His work is seen throughout this particular magazine issue, and at the live events – he will be shooting for our future endeavors!

“As individuals we sometimes tend to see ourselves with a somewhat limited view, at times even looking for more negative than positive. We pride ourselves on being able to show you what others see - the beauty that exists in each of us!” Kim believes that with each achievement, whether it be turning 20, 30 or graduation – achieving a personal goal or any highpoint in life, we should celebrate

GLS 64

– and capturing that moment is paramount.

This is his definition of Personal Fashion. Surrounded by beauty for so much of his life, Kimball V's photography provides the opportunity for him to show individuals what he sees. The beauty of it all... the chance to have a person look at themselves through his eyes, to see the beauty that others see in them. To try and capture both the visual and the emotional beauty that exists in each of us.

DEREK ELVIN Sports, Wedding & Fashion Photographer at CHELphoto

Official Videographer Lash Summit Long Beach and Lash Summit Canada

With 8 Years of experience in a combination of Sports, Wedding and Fashion Studio Photography Derek's knowledge and expertise are a great addition to our Summit Team. Already an integral team member at CHELphoto, we will use his ease behind the lens to bring you high definition, live screen captures of the detail work going during the Global Lash Summit Educational “Mock” Competition. As the action at a live, immersive event such as the Lash Summit will be electric, Derek’s experience with fashion photo shoots and especially Sports Shoots will come in handy! Capturing the perfect moment in frame of a sporting event versus capturing a closer look than is even humanly possible of a Lash Master demonstrating subtle technique? Derek is up to the challenge! At most classes when “demos” are

being held, you are truly lucky to see more than iPhones and elbows.

Derek’s lenses will bring you the view you require to grab that visual, so that your experienced hand-eye coordination will embrace the smallest movements, the nuances that give you the “a-ha moment” you crave. His videography of our live immersive events will be used both as archival and promotional vehicles to show the world just what the Global Lash Summit Events are all about!

GLS 65

As President of Lash & Brow Design Academy, owner of International Lash & Brow Academy and HD Line Brows Ltd., Irina has literally travelled the globe, introducing the world to Russian Volume Technique of eyelash extensions - and teaching her best-selling courses in Eyebrow Architecture, Eyebrow Expert, Slide & Tap and HD Line micro blading. Her appointments as the winner of Best Eyelash Stylist (Beauty Oscar Russian Beauty Award 2014) and Best Lash and Brow Stylist (European Health and Beauty Aurora Award 2013) have her in constant high demand to teach classes and equally sought after juror (judge) of Volume category at prestigious world competitions. To date, Irina has trained students in 27 countries and over 270 cities. As a recognized expert lash and brow practitioner, she has proudly delivered over 300 courses globally – with an average of 10 students per class, an army of over 3000 devotees are holding her coveted certificates of achievement. One of the most expert judges of both lash and brow competitions, Irina has great insight to offer the attendees of the Long Beach Global Lash Summit as a Summit Mentor and Master Class Educator. Speaking at conferences and congresses in her field are naturally an extension of her work experience and particular talent. With over 8 years of global professional reach, Irina is a motivated, passionate lash and brow master trainer. Her influence extends full circle to return home to Russia and her training center, the

IRINA LEVCHUK Founder and CEO of Lash&Brow GLS 66

International Lash & Brow Design Academy. It is widely considered the

best training facility in Russia, and boasts nine official representatives in Russia and Europe.


Irina Levchuk is truly an inspirational and

instrumental part of the Volume Lashing experience for many Lash Artists. She is an integral part of “The Russian Volume Story”. When she introduced Russian Volume Lashes to North America in the spring of 2013, only the brave, the “early adopters”, ventured out to experience what Irina was already certain would be an international sensation. She has personally and patiently trained some of the finest of the new generation of Volume Lash Educators. GLS 67

In Moscow, Irina – the founder and President of Lash & Brow Design Academy – had not only been teaching Volume Technique, but was one of the select jurors at the amazing lash competitions that have produced many of today’s newest Volume A-listers!

For over 2 years – even though she is not the originator or author of volume lashing – she has been the “face” of Russian Volume. She is the globetrotting ambassador that brought this popular and innovative lash art to Asia, Europe and North America. At one point, her master classes were impossible to get into – it seemed just as you could find out where in the world the next course would be, it would be sold out! To this day, many count on Irina to be the vanguard of excellent continuing education, and possession of one of her

GLS 68

course certificates is evidence of achievement. If you’ve followed her on social media at all, you may have caught a glimpse at one reason for her celebrity status success: she not only teaches others, but devotes herself to learning the newest advancements in lash and eyebrow artistry. As a perpetual student herself, she procures, perfects and assembles better and better ways to impart what she

learns to others. Together with her sister Natasha Krasnoperova, they teach some of the most thorough eyebrow refinement courses – from the designing of the perfect brow (eyebrow architecture) to delicate and subtle improvements in eyebrow reconstruction and on to various levels of 3D, 6D and Ultra HD Brows, which are the most realistic concept of manually tattooed hair stroke eyebrows imaginable.

Irina’s students adore her warm delivery, peppered with humor and her engaging style of interaction.

She is accessible to her students. When class is over, she will sit and continue to “chat lashes” (or brows!) and share even more of her passion than a class could contain! Whether it is developing product improvements, or refining and redefining methods for learning a lash or brow technique, she stretches her comfort zone and seeks to understand more. That alone is an admirable quality in any instructor or student. Her passion incites passion in others.

As she continues to grow Lash & Brow Design Academy, and keeps travelling time zones to reach all the lash and brow artists that wish to train with the best, we consider ourselves lucky indeed to have earned a spot on her calendar at the Global Lash Summit Events. Attendees in Long Beach, California will be delighted with her engaging tips and techniques for Brow Artistry and the insiders’ secrets she shares as a mentor and expert assessor for the educational “Mock” Competition.

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Global Lash Summit 2015 Commemorative Issue  

Celebrating one amazing year - and 6 live events that brought Lash Masters and Lash Industry Field Experts together to educate and mentor pr...

Global Lash Summit 2015 Commemorative Issue  

Celebrating one amazing year - and 6 live events that brought Lash Masters and Lash Industry Field Experts together to educate and mentor pr...