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direction has the best effect in photography Hard too huh?

Sun cloud floating in blocks: 1. From camera 1 pull engagement photos line about Huong tr᝛i hand, tentatively called the x 2. From the camera pull a straight line through the right heart OK bound subject to capture, temporarily called the y The polar effect most clearly when and only when: -AS the sun shone directly into the subject -When the x and y lines perpendicular to each other -Polar rotation and buoyancy effects seen blocks for Got the skirt: -When the dawn or dusk thunderstorm clouds: how has the effect of polar is an arc from the north up through the top of the head down South.

-When at noon (Sun in the top tournaments): direction of cloud effect solar polar is a circle of the horizon. There AS reflector of reflective (glass, water. ...) I just soaked in the reflector to polar reduced ball reflections and turn poalar until you see turnovers Thanks you share knowledge for everyone. through this theard I buy filter Daisee CPL. Through the use of several days I have questions for you. When shooting landscapes (Sun, clouds) I turn the filter to the blue sky for bipolar snapshots, images viewed on a computer, the blue skies. However, this place also I take samples (focus on form) then the skies again picked up. Sky blue or pale (pale-brighter) is caused by your metering. Want blue skies, the metering, sampling when it is almost backwards, so the template will darken. Focus on form and you always form metering = true then solar light model > residual glow Like blue skies brighter then the sun light model wanted, over exposure to the template by: doused the light-Flash-light source. I have purchased a cpl of maurumi but when shooting clouds to float block I see Gong ... lucky bad, now I will follow the instructions of your doctor see, hope lucky more than bad ... to visualize your way better than Heaven, you relied upon his hands: a finger pointing toward the Sun. -The remaining Toes will show you the direction would have the best effect.

Engagement photos

Engagement photos