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Science of Security Holograms, How To Distinguish between Fake Goods? Today when reputed manufacturers are struggling to establish and retain product brand value and market acceptance, small players of the industry are innovating new tricks to imitate those popular products and to take the advantage of the popularity and acceptance of those products. Use of hologram labels and hologram stickers is the best solution to safeguard the product from imitation. Wide range of hologram stickers allow to select the best according to your specific parameters. Retaining and securing the brands image in the market is as tough as is to build it. Some small manufacturers try to get the advantage of reputation of established brands by introducing almost similar products with slight difference. Users buy these products because of comparatively low price tag, as generally they can't identify the minor differences. Using hologram labels or hologram stickers is a cost effective but reliable solution to check the imitation practices and to safeguard the brand image. A hologram is the recording in two or three dimensional medium of interference pattern. Encounter of a reference light beam of fixed wavelength and the light beam emerging from the object creates this specific pattern. The advancement science of security holograms stickers has given us many options to distinguish the original product between fake goods. We can divide the hologram options into two main categories: Transmission holograms and reflection type holograms. We view the transmission type hologram with laser light usually of same type we use to make recording. The light emits from behind the hologram, which transmits the image towards observer’s side. The virtual image may be deep and sharp. If a laser beam falls backward to hologram relative to the direction of reference beam, real image appears on a screen if we hold the object in a specific position. The reflection type Security hologram labels have a three-dimensional image near the surface. Reflection type hologram stickers are more popular than other kinds of holograms. We view these holograms by white incandescent light “spot” when held at a specific distance and angle between object beam and reference beam on viewer’s side. These holograms are available in wide range of colors and designs. Some people mistakenly take reflection holograms as transmission holograms but these are different. Apart from the above two, Integral holograms, Embossed holograms, Multichannel holograms and Computer-generated holograms are also popular. Selection and application of hologram stickers and hologram labels depends upon the production volume, production process, product nature, targeted users, threat level, estimated loss and available budget. If you foresee less serious threat to brand image, stock hologram stickers will serve the purpose. At this stage, you don’t need any customization. If you are looking for advance stage security hologram protection or you are using same Security hologram

stickers designs since months or years, you need little customization. Adding a serial number to the hologram labels is a popular practice. For extra safety, you may incorporate customized company logo also. The manufacturers use hologram stickers or hologram labels not only for the protection from imitation threats or midway tempering but these also enhance the brand value. Users buy the products with hologram stickers with more confidence thinking that they are getting for which they are paying. On the other side, hologram stickers and hologram labels ensure the company that its quality product is reaching upto the end user without any alteration.

Science of Security Holograms  

Today when reputed manufacturers are struggling to establish and retain product brand value and market acceptance, small players of the indu...