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Choose the right Hologram Sticker Manufacturer Be it the driving license or any cosmetic product, packaged food or credit cards all bear a hologram. These two or three dimensional hologram stickers are a sign of quality and one look at these stickers will assure someone of the safety and quality of the product. The concept of holography has evolved over the years and is a mark of security and trust that can easily be imbibed by one look at holograms. Hologram sticker manufacturers employ the latest technology to create these stickers that are foolproof and cannot be copied by any other third party. Holography is basically trapping light from a source to be later re constructed in the absence of the original field of light. The content of the hologram sticker, which could be the trademark symbol or any image, is actually present in layers through the help of software that caters to the need of drawing on the basis of objects. The different levels or colors that are used will require different artwork sheet altogether. The hologram stickers are basically of three different types the- photo polymer, the film hologram and the embossed hologram. Of these, the most common ones that are widely used on labeling of packages is the embossed hologram stickers that adopts the usage of rainbow transmission type hologram featuring a mirror, which is an aluminized layer that is laminated on the back. These patterns on the embossed hologram stickers is done using heat and putting pressure on a thermoplastic medium through a metal stamp, which embosses the hologram efficiently on the package. Although, hologram stickers were initially used for security purposes and they still are being used for the same, there are a number of other usages as well. Packing vinyl materials that are holographic in nature has become quite popular and the low cost further adds to its popularity. Holograms that were of valuable articles are being displayed in museums and owing to its uniqueness are hailed of be of a great value. HOE or holographic optical elements are those that are made with lenses, mirrors or any other optical element and these holographic elements acts as the element itself and are extensively used as a barcode reader. Bar codes have been used since time immemorial and consist of a series of parallel lines that represents data. These codes are machine readable; currently a number of Smartphone applications can also be used to read these barcodes. The most popular usage of barcodes is what we see at the automated supermarket checkouts. Barcode label manufacturers use the latest label printing software and machineries to create exclusive barcode labels, these labels are then verified before introducing them to clients. Lasersec India has been providing efficient service in the context of hologram stickers and bar code labels since its inception. The experience along with the expertise of the hologram sticker manufacturers and also the barcode label manufacturers that are associated with the company has helped it earn a good name and number of satisfied clientele.

Choose the right Hologram Sticker Manufacturer