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BARCODE LABELS MANUFACTURERS Products when launched in the market are available in retail stores, malls, and other stores. Many similar products are available in the market from various different companies nowadays. Each and every individual product are labelled and given a unique serial number of its own with the help of which it can be identified. In malls every product is labelled with a unique code which when scanned provides all the information relating to the product which has the specific code affixed upon it. This coding are done in almost every aspect not only for products in the market but also for identifying books in libraries, tracking shipments, zip code, etc. one of the mostly used coding language is the barcode. A barcode can be termed as representation of data using small lines and bars having spaces between them which vary differently comprehending different sets of information. Every different product we use in our daily life has specific unique authentication to prove its quality and also to stop counterfeiting or piracy of the product name. The need of the authentication is to prevent other companies from stealing the name and fame of the similar product with reduced price and inferior quality. Like barcodes Holographic Labels are 3D labels which contain the imprint or the embossing of the Manufacturer of the retail product. This cannot be copied easily as each Manufacturer has unique point of details. Barcodes however, contains stored information such as date of manufacturing and batch codes of the retail product. A barcode is a form of optical data which is machine readable and stores the information about the product or object it is imprinted upon. A barcode may be 1D or 2D.It contains series of lines or bars with or without combination of numbers written haphazardly under it. Barcodes can be hexagonal, dotted or rectangular in shape and varies in sizes according to the space where it is attached. Barcodes were first intended for Cars, which were successful only after Scanning through a series of Checkout systems. The use of barcodes has spread too many other purposes like AIDC or Automatic Identification and Data Capture and systems like UPC or Universal Product Code. Barcode Readers are specially designed and prepared Optical Scanners which can read the Data stored within them. Barcode Label Manufacturers are located widely and are used frequently in preparing a Barcode or Holographic Labels. There are also separated private Holographic Label Manufacturers who designs the Holographic Labels only. Several Barcode Label Manufacturers are found widely over the internet that carries out an order by first employing several security statements on the company to know the Validity of Company registration and Authenticity of the product quality through ISO 9000,9001 etc. Examples of such Companies are like, etc. Different Organisations like National Association of Food chains NAFC, Audi motors etc. uses Universal Product Codes which are also carried out by these manufacturers. The holograms however are made by using the company logo but most of them also serve as Holographic Label Manufacturers. Barcodes Label Manufacturers have become an omnipresent element in modern Civilization as seen by their adoption to many Stores around the World including Defence Ministry as well as Citizenship cards. Several Symbols both Continuous and Discrete are engrafted within these codes which has made the life of a consumer and sellers easier and safer.