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Front IO Kit - Mac Pro and G5. Contents 2 x 40mm M3 button head screws 4 x combined washers/nuts 1 x Lian Li front panel kit 2 x U-shaped brackets 1 x 16mm Push button with LED 1 x laser cut brushed aluminium finishing plate. Instructions The instructions below are for G5 [Mac Pro fitting is similar. Remove Pro IO and then use the same basic fittings steps shown] First steps are to remove rear the steel cap on the G5 IO:

Once the cap is off undo the two screws inside and detach the small plug for the switch:

Switch detached. Now remove the circuit board and metal cover.

Remove spring clip holding the button and remove button.

Remove plastic trim.

With thin hard blade (or screwdriver) and a hammer break the weld for button holder - hit it hard and it will come off!

This is how it looks now - put template in position and ink in areas to be filed and cut.

Using a file make the hole for the new switch large enough to accept it - it needs to be 16mm diameter.

Use a file to make the top part of the panel cut-out larger. Then get out your dremel and start cutting around the IO panel shape. ALWAYS cut from direction shown so you do not damage the outer case - also using some tape to protect the case would be a good idea in case you slip.

Carefully remove the end parts of the cut.

You now need to continue with a file until you are able to easily pass the front IO panel into the hole you have made, like this:

First thing then is to fit the switch and then hang the plate straight down and check if the Lian Li panel will fit correctly from behind the laser cut plate.

If you need to do any adjustments to the cut to make sure the IO will fit straight then remove the plate, enlarge the hole and trial fit again.

Now clamp the front panel to the Lian Li IO panel using the long button head screws and combined washer/nut. Fasten these finger tight and then use a pair of pliers to secure.

Pass the U- clamp pieces over the screws and make sure the end of each leg of the Uclamp is arranged to press against the front mesh of the G5, but is hidden by the front panel plate. Finally fix the U clamps into position with washer/nut combination, make a final check from the front to make sure the plate is hanging straight, and then tighten the unit into position. The connections from the front panel and switch can now be connected to your motherboard - you are finished!

Contents. Switch with wiring; Lian Li front panel modified for kit use and complete with wiring; Cutting template; Laser cut brushed aluminium front panel; 2 U-clamps; 2 40mm M3 button head screws; 4 combined washer/nuts.

In case of any problems please contact Dave by email

Front Panel replacement kit instructions  

This kit from The Laser Hive is a replacement for the original switch panel on the front of G5 powermacs and Mac Pro and has connections com...