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Jessica Alba’s LED Light Face Mask: We Tried It — and It Works! After Jessica Alba posted an Instagram photo of herself getting a facial a la a Star Wars stormtrooper this past September, we were intrigued, to say the least. We immediately contacted celeb aesthetician Shani Darden, who works on the Honest cofounder’s skin — as well as models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Chrissy Teigen, to name a few — and tried it ourselves. And by “we,” I mean I. (It should also be mentioned that this was my first-ever facial experience and one should never lie down on camera, like, ever.)

Darden — after assuring me that the peel wouldn’t hurt (only sting a bit!) and not leave me flaky — began the process that Alba, 34, and numerous other celebs credit for their ageless, perfect skin. First, Darden uses an ultrasound to “plump the skin” before applying a lactic acid peel to exfoliate the top layer for a brightening effect. Darden then uses an azulene mask to calm and neutralize the skin after the peel. Then, it’s LED game time. According to Darden, LED facial mask, also known as Color Light Therapy, use UV-free, specific wavelengths to boost collagen production, promote circulation, treat existing acne and kill bacteria, as well as accelerate skin recovery.

The mask that Alba uses has three different colored lights: red to reduce aging, blue to kill bacteria and existing acne, and pink to accelerate skin recovery. For most clients, Darden uses all three colors and leaves the mask on for 30 minutes. The LED facial mask, to my surprise, was like a nice peaceful nap and feels cozy and warm while resting gently on your face. After 30 minutes, Darden promises results “right away.� As for my experience? It worked! My skin looked dewy and glowy and I naturally took about 10 selfies immediately after. Watch the video above to witness the entire process. For the record, Darden also recommends using a retinol, such as her Retinol Reform, every night. It aims to stimulate cell regeneration and reduce the signs of aging, scarring and acne. If all else fails, sunscreen, Darden says, should be your number-one priority.

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Jessica Alba’s LED Light Face Mask We Tried It — and It Works! Jessica Alba’s LED Light Face Mask We Tried It — and It Works!

Jessica Alba’s LED Light Face Mask We Tried It — and It Works! Jessica Alba’s LED Light Face Mask We Tried It — and It Works!