Page 1 We use the NaturaLase laser made by Focus Medical, the most powerful QSwitched laser available for tattoo removal, lightening and nail fungus. This laser is a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser and can remove all colours of tattoo ink.

Toe Nail Fungus

Do You Need Toe Nail Fungus treatment. Contact us now we provide toenail fungus treatment using laser technology.

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is made up of small organisms that can infect fingernails and toenails. It is very common, the fungus moves in under the nail, the nail provides a safe place for the fungus and protects it while it grows.

causes of Nail Fungus

• Athlete's foot • diabetes or psoriasis • a weakened immune system • being in poor general health • using artificial (cosmetic) nails • nail damage • constant nail biting • living in a warm and humid climate • smoking

Avoid Nail Fungus

• Keep your home shower stall or bathtub clean! It can be infested with fungus. use bleach to ensure it is as clean as possible. • If your feet sweat more than normal, make it a habit to change socks multiple times per day to ensure that your feet remain as dry as possible. • Wash your athletic shoes habitually, and make sure they are aired out and dry before wearing. • forever remembers to keep your feet dry, paying particular attention to keeping the area between your toes clean and dry.

Treat your nail fungus with laser can have toes as beautiful as a day you were born.

Laser Treatment Benefits

• Treatments are safe • The treatment is painless • There are no side effects • The nail and surrounding skin are not harmed • Patients can put on shoes or nail polish immediately after treatment • Highly effective

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Toe Nail Fungus  

Have you a toenail fungus? Treatment of toenail fungus challenging because the infection is embedded within the nail and is difficult to rea...

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