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The Quarterback, Q3 2012

Warrior, They said it wasn’t possible, they said he wasn’t even here but here he was and any doubters were put firmly in their place with a month of tenacity, determination, perspiration and no little flair. No, not Andy Murray , not even Bradley and he definitely isn’t a girl.

Forth Capitals very own sport billy, Richard the lionhearted won the most competitive month in Forth Capitals short but illustrious history. September was all about Sheffield Steel……. 6 deals and 54k worth of business was enough to defeat a very stiff challenge… beating a 52k month a 50k from Robert, Dean knocked in 42 and in total just under quarter of a million was issued in September. And to make it a month to remember we stuffed the Americans on their own turf.

This heralded the end of 4 months of pain inflicted on us by Her Majesties revenue and customs ……. Everyone’s finances are I am sure a lot healthier now, as a company we are back on track as we put more and more of our resources into marketing ourselves around the world.

Going back to June and that month could also have gone to Sean Beans big brother - Richard issued a very credible 26,478 but it wasn’t enough to stop “Our Nick” leaving the adviser side with a flourish / yes he did, Mr Shiroi said its easy, do it like this, he dropped in 27,216 and said adios advisers as he jumped ship to take over from Mr Alan Turner as he joins the Front Line // Nick now leads the SBS as he searches the globe for new opportunities. Well done Nick on leaving in style and starting of his new career in fine form as he has blitzed the appointments boards taking Sam with him to new heights in making appointments.

On that note, a big hand for Sam who enters her 10 month in the saddle and she is now starting to make some money, she has a big pipeline and as well as being a whizz on the phone, she is also an accomplished Guiness guzzler and impressive arm wrestler – you have been warned.

July was the low point as exactly 3 months after good Fridays bombshell business came to a standstill and for only the 2nd time, since Time began there was no Warrior.

In August it was back to business and like London busses, not 1 , not 2 but 3 big months all arrived together, Jim was back in the groove after marrying of his daughter and bringing Liz over, he dropped in 23k as he got over his African adventure but it wasn’t enough - Dean was big and bold and 2010`s winner said hello with a very nice 58k but it wasn’t enough as the man from White Hart Lane showed who was boss with an impressive 78k. So the scores: Robert is leading with 4 months, Jim, Nick, and Richard are all on one - and the biggest surprise is that Dean is yet to score - this is even more surprising as he comfortably sits in 2nd place on the big board and is leading the deals boarded and as you would expect has the biggest pipeline. Dean then is a good bet to get on the score board but it looks like Robert is going to win for the 2nd year in a row . Time will tell‌..



Robert Harris


Nick Shiroi


Jim Humphrey


Richard Beresford


Forth Capital Events Thanks to Sam, Nick and Robert who all put on a terrific show last night at the IHT seminar. These seminars are in important source of new clients and there was a lot of wealth in the British Consulate last night. Last night’s efforts were recorded, and if our man from Delhi can toughen up his handshake ForthCapital TV may be imminent. Following on from last month, Sam and Nick will be live again on Sunday in Le Praille at the Geneva Expat Expo. If you can get along to the expo please do so and lend your support – Jim and Liz will also be in action looking to pick up some new business. Given the new venue, we anticipate some keen interest and this could be another profitable venture for all associated.

We will be holding another seminar in February with Chris Wyllie from Iveagh. The details of this are to be confirmed.

Dates for the diary The office move will be on Friday 19th October 2012, please come in dressed down so you can collect all your belongings together and be prepared for the Monday. The Forth Capital Christmas party will be on Friday 14th December 2012. The Forth Capital office will be closed in week 52 of 2012 and week 1 of 2013 for Christmas and New Year.

Welcomes Graham Brown MD of Forth Capital HK A big welcome to Graham Brown, who has joined us from Berkshire Financial Advisers and will be setting up the new Forth Capital Asia office in Hong Kong .

I have worked in Hong Kong since 1989 and feel the time is right to bring the professionalism of experienced UK financial advisers into the Hong Kong market.”

Graham has more than 25 years of international experience in all aspects of financial services in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. He is fully licensed and regulated in the UK at Level 4 (RDR ready) and Hong Kong with the SFC and the CIB. Dr Brown said “I am delighted to be joining Forth Capital and look forward to replicating their highly successful business model in Hong Kong. I will be looking to hire a number of very experienced advisers, particularly from the UK, to establish a high level operation in Hong Kong.

Jill Bishop Recruitment Manager Forth Capital also welcomes Jill Bishop who is joining as the Recruitment Manager. She will be looking to recruit a team of advisers for the Hong Kong office and looking to bolster the Geneva team . Jill said ‘joining a successful company such as Forth Capital is always exicting. I look forward to recruiting high calibre advisers to grow the professional teams in both Hong Kong and Geneva.’

Liz Humphrey PA for Jim Humphrey Liz Humphrey joined is on the 1st July 2012, as Jim Humphrey’s assistant. She has worked with Jim in the past, ensuring his diary is up to date and helping him with all his administration.

Goodbyes Alan Turner Business Development Manager Sadly Alan Turner leaves Forth Capital after five years of excellent work and performance. He has brought thousands of appointments into the business and built a legacy that will be difficult to replace. Alan Turner moves back to the UK with Justine, his wife, where she will study for a couple of years before potentially moving down into Asia, and maybe to rejoin Forth Capital. Good luck for the future

Upcoming Sales Expedition Forth Capital has held many team building expeditions over the years, visiting the Artic Circle, bull running in Spain various skiing trips and golf trips to St Andrews and the K club in Ireland. Next year will see the return of this tradition with a trip being planned in the early part of the year. Details to be confirmed. All consultants please block out WC January 28th 2013.

Final words It’s been a fairly tough old year to date but it looks like we are coming out the other side. As the year began we thought about a new Asian operation, we thought about increasing sales in QROPS, we wanted to bring in lots of new clients and bring in more quality advisers, we have pushed forward on all those fronts, however not quite in the way we expected having Jill Bishop come on board, opening an office in Hong Kong rather than Singapore and changing the QROPS jurisdiction from Guernsey to Malta. Business has increased from last year and we are currently on target to hit the goals for this year. Q3 heralded a recovery – Q4 gives us all the chance to finish the year in style , make some money and head off for Christmas with a smile and lots to look forward to in the New Year Thanks to you all for your hard work to date and especially to the assistants and to Maryam, who without their patience, stamina and endurance we would all struggle to succeed.

Tom Tracy

CEO Friday 12th October 2012

Forth Capital - The Quarterback, Q3 2012  
Forth Capital - The Quarterback, Q3 2012  

Taking a look back over the last quarter