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designers, builders and distributors of world class yachts

competitors ignore or delegate to others. We feel by accepting overall responsibility for your experience we will not only gain

letter from the president

your trust and loyalty but insure our future as well. Maybe that’s why we have the highest reorder rate in the industry and some owners are now building their fourth boat with us.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make our first ten years of building

We’re here to help, we’re here to serve,

under the Hargrave brand name such a

and you will find the commitment to your

success. Our owners, the media, our suppliers,

happiness to be our highest priority. We

and of course our staff have all played a vital

could write pages of promises about what

role in our development. We have sixty happy

makes us different than our competitors, but

owners in our program, we have seen an

the real test of any program is the customer.

excellent return of investment in the used

We pride ourselves on our reputation but

boat marketplace, and are now in our second

if you really want to know anything about

phase of development which will add one

Hargrave just ask the men and women who

hundred new owners in the next decade.

own our boats. Unlike some companies that will give you the names of a few select

All of the experience we gathered as a

customers, you’re invited to talk to anyone

leading design and engineering firm over

who has ever done business with us.

the previous 35 years has been put to good use in our building program. That depth of

Your happiness is our first concern.

experience has produced intelligent designs that performed well and were combined with floorplans that were truly creative and enabled us to deliver a higher volume interior than most of our competitors. Michael Joyce, Everything about our company is designed to support the owner in ways that most


design and build The concept of a custom designed and built yacht seems impossible for most competitors, but at Hargrave it defines

Emblazoned with names like ED’S TOY

how we do business. Every Hargrave

and SASSY, our yachts are very telling

yacht is designed entirely around the

of their owners. We like to think that

owner, and before production begins

with every new yacht we complete,

every detail is customized, from

we are adding to Hargrave’s already

the size and layout, to the power

distinguished history. Well on our way

equipment and interiors.

to achieving our initial goal of building

With a full line of custom yachts currently between 70' to 130', Hargrave has quickly earned a reputation for excellent service, outstanding quality, and flexibility comparable to none. With our experience and your ingenuity, we can create a distinct and personalized vessel unlike any other. Unlike most builders our cost effective program that involves a custom design and a “production” type construction process, gives the savings back to the client.

100 custom yachts, we are beginning to realize there’s a reason why owners keep coming back to Hargrave, with some owners now on their fourth project with us.

a true yachting experience begins with your ideas. You have a dream, we can build it. At hargrave custom yachts you become a part of the design team for your own custom built yacht.

press coverage Every new Hargrave yacht delivered is a

Hargrave brand and image is nothing less

major event for our company. Once the

than an investment in the future resale

5-star commissioning process is completed,

value of your boat. This close working

we photograph and document every interior

relationship with the boating press

and exterior detail so that each yacht serves

provides a sense of accomplishment not

as an example of the advances we have

only for us but for you and your family

made in design, technology and customer

as well. As our owners’ requirements

service. In recognition of these efforts,

evolve over the years, so too do our

you will often see major boating magazines

yachts, and we want every owner to have

from around the world like Yachting

the chance to build their dream yacht

Magazine, Power & Motoryacht, Boat

and explore their fresh ideas. We believe

International, Yachts International,

that every new Hargrave yacht built is

Showboats, Lakeland Boating and

an investment in your yachting future.

Sea Magazine feature our yachts both on the cover and within their publications with full reviews.

Nothing is more important to our company than the complete satisfaction of every owner and one of the most telling signs of a Hargrave owner is that they always have a smile on their face when they talk about their yacht. When you become the owner of a Hargrave Yacht you also become a part of the Hargrave Family of Owners. This network of people includes not only every owner and their family and crew, but it is also made up of a diligent and dedicated staff of people that work together to make your yachting experience the best possible.

These articles are just a representation of the hundreds of stories written about Hargrave Yachts and their owners over

We make it our priority to advertise and

the past decade. To see these articles

publicize these yachts with the clear

and more in entirety please visit our

understanding that supporting the

website at “As happy and satisfied owners, we now share the enthusiasm and pride of owning a quality built custom Hargrave Yacht that the other owners had known all along…would we build another Hargrave? Unequivocally, yes.” Kevin and Susie Carrigan, owners of 78' hargrave “blue martini”

The season of spring celebrates life and rebirth, and it is during this time every year that Hargrave Custom Yachts also rejoices with a special owners’ rendezvous. During these deluxe events, we take

rendezvous and activities

time out of our demanding schedule to stop and celebrate the accomplishments of another year and of course recognize the people who made it possible; our family of Hargrave Owners. Every rendezvous features lots of entertainment, group activities and fun casual events, and perhaps more importantly demonstrates the value this organization places on maintaining close personal relationships with every owner and his or her family. Hargrave Owners are also an integral part of the major boat shows we participate in. During the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show, you will find that many Hargrave owners are present at our display. Our owners come to tell their stories to prospective clients and are proud to do so. We understand that their experiences as Hargrave yacht owners can only truly be

“I truly believe Hargrave owners must be the happiest yacht owners in the world! Everyone in your company has made this the most pleasurable boating experience in our thirty year boating life.”

“It doesn’t take long to understand why Hargrave is recognized as one of the finest brands in the industry. The ‘can do’ attitude I receive from your main office, commissioning team, warranty department and charter office is unparalleled.”

Donald Dilks, owner of

Doug Meier, captain of 115'

68' hargrave capri “tara”

hargrave tri-deck “missy b II”

expressed from their perspective. Every event we host during the year is our chance to show our appreciation for our owners as well as help us to guarantee they are having the fun they so richly deserve with their new boats.

70' Capri Series Motoryacht

specifications LOA: 70' • LWL: 60' 02" Beam: 19' • Draft: 5' 01" Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar C-18, 1000 HP Cruise Speed: 18 Knots Max Speed: 21 Knots Fuel Capacity: 1572 Gals. Water Capacity: 250 Gals. Generator: 2 x Onan, 27kW Staterooms: 3 Guests: 6 • Crew: 1–2

Imagine fun, adventure and island hopping at its finest. The all-new Hargrave 70' model has unmatched maneuverability and an extremely spacious interior that competes with yachts in the 80'-90' size range. This size vessel offers you several flexible layouts to choose from, as well as the same luxurious interior appointments you’ll see on our largest custom yachts. Working alongside our team of engineers and designers you will be able to live out your yachting dreams. The 70' Hargrave is ideal for an owner operator or someone who uses occasional crew to help guide them on new blue water adventures.

82' Capri Series Cockpit Yacht

specifications LOA: 82' • LWL: 71' 05" Beam: 20' • Draft: 5' 08" Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar 3412, 1400 HP Cruise Speed: 18 Knots Max Speed: 22 Knots Fuel Capacity: 3000 Gals. Water Capacity: 100 Gals. Generator: 2 x Onan, 27 kW Staterooms: 4–5 Guests: 7 • Crew: 1–3

Modeled after the idea of the American dream, the 82' Hargrave is the perfect vessel to explore the world of yachting with family and friends. This 5-stateroom yacht is only an example of the floor plan arrangements available to you. A balance of indoor and outdoor space is easily achieved with an 82' yacht and allows for optimum yachting enjoyment that can still be handled by a couple. Walk around decks and easily accessed engine rooms make handling and docking a breeze.

90' Signature Series Raised Pilothouse

specifications LOA: 90' • LWL: 78' Beam: 20' • Draft: 5' 08" Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar 3412, 1400 HP Cruise Speed: 18 Knots Max Speed: 21 Knots Fuel Capacity: 3000 Gals. Water Capacity: 600 Gals. Generator: 2 x N. Lights, 33 kW Staterooms: 3–4 Guests: 7–10 • Crew: 2–3

Inspired by our mega yacht series but built for much less, the new 90' raised pilothouse series exemplifies affordable luxury. Our raised pilothouse models deliver graceful lines, a sturdy build and superlative custom interiors furnished by our interior designer, Shelley DiCondina of Yacht Interiors by Shelley. Three wellproportioned levels are both visually appealing and functional. The fly bridge with its custom hardtop and endless entertainment features speaks to the family oriented design of this vessel. Custom upgrades, top-notch entertainment and navigational systems and dependable Caterpillar engines make the new 90' Hargrave a must see.

94' Capri Series Sky Lounge

specifications LOA: 94' 08" • LWL: 84' 06" Beam: 20' • Draft: 5' 08" Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar C-30, 1550 HP Cruise Speed: 20 Knots Max Speed: 24 Knots Fuel Capacity: 3100 Gals. Water Capacity: 500 Gals. Generator: 2 x N. Lights, 33 kW Staterooms: 4 Guests: 8 • Crew: 2–4

The Italian inspired Hargrave Capri series comes to life in the 94' model, which has smooth lines and contemporary styling that produce an inherently European look. This style has all the impressive design features common to the Hargrave line, and room for your own personal touches. Four staterooms each with an en-suite head, and a separate comfortable crew’s quarters make this boat a great candidate for charter, while the expansive salon and large galley make for a family friendly vessel. Building a new Hargrave Custom Yacht involves taking your vision and turning it into something magnificent that we can all be proud of.

97' Signature Series Raised Pilothouse

specifications LOA: 97' • LWL: 85' 03" Beam: 20' • Draft: 5' 08" Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar C-30, 1550 HP Cruise Speed: 20 Knots Max Speed: 24 Knots Fuel Capacity: 3000 Gals. Water Capacity: 600 Gals. Generator: 2 x Westerbeke, 40 kW Staterooms: 4–5 Guests: 8–12 • Crew: 2–4

Coming in just a touch under the mega yacht size range, the 97' does not sacrifice the grandeur of a larger yacht. Characterized by a blend of your individual style, sumptuous 4–5 stateroom interiors, specialized layout options, and upgraded and efficient equipment list packages, all your creature comforts will be met with ease. These models work well for personal and corporate use, or for charter and have a proven history for comfort and reliability on extended voyages.

100'–108' Raised Pilothouse Series

This raised pilothouse model reaches new heights in terms of style, creativity and flexibility. The extra beam adds to the sea keeping ability of the yacht as well as the enjoyment of the owners and guests. Whether you’re cruising from Maine to the Virgin Islands, or Alaska to Mexico, you'll find the 100' series to be the perfect candidate for your next yacht. Designed as a sister ship to the 100' model, this 108' has more interior space and an extra stateroom that speaks volumes to sophisticated owners. The 108' Hargrave was designed as a vessel that meets and exceeds charter requirements and is as welcoming to your family and friends as your home is.

specifications LOA: 100' • LWL: 89' 08" Beam: 22' 03" • Draft: 5' 11" Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar 3412, 1400 HP Cruise Speed: 18 Knots Max Speed: 21 Knots Fuel Capacity: 4000 Gals. Water Capacity: 600 Gals. Generator: 2 x Onan, 35 kW Staterooms: 4 Guests: 8–10 • Crew: 3–4

specifications LOA: 108' • LWL: 93' 06" Beam: 22' 03" • Draft: 6' Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar C-32, 1675 HP Cruise Speed: 18 Knots Max Speed: 21 Knots Fuel Capacity: 4000 Gals. Water Capacity: 600 Gals. Generator: 2 x Onan, 35kW Staterooms: 4–5 Guests: 8–10 • Crew: 3–4

115'–130' Tri Deck Series

Modeled after the signature styling of the legendary Jack Hargrave, the 115' model has clean lines and a full-beam layout in the huge master suite. This size yacht has been very successful in the Hargrave Charter Fleet and is highly desirable with five staterooms and plenty of room for up to 10–12 people. With 115' of room to work with, you are able to add as many personal touches as you desire. The biggest yacht in our fleet, the 130' mega yacht model has contemporary styling and smooth lines. The maximized use of space is both innovative and practical leaving the boat owner with total satisfaction. This model enhances Hargrave Custom Yachts’ position as a world-class yacht builder.

specifications LOA: 115' • LWL: 97' 08" Beam: 24' • Draft: 7' Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar 3412, 1400 HP Cruise Speed: 12 Knots Max Speed: 16 Knots Fuel Capacity: 5000 Gals. Water Capacity: 1015 Gals. Generator: 2 x Onan, 55kW Staterooms: 5 Guests: 10–12 • Crew: 3–5

specifications LOA: 130' • LWL: 119' 3" Beam: 25' 06" • Draft: 7' Construction: Fiberglass Engines: 2 x Caterpillar C-32, 1825 HP Cruise Speed: 16 Knots Max Speed: 21 Knots Fuel Capacity: 7000 Gals. Water Capacity: 1200 Gals. Generator: 2 x Onan, 65 kW Staterooms: 4–5 Guests: 8–10 • Crew: 4–6

hargrave custom ownership From your first encounter with the Hargrave team, you begin to see how we have evolved from a designer to a leading yacht builder, which in turn led to what we call our Custom Yacht Ownership program.

As an owner of a larger yacht we

detail and responsibility that comes

Once you are in the process of

recognize that your needs will be

with owning a large yacht is taken care

enjoying your new yacht, we will

constantly changing during your

of. By delegating all the important

provide you with the top service

time of ownership and that our

maintenance and management aspects

technicians in the industry to

support services have to be there

to Hargrave, you are freed to simply

service and maintain your yacht

for you every step of the way.

enjoy what yachting is all about.

to the highest standards. With our

Our main goal, aside from delivering

Some owners want a lot of support while

a world-class yacht that exceeds your

others request only minimal assistance,

expectations, is to give you a brand

and over the cycle of ownership these

new yachting lifestyle where your

needs can increase or decrease as

only concern is pure enjoyment. Our

necessary thanks to our flexible and

headquarters here in Ft. Lauderdale

cost effective support programs.

is made up of an incredible group of people ranging from sales and service personnel, to web designers and accountants. We provide support for all the details of ownership— management, charter, accounting, crew placement, and even cruise planning,

One of the most important aspects of owning a large yacht is the crew, and you will find Hargrave’s crew placement team will help you find an experienced and reliable captain and additional crew to meet your specific needs. Whether you are planning to

Talk to any Hargrave owner and they

charter your yacht or simply want

will confirm that our team works

to get the most enjoyment out of it,

tirelessly to make certain that every

a good crew is vital.

ongoing program of inspections and preplanned service cycles, you will find we deliver aircraft type reliability that keeps you and your family on the go and down time to a minimum. By taking charge of all these critical details on your behalf we ensure that you are able to live out your dreams and take full advantage of the unique opportunity of owning a custom yacht. Then, when you are ready to sell your yacht and build a new one, we will once again be there to guide you and market your yacht with our special brokerage program.

If you are asking the question of whether it’s possible to own a custom yacht without the hassle, then Hargrave Custom Yachts is your answer.

Any specifications, prices and performance data are believed to be accurate at time of printing and are subject to change without notice.

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