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ARNA SELZNICK Director, Story artist


Profile Arna is a story artist and director, a team player with an imaginative storytelling sense, adept at a variety of film styles. Arna loves to dig deep into her characters and create great physical business that connects with her audience.

FEATURE STORY ARTIST, 1995 - 2015 TOONBOX ENTERTAINMENT, NERD CORPS, GURU, HOUSE OF COOL, NELVANA, WALT DISNEY CANADA, C.O.R.E. FEATURE ANIMATION, COLLINGWOOD O’HARE, LONDON ENGLAND. Films include: THE NUT JOB 2, SPARK, CHEDDAR ISLAND ANIMATIC, THE WILD, BACK TO SCHOOL WITH FRANKLIN, THE GREEN KNIGHT, THE KING’S BEARD, RETURN TO NEVERLAND and THE THIEF OF ALWAYS. STORY ARTIST, TOONBOX ENTERTAINMENT, 2014-2015 on THE NUT JOB sequel. STORY ARTIST, GURU STUDIO, 2014 on a second made-for-DVD feature for Mattel. STORY ARTIST, NEPTOON STUDIO, 2014 for LOOPED, the animated series. STORY ARTIST, NERD CORPS, 2013, 2014 on an animated fantasy series. Following that, a made-for-DVD feature. STORY ARTIST, MERCURY FILMWORKS, 2013 on a top secret action-adventure series involving cars! STORY ARTIST, SLAP HAPPY CARTOONS, 2013 for the delightful new series NERDS AND MONSTERS. STORY ARTIST, HOUSE OF COOL, 2013 on a feature film currently in pre-production. for BLUE SKY. STORY ARTIST, TOONBOX ENTERTAINMENT, YEAR 2012, on the feature film SPARK, currently in production. DIRECTOR, NELVANA, 1984 - 2004 Development and direction on the COOLMAN! episodes, BACK TO SCHOOL WITH FRANKLIN, the Gemini Award winning LITTLE BEAR series, and the CARE BEARS MOVIE, winner of Canada’s Golden Reel Award. CO-CREATOR, DIRECTOR, DESIGNER, NELVANA, 2004 With partner John van Bruggen, Arna co-created, directed and produced 5 five-minute episodes titled COOLMAN! for the animated anthology series, FUNPAK. TELEVISION STORY ARTIST: 1988 - 2014 GURU ANIMATION, NERD CORPS, SLAP HAPPY CARTOONS, NELVANA, 9STORY ENTERTAINMENT, RADICAL SHEEP PRODUCTIONS, MERCURY FILMWORKS, ELLIOTT ANIMATION, DICK PURDUM STUDIO, COLLINGWOOD O’HARE, JUMBO PICTURES, JIM HENSON STUDIOS. MAX AND RUBY, MAYA AND ME, STELLA AND SAM, TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND, 6TEEN, TOOT AND PUDDLE, RUBY GLOOM, MISS SPIDER’S SUNNY PATCH KIDS, SKYLAND, COOLMAN!, PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD, CLONE HIGH, MR. BEAN and BABAR. STORY SUPERVISOR, NELVANA, TORONTO ONTARIO, 1983 - 1996 Highlights include Senior Supervisor on 50+ episodes of INSPECTOR GADGET, 24+ Episodes of EWOKS AND DROIDS, 13 Episodes of DOG CITY. Skills Arna’s comfortable in Sketchbook Pro, Toonboom Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Flash, Pencil, Paper, Mac, PC. Cintiq, 3D, 2D.

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