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soccer) are very similar. “Being a team is all about accomplishing a goal and sometimes you have to get past like not knowing someone or just other sort of in order to accomplish your goal,” Sara Scoring Friendships things says. Continued from pg.10 Sara and Long both believe sacrifices should be made to better the team. “You can call soccer another stress reliever “Difference definitely should be put from me,” Sara says. “It’s fun because I get to aside to some extent for the better of the be with all my friends and it’s a good way to team,” Ashley says. “A team who can put aside get exercise.” differences early will be a successful team in Ashley and Sara especially love the the long run.” concept of coming to soccer practice and The shared beliefs might be reason for being able to goof off with teammates. “My why the team has been so successful and/ or friends are definitely what have kept me in the two have built such a great friendship. The soccer,” Ashley says. “I definitely look forward girls also both chose their hobbies based on to soccer games and practices; sometimes, I their ability to relieve stress. hate when it ends or gets canceled.” Playing LBJ soccer has allowed both Soccer not only founded the friendship Ashley and Sara to interact with other people between the two but also played a role in and make new friends and each other. Just so maintaining it off the field. happens, Sara and Ashley made a friendship “I first met Sara in art,” Ashley says. “We that will last a lifetime. didn’t talk all that much, but once the soccer “Just this season,” Ashley explains, “the season started, we talked a lot more – [most- team was eating before a game and Sara came ly] about soccer.” up with is hilarious saying ‘Bosshoggin.’ It be Surprisingly, the girls have more than came like our team motto and we spray paintjust soccer in common – their appreciation ed on our shirts. That’s one thing I like about for friendship, certain beliefs, and love for Sara – she’s spontaneous.” stress relievers. According to the girls, Soccer Soccer has without a doubt played a role allows the girls to get to know each other. in developing friendships because it requires Often times, the topic of soccer sparks a con- much communication. versation between the two, which eventually “With playing sports you get to interact strays to other topics. These chats allow the with other people,” Sara laughs. girls so see and explore things other than soccer such as beliefs and hobbies. Utterly Absurd “Never fail, every art class, Sara always Continued from pg.14 makes fun of my art,” Ashley chuckles. “She’s the English language in which we depend really nice and funny, not to mention enterso heavily on to communicate with others. taining.” These quotes, string together words from the When it comes down to beliefs conlexicon, disregard their original meaning, and cerning things such as differences and/or give them a meaning To this I say, Mr. Ruscoming together as a team, those of Sara and sell is absolutely, without a doubt right in his Ashley, unlike like their lifestyles, (excluding logic and beliefs. place to create true art. *The interviewed subject has asked to remain anonymous and Jonas Davidson is a placeholder name.

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