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3. The Shoes

Nikes, nikes, nikes, nikes. Get it in your head! If you’re going to find a jock you can always look down. Decked out nike basketball shoes are always a good indicator of a jock. Either bleached white fancy puffed out shoes or colored Nikes with around almost fifty shocks on the bottom for maximum jumping. IMPORTANT: Never wear VANS, you’ll give off a skater persona which is a big NO NO.

Nike Air Revolution


Now this may sound strange, but you just can’t be a jock with muscle. Imagine a BONE THIN or morbiddly OBESE Jock walking around a school with his football jersey on. That’s right, you can’t! A jock has to have some BICEPS. Use every chance you can get to flex and show off your muscle. If anybody ever asks you for directions, use it as a chance to show off. FLEX while you point. No one will want to mess with you and you’ll be the star of the school. IMPORTANT: Don’t go overboard. You don’t want the steroid chugging body-builder look, you want the lean football Jock look.

5. The Accessories

Acessorize it! You don’t just need to wear a short a shirt and shoes. Spice it up a LONGHORN baseball cap. Wear OAKLEYS for the ultimate jock fashion statement. A livestrong band is great way to show you’re a sporty guy in stylish yellow. Namebrand Underarmor socks, slightly above the ankle. beef up your hands with a thick gold ring such as your high school CLASS RING, a replica Superbowl MVP ring, or just a thick gold fashion statement on your fingers. IMPORTANT: Don’t overdo it, a ring on each finger will just make you look FEMININE (one of the worst thing for a jock). Don’t wear diamond rings either!

Oakleys M Frame


The Look  
The Look  

The Spring 2009 The magazine has become a great guide to the average American high school student just trying to fit in. The Look: a magazin...