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About a month after I started going out with this guy, we were walking towards each other after school. We hugged and talked a bit and right as I was about to leave, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. As he whispered in my ear, “it’s down,” he zipped up my zipper for me. To top it off, all of my friends were standing there watching and laughing when it happened! - A.F. Austin, Tx One day after school at socer practice, we were running a shooting drill. When it was my turn to shoot, I struck the ball from a litlle inside the eighteen yard box. The ball sailed through the air, rebounded off of the side goal post and nailed me in my lower torso as I was running off the field. Apparently, this upperclassman saw the whole thing happen and brought it up in class the next day; the whole class talked and teased me about it. - Anonymous Houston, Tx


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The Spring 2009 The magazine has become a great guide to the average American high school student just trying to fit in. The Look: a magazin...