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Take the quiz and find out how you are percieved in the eyes of others... You just fouled out of your soccer game. You:

tique him. How se is he going get better, if he esn’t know what ’s doing wrong.

s great tell her ade a y-six.

cheer her on and show your support. That’s why you came n the first place


n’t like losbetter next nnot stand, mething, is effort.

go shake the other coach’s hand and cheer you team on from the bench.

You go to your friends’ game. She’s good but you feel she can do better. You: politely yell at her to work harder and do things better. You don’t want het to sell herself short.

You rode the bench the whole game and your team ended up losing. You:

go directly to the bench and pout. There’s no way that foul was worth a card.

cheer on your teammates who played. Just unlucky.

You just lost a game of basketball to your brother and his friends. You:

are highly upset. If coach would have played you, the team would have definitely played better. demand a rematch. They have to have cheated.

say good game and shake their hands.

Yes, way too competetive.

You are good at what you do and don’t believe you should lose. Unfortunetly, you can’t control the urge to always to be better and win. You have a hard time accepting people might be better than you at certain things.

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