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Are you TOO competitive? STA RT


You go to your little brothers’ game and he play okay, but not great. You:

Your team just lost after giving 100%. You:

try to cheer your team up. Today was just an off day.

point out all the mistakes. The only way to get better is to know what was done wrong.

A friend told you his baseball team lost last night. You: Confort him and tell him they will do better next time.

inquire about every detail of the game.

tell him he did great. You don’t want to upset him and besides his team won anyways.

Your classmate tells you she made a ninety-five on her math test. You:

congradulate her. You knew she could do it.

No, not at all.

You are very kind and that keeps you from competing against others and possibly hurting them. You are very quick to acknowledge people and their accomplishments and make light of big situations.

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say that’s and then you ma ninety

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You are competetive

but to a contollable level. You don ing, but you accept it and try to do time. However, one thing you can regardless of how bad one is at som not giving 100% in terms of e

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