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By Cyndric M.

You have to imitate the canter of your typical "gangsta". Watch MTV for inspiration and mimic the walk of your favorite rap star. If you find yourself having difficulties, imagine that your knees and ankles are broken, and you sat on cacti. (Make sure your feet are wider than your shoulders.)

Courtesy Istockphoto.

Language is very important. and remember, contractions can quite literally be your lifesaver. Practice at home, at the bus station, at school; anywhere you can.

You'll have to acquire a G' name. 2-Pac is a popular one, as is Biggie. There's always shortening your name to the first letter of your first name, then adding an adjective. For example, there's Lil' J, or Big R. You can also go with just the adjective: Slim, Shorty, etc.

“Lil’ Miles Butter” “Yung Twizzle” “Grand CC Doggie Sling”


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