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Emo Shopping A Reality Check For Emos

By Darius B. Converse All Star Black Star $24 Low Tops $44.99 Hot Twinkle twinkle little Topic star, how I wonder Disturbed what you are: Splatter on your Face shoes T-Shirt

Gray and Black Plaid Stripe Pants $58 You’re not emo without tight pants. Top it off with plaid too! And... straps?

Umm... I guess blood is in style?

Skinny Black and White $9.99 Checkered Tie

Black Pinstriped Fedora $19.99



Since when is this Emo!? Because it’s black!? What’s going on?

The full emo spectrum: black, dark red, dark orange, dark yellow.

Black Pigment Eyeliner $3.99 Everything else you’ve bought so far Doesn’t matt-


$4.99 Dark Eye Shadow Pallete

already black? er! Buy more black and put it around your eyes!

Black and White Striped Arm Warmers $11.99

Two- tiered Ring Heavy Wallet Chain $16.99

Warm up with... stylish stripes! Again, black.

Chains, bro! Like in prison!

TOTAL: $211.01 That’s a lot...


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