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FOR Hipsters HIPS


hey’re everywhere. They breed and multiply in urban centers, they nest in thrift shops, boutiques and Urban Outfitters around the world, and they come in all shapes and colors.

“Hipsters”, “indie kids”, “scene kids”, or perhaps, “posers”, “wannabes”, “fake”, or “trendy”. Whatever you call them, they’re all around and odds are - they’re dressed better than you. I’ve never had a word to describe the way I dress, I’ve never been labeled anything because of how I dress, not even in middle school, when calling people “emo” for wearing a black shirt was all the rage. Nope, I wear clothes that are comfortable, colorful, and classically fashionable. But all this is changing with my entrance into high school. With about a thousand kids from all parts of one of the most progressive cities in America all trying to find their place in the world, spiritually and fashionably, harsh words have been thrown around in regards to how people dress and act. Students’ characters have been brought into question time and time again. A sample scenario, if you will: “So, Jack and Jill are hanging out with the gangster crowd. They’re such posers because they’re actually HIPSTERS.”


The Look  

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