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Editors The Look has evolved quite a bit from its initial conception in early February. The magazine spun off from a variety of ideas from different members of the group. Some ideas included different magazines focusing on certain styles, art, lifestyle, and music of subcultures. Some suggestions were “hipsters”, spray-painting, and “emos”. These various ideas were eventually composed into a single idea: The Look: a magazine about contemporary Western subcultures and what an outsider can do to join these groups. While the ideas were great on paper, the magazine encountered many problems along the way. From struggles with our identity, to internal group disagreements relating to the direction and flow of the magazine, The Look has had much to overcome. In the end it has emerged as a new, clean, chic and very stylish magazine appealing to teen audiences. The Look documents different subcultures and styles that exist in America and around the world, as well as the art, lifestyle, clothing, and music that are associated with these groups. The magazine has become a great guide to the average American high school student just trying to fit in.

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Darius B. Darius is a 15-year-old student of LASA. He was born on March 18, 1994 and he lives in North Austin and is half Persian, half German. He likes Indian food and Asian people. He rows competitively on Town Lake four times a week and dislikes Hipsters.

Ariel F. Ariel was born in Austin, Texas in October of 1993. She’s loves being either where the fun is or on a soccer field. Taking Ezine has allowed Frazier to obtain a better grasp on and appreciate all the effort and thought that goes into a magazine, yet alone journalism. Take a glimpse at Scoring Friendships to see some of Frazier’s featured writing.


thors Sarah K.

Sarah is a LASA freshman who covered all music articles for The Look. She plays violin and guitar, and enjoys hanging out with friends, painting, and reading. Check out her interview with teen band Avenging Poor Yorick on page 1.

Cyndric M. Strength. Integrity. Commitment. Racecar. These things are the things of dreams and also compose Cyndric’s muscular body and insanetastic soul. In the sun having fun - that’s where Cyndric belongs. Cyndric’s signature carefree and whimsical attitude illuminates rooms with fiery intensity. His ferocious nature is sometimes overpowering, but he surrounds himself with friends that even it all out. P.S: No dogs.

Cyndric lives in northwestcentral Austin with his wife and kids and is NOT from Azerbaijan.


Avenging Poor Yorick By Sarah K

At first, all that can be heard from an open garage in a central Austin Allandale neighborhood is the piano riff from The Who’s “Baba O’Riley.”


Next comes the embellishment on the keyboard. Then all at once the drums and powerful guitar chords come roaring in. Just when the lyrics are supposed to begin the music dies off.

Photo by Patrick Morris

“Jenny,” lead singer Carl R. of the teen band Avenging Poor Yorick says to his girlfriend Jenny W, “you have to sing!” She stands up and walks to the microphone. The music starts again, but when the guitar comes in, feedback screeches out of the amp. The band is having an off-day for practicing.

Despite the occasional technical difficulty, and their impressively young age (their oldest members are only fifteen), Avenging Poor Yorick has become a success in the Austin music scene, playing gigs on “Good Morning Austin,” the local morning news, and in hotspots like Threadgill’s and Red 7. Made up of Carl (who also plays guitar), drummer Kyle D, keytarist Richard M, guitarist Peter W, keyboardist Marshall W, and bassist Lily J, the band of teenagers plays in bars around Austin, and is going to be in the up-coming South by Southwest Music Festival. “Once upon a time [we] decided that one day [we] were gonna go to the magical Kingdom of Azrah,” says Kyle, likening the start of their band to an epic quest. “[But] there were many dragons and wizards and warlocks.” The magical foes of which Kyle speaks is a metaphor for their rocky start. “Me and Peter and Marshall wanted to have fun but Carl was like, ‘No, we have to be professional,’ so we quit that band and made another,” explains Kyle. Carl also started his own band separately, but wasn’t very successful in his endeavor, and went back to Kyle, Peter, and Marshall.

“Carl messaged me one day and was like, ‘Can I join you guys’ band? ‘Cause my band hasn’t practiced once,’” Kyle recalls. “We had gotten a couple practices in and so we let him.” The band, at this point called Five Seconds to Never, covered Green Day songs until the boys changed the name to Avenging Poor Yorick and began writing their own music, including “Four Years” and the colorful “Shampoo Road,” and picked

“There are a lot of people who are weird about playing with kids’ bands” up guitarist Brad Z. “Brad’s been playing since he was born,” says Kyle of Brad, who was replaced by bassist Judge after being told by his parents he could no longer perform with the band. All the members had at least a few years of experience on their respective instruments, with the exception of Kyle, who picked up

the drums after the band was formed. “And I just rock,” he says jokingly, though he is proficient on his instrument. “He’s also really modest,” adds Jenny, singer for teen band Jenny Wolfe and the Pack, who occasionally joins up with APY — what has become shorthand for the band’s long name. Some of the members are even classically trained. Peter has played the violin for 6 years, and Richard has played the bassoon with his school band for four years. “This is a lot better,” says Richard of playing with Avenging Poor Yorick. “[In concert band], you just sit there and play music off the page. [With APY], you don’t feel like you’re fighting against other people for first chair.” Despite their experience, the band sometimes gets discriminated for their age. “In Austin, there are a lot of people who are weird about playing with kids’ bands,” says Carl. “When we got gigs at Red 7 and we played with adult bands, we could tell that they were just like, ‘Oh, what’re these kids doing here?’” But, thanks to Next Up U18, a program which helps publicize teen bands in Austin (the U in U18 stands for Continued on Page 39


Photo by Darius Bordbar

By Darius B. Two years ago, Jonas Davidson picked up his first can. He traveled into a land unknown and spray-painted. Jonas Davidson spray painted for the first time, unknowing of what was to come.



Fifteen-year-old Jonas Davidson* stands, can in hand, staring at his blank wall, his canvas. He jolts and shakes his hand up and down three or four times, flailing his hands around in the air. He straightens his arm out, flicks his wrist up; Davidson waits for his hand to steady to take the shot. He shuts one eye, takes aim… and sprays. “Ahhh…” Davidson says pleasurably inhaling his favorite smell, the smell he is used to, the smell of his passions, the smell of spray paint art. No, Davidson is not an inhalant abuser; Davidson is a member of the legal street art community, a subculture of gangstas traveling around town… bombing and tagging it up. ‘Bombing and tagging it up,’ street slang for creating different types of spraypaint art is how Davidson spends his free time. In particular he enjoys bombing, or in common man’s language: spray painting bubble letters or drawings. Sometimes signing his artwork with a tag (a stylized way to write your name in

spray paint), Davidson is one of the few remaining legal spray-paint artists, and he’s proud of it. He paints elaborate caricatures on concrete walls and sidewalks in Austin, Texas, his hometown where he attends school. Davidson has never committed vandalism on Austin’s

“If people keep spraying on walls illegally then nobody will associate spray paint art with anything other than the show Cops or something like that.” prized buildings; after all, he’s not a criminal, he’s just an Austinite who believes spray paint is one of the greatest art mediums in the world… when used properly. No matter how hard it gets Davidson sticks to his chosen medium, never turning to graffiti.

“Few people allow you to paint on their walls legally,” Davidson says. Davidson stands his ground, though, making do with what he has in what he calls the “dog eat dog world” of spray paint art. Davidson, a strong believer in giving spray paint art an association other than graffiti, says he has not once even thought of committing vandalism, “Y’know before spray paint art, there were people like Leonardo [da Vinci] and Donatello and people think back and are like amazed with their work,” he says, “If people keep spraying on walls illegally then nobody will associate spray paint art with anything other than the show Cops or something like that.” Before Davidson begins painting, he needs a canvas. An easy option would be for Davidson to just go out and buy a wood slab and paint all to his heart’s desire, but Davidson chooses not to. “You have to do it on concrete, like a solid wall; wood soaks the paint in,” Davidson


says. To ensure the best quality of his artwork, Davidson encounters his first roadblock: finding a canvas. With few people allowing Davidson and other legal street artists to paint their walls and possibly ruin it, he has quite a bit of trouble finding a place to paint. “Whoever can get to surfaces the first are the ones that get to paint,” Davidson says, “It’s pretty much survival of the fittest,” he says, “Everybody just finds out about all the spots. I’ll be driving to my friend’s house and I’ll see an unused wall, but nine times out of ten, the wall’s owner either won’t let you paint or fifteen other people will have already seen it.” Davidson isn’t friends with any other serious spray paint artist, though; he can’t be. They’re the enemy; they’re his competitors, wanting the same things he wants. He has to


be harsh or he won’t survive. “It’s tough y’know, I remember one time when I almost got beaten up defending my turf,” Davidson says. “This one hippy shop owner was all cool letting

“If it weren’t for the shop owner breaking it up, I would’ve gone home with a black eye.”

doodle away at his comics, making characters and drawing bubble letters displaying POW and BANG. His life turned around when a fellow artist introduced him to spray paint. The artist displayed various techniques and showed Davidson what he had done. Davidson caught on immediately and from then on was hooked.

“It actually requires some kind of skill in art, you have to shade and stuff like that, know what layer to paint on to, you gotta use value,” Davidson people spray on his [shop] says. “[Spray paint art] feels and this seventeen-yearbetter.” old from Reagan cussed me Instead of doodling out and basically forced me superheroes and writing to leave; if it weren’t for the onomatopoeias – think shop owner breaking it up, ZOOM, BANG, BOOM – in I would’ve gone home with bubble letters, Davidson a black eye.” was spraying huge characters and bubble letters Davidson didn’t always that displayed his gangsta spray paint. Up until 2 years slogans and logos in classic ago, he used to make com- graffiti bubble letter style. ics. He already considered Davidson was officially a himself an artist before gangsta. spray paint. Every weekend “You can’t just go out he would go home and one day and say, ‘Oh I’m go-

ing to do spray paint art,’ or else it will look really bad,” Davidson explains. Just because Davidson was a gangsta, didn’t mean he was a pro. Another roadblock of a spray paint artist is making the painting look good. Spray paint isn’t your average medium; it requires quite a lot of time and effort, and quite a number of skills.

since it was so close to home.

“[Spray paint art and comic book art] have A LOT of similarities,” Davidson says. “When you’re making [bombed] characters they are similar to [comic book] characters everything’s kinda exaggerated. You got big head, big nose, big eyes, big body, everything’s kinda bigger.” “I had good handwriting One of these bombed beforehand and handwritcharacters even made Daing really helps because vidson 200 dollars richer. the graffiti style revolves “One time somebody around letters and you saw a piece that I did and need a really steady hand somebody saw it and loved and [you need to] have it and said that you should clean lines to have a good do it on the side of my looking piece of art,” David- restaurant and gave me son says. “You can’t have a 200 dollars for it,” Davidson shaky hand no arthritis or explains. nothing like that.” A few weeks later, Davidson had spray-painted a At first Davidson stuck to cartoon man eating a piece what he knew: cartoons. On of shrimp with chopsticks the few concrete slabs he on the side of the restaucould find in his neighborrant and had his first official hood, he would paint his commission check. cartoons. As he worked to steady his hand and master Few of Davidson’s pieces his skills, he grew fonder of of art get immortalized like spray paint. Eventually he this, though. There’s often moved on from cartoons little time to cherish legal and began to bomb bubble spray paint art as it simply letters and tag, neither of isn’t feasible to keep with which he liked as much as the little resources that a bombing his characters, spray paint artist has at his

disposal. “You paint over [your art] and start over,” Davidson says. “You have limited resources.” It’s simply the only thing a spray paint artist can do and something a spray paint artist needs to learn to cope with. You can’t cherish your art; you can take a photograph of it or remember put you can’t keep a hard copy of what your masterpiece was because once the art is made it’s just another canvas. Unlike criminal graffiti artists who throw their tags and bombs on bridges, Davidson doesn’t care if people see it; he stays humble and simply pursues his hobby not trying to be cool because as Davidson says, “a true gangsta doesn’t try to be a gangsta.” Davidson sticks to what he has been doing for a while now and doesn’t care what people think. Sometimes, he says, he encounters trouble after trouble and manages to make it through expressing himself in his chosen medium. Continued on Page 39


Gangsta fashion advice straight from da mouf.

Man Of By Cyndric M.




I wander onto a bus and take a seat, knowing full well what I’m getting myself into. I grew up in downtown San Jose - I know their type: Huge, muscular, black, intimidating. I straighten my jeans and ruffle my hair, preparing to “rep” my own subculture. And that’s when Big J walks in and sits beside me. Jesse S has been reppin’ the 512 since 1993. A native of north Austin, he has his feet firmly planted in the world of Gangsta fashion. You’ve seen him walking down the halls, surrounded by his cronies and chums he’s always a mass of green or red or blue or whatever color he decides to artfully depict that day. He looks like the modern son of Al Capone, he smells of the latest thug cologne, and he embodies the spirit of all that is Gangsta. A true player. Surely such a man was born into riches and power. How did all this begin? “It started with my family; like my uncles. I wanted to look and be like them more than anything, so I decided to.” But despite all you may know of Jesse, there is one astonishing fact that he himself confided to me: “I don’t consider myself gangsta. Some people think I am, but I don’t really think about it. It’s not a lifestyle for me, I just like the clothes.” He sure fooled me. So how does he pull it off? Dressing Gangsta is a simple formula that becomes apparent when you catch sight of Jesse: Big pants + big shirt + big jacket + big shoes + an article of bling + bandana (optional) = Gangsta? Not quite. Brand power is major player in Gangsta fashion. “You can’t wear just anything. Famous, GUnit, Dickies, South Pole, Ecko and Dickies all work,” he informs me. So if you have your tastes set to correct Gangsta-mode, it’s just a simple matter of dressing in layers to achieve this look. “It only takes me 5 minutes to get dressed -

it’s the easiest thing in the world.” It’s hard to go wrong. And it’s cheap if you “know where to go” like Jesse does. “I shop pretty much everywhere I can; Marshall’s and Dickies are my main places - some local sports shops, too.” It’s cheap and easy, too. So is the Gangsta look just a manifestation of laziness? It would seem so. “I like that it’s comfortable, easy to wear and easy to shop for. I feel comfortable dressed like this – and I don’t do it to impress girls or anything, really.” And companies are capitalizing on similar views towards apparel. Nike Athletic’s revenue alone for 2008’s fiscal year was 18.6 billion dollars. ($18,600,000,000) Jamie Ross, creative director of the youth division at Donegar Group, a New York-based fashion consulting firm, said that hip-hop is making an impact on mainstream clothing lines. “Many mainstream clothing lines look to street fashion for ideas, such as Dolce & Gabana. Gap has joined Madonna and Missy Elliot,” explained Ross, “The subculture has become the main culture.” So if you think that this is your Look, then have no fears diving into the Hip Hop fashion subculture, because you have much company. You know where to shop, and you know the benefits, but what do you need to look out for? “I keep up to date with the colors that I’ll get jumped or shot for wearing.. People pretty much leave me alone because I wear the right colors.” And for the less-confident of us, Jesse advises that as long as you don’t completely take to heart the way you’re dressed, you’ll draw no attention from the true thugs out there. But if you do want to attract those types of people, play the part, and go a step above Jesse, the following is recommended:. Go to page 22 to learn how to be “gangsta”.


Long and her horse, Nikki having a moment. Thanks to Ashley Long for the image.

Regardless of being on vacation, we guess Gordon couldn’t get soccer off her mind. Thanks to Sarah Gordon for this picture.

Lifestyle category


Scoring Friendships

Fourteen-year-old Ashley Long puts her bags down on the soccer practice field, creating a cloud of dust. She begins smiling and laughs at her teammate’s uncanny jokes, her red hair wrestles with the gently tugging breeze. She revs back stretching and imitates a half moon. After lowering her face from the roaring sun, she opens her eyes to see one of her teammates, Sara Gordon.

A sense of happiness overtakes Gordon’s face as she begins laughing at a comment made within a group of sophomore, junior, and senior soccer players. Her fingers begin gently grabbing lose red strands of hair and begins placing them under the blue pre-wrap serving as a headband. Placing her hands on her waist, she shifts her weight onto her left leg, grabs her ponytail, begins wrapping it around her right hand, and then releases it into the wind.

By: Ariel F.

the idea because she thought the camp was going to be occupied with a bunch of younger kids. In the end, Long ended up liking the camp; she liked the riding of the horses, the kids there were very nice, and the camp counselors were very personable. Long’s life has been greatly altered after that one summer. “Horseback riding is just one of those things you have to try. I promise you would love it. Plus you learn a lot from it,” Long says. “Riding has taught me how to be more responsible.” Gordon, a junior, prefers to participate in the LBJ Marching Band, National Honor Society (NHS), and creates art outside of soccer. Gordon joined marching band because she says, ‘all her friends were doing it’; she ended up liking it and has stuck to it ever since. During her sophomore year, Gordon was initiated into NHS and strongly likes being a part of the organization for multiple reasons.

LBJ soccer coach, Brian Johnson, blows his whistle signaling for the girls’ soccer team to break into “It’s a good place to get volunteer hours,” Sara Gordon groups. The blob of players quickly breaks up into six groups, each girl happily surrounded by friends. At first says. “It’s fun too because all my friends are in NHS.” glance, it seems like the six groups were inseparable. Gordon currently takes art classes as LASA because she hopes to do something related to graphic design On that very day – the first day of tryouts – Gordon and believes the class it a good introduction to the art temporarily put down her paintbrush and clarinet and field. Also, Gordon is attracted to art because it is a Long unsaddled her horse, Sadie. No one would have form of self-expression and stress reliever. ever guessed that artist/clarinetist Sara Gordon would have made such a friendship with horseback rider Ashley Long. What they didn’t know was that the girls had one thing in common – soccer. Outside of soccer, freshman Ashley Long prefers to be outdoors at a ranch with friends or her grandmother riding horses. During her 6th grade summer, Long put down the soccer ball, took off her cleats, and rode a horse for the first time in her entire life. That particular summer, Long’s parents enrolled her in Camp Double Creek because they didn’t want Long sitting around being a couch potato for three months. Long resented

“It’s a way of expression and also just during the stressful school days, it’s nice to have a class where I can just sit down and just draw.”

Gordon and Long have a strong passion for soccer. The fact that soccer allows them to stay in shape, hang out with good friends and make new ones, and serves as a challenge without applying too much pressure, has attracted the girls to sport.

(continued on page 40)


Cover art by Søren Solkær Starbird

Despite (or maybe because of) it’s deviation from the band’s previous sound, Franz Ferdinand’s new album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, has become wildly popular, and rightly so.


By Sarah K

The long-in-the-making concept album about a night on the town (and the after effects) has infectiously catchy songs like “Lucid Dreams” and the single “No You Girls.” Even old Franz fans are pleased with their new dance/pop sound. This sound, which lurked in the background of the songs on their last album, You Could Have It So Much Better, but was never allowed to bloom completely, has already resulted in many positive reviews, and new fans from crowds who probably wouldn’t normally listen to their style of music. For example, the NCAA is using part of the first single released off Tonight, “Ulysses,” as background music for one of its commercials. As I’ve already said, Tonight is a concept album focused around a night of partying and girls, but by the last few tracks, the protagonist has realized that life is not all fun and games and promiscuity and that maybe he should settle down. With concept albums, an artist is forced to stick to a certain theme, and for Franz Ferdinand, this has resulted in a more organized sound and recurring motifs that tie all the songs together. “Katherine Kiss Me” is a gentler, acoustic reprise of “No You

Girls,” for example. “Can’t Stop Feeling” and “Dream Again” share the same ominoussounding crescendo at the beginning of the track. And for those LASA students who are still searching for The Odyssey’s influence on modern literature, Tonight has plenty of references to it. The first

it’s old punk sound coming through with the distorted guitar in “What She Came For,” “Lucid Dreams,” and “Can’t Stop Feeling.” Despite the pop sound which dominates the album, Tonight also manages to keep a good variety. “Live Alone” evokes a somber mood and “Dream

With concept albums, an artist is forced to stick to a certain theme, and for Franz Ferdinand, this has resulted in a more organized sound. track, “Ulysses,” is Odysseus’ Roman name, and the rest of the album references historical cities in Greece and Italy (Rome in “Turn It On,” and both Ithaca and Alexandria in “Lucid Dreams”), as well as talking about “the gods” in “Bite Hard.” Tonight also does little things to add to the overall musical experience. “Lucid Dreams,” which talks about stereos and radios includes subtle cracks and pops in the music, which make it sound like it’s being broadcasted a record player. “Dream Again,” which is - as it’s title suggests - about dreams, has a just plain eerie sound to it. Some old fans may remain unconvinced, but the album is still very classic Franz Ferdinand at its roots,

Again” sounds creepy, while “Katherine Kiss Me” is a cute acoustic song and “No You Girls” makes you want to get up and dance. The album is even formatted like You Could Have It So Much Better, with its more upbeat songs at the start and then finishes with its more mellow, tuned down songs. As someone who’d never paid much attention to the band., I like the Tonight, and after going back, I like old Franz, too. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand sounds like a more mature, more cultured You Could Have It So Much Better, and if you liked old Franz Ferdinand, you should give it a listen.


y l r e t t U d r u s b A

Picture c

By: Ariel F.

ma crazy ridiculous... t u g o bein d Talk ab lifestyle lifestyle




ww.head w / / : p t t h of:


og/200 l b / m o c . oftware

A baby sits strapped into the white high chair, squealing and wailing every few seconds. With each swing, the baby is able to knock the spoon filled with a brownish-yellow substance out of her father’s hand. Across the kitchen, I sit rocking back and forth, laughing. The so-called “food” is everywhere, the counter, the high chair, the father, the baby, and the floor. The father sits back exhausted and frustrated and the look on his face indicates he is running out of tricks, not to mention food. A few seconds go by and the father straightens up as a slight grin pierces his gloomy face. A smile as wide as the moon overtakes my face as well; the entertainment is about to resume. The father opens his mouth; uncontrollably mine opens too. “Open wide,” says the father. “Here comes the airplane.” The baby opens her mouth!


ergent-de m e d n a mc-esher

The moon-sized smile covering my face vanished as quick as nighttime and I became the frustrated one. The father had just used a common saying which makes no sense at all. Who in their right mind would want to shove an airplane in a little baby’s mouth? That’s torture. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.” Clearly, this must be true, because if this man had the slightest clue how unintelligent this airplane analogy makes him sound, he more than likely would have given it second thought. English logician and philosopher, Bertrand Russell believes and once said, “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd.” We often depend heavily on many popular quotes which make no sense and defy the

(continued on page 40)


Photo from


FOR Hipsters HIPS


hey’re everywhere. They breed and multiply in urban centers, they nest in thrift shops, boutiques and Urban Outfitters around the world, and they come in all shapes and colors.

“Hipsters”, “indie kids”, “scene kids”, or perhaps, “posers”, “wannabes”, “fake”, or “trendy”. Whatever you call them, they’re all around and odds are - they’re dressed better than you. I’ve never had a word to describe the way I dress, I’ve never been labeled anything because of how I dress, not even in middle school, when calling people “emo” for wearing a black shirt was all the rage. Nope, I wear clothes that are comfortable, colorful, and classically fashionable. But all this is changing with my entrance into high school. With about a thousand kids from all parts of one of the most progressive cities in America all trying to find their place in the world, spiritually and fashionably, harsh words have been thrown around in regards to how people dress and act. Students’ characters have been brought into question time and time again. A sample scenario, if you will: “So, Jack and Jill are hanging out with the gangster crowd. They’re such posers because they’re actually HIPSTERS.”



Case AGAINST Hipsters



America, we have an epidemic on our hands. This epidemic is spreading at the speed of light.

Recently a scientifically formulated double-blind study it revealed that 1% of Americans are succumbing to the most deadly disease in history. One percent of Americans are becoming hipsters. Hipsters are the worst subculture on the face of the earth. Hipsters are a contemporary subculture around the world. Hipsters strut around the streets in Arab headdresses and purposeless glasses. They wear a variety of clothing that they deem “hip”. Hipsters believe that they have the best opinion and that their opinions regarding fashion are fact, not opinion. Such “hip” clothes include eye-scorching neon clothing as bright as the sun, every hipster must always have on tight jeans as otherwise they are simply not a hipster, after all, the number one rule in the Hipster Guide to Being Hip by Jane Austen is tight jeans are holy. Tight jeans are to hipsters as the holy trinity is to Christians. “Nearly 97.034% of cases we received in the past month in the trauma center here at the hospital are related to constriction of the arterial blood vessels


Such an instance has has affected me as well. One Darius B. walked up to me in Electronic Magazine while I was innocently sitting at my classroom computer wearing my bright red plastic aviators, plaid shirt and skinny jeans and told me, “Cyndric, you’re a hipster.” Now, Darius is all-knowing and would never tell me anything that wasn’t true. So from that moment forward, I knew I was most definitely labeled.

too large or too tight, and I make sure to stay clean and clean-shaven. I shop online, at thrift stores, and wherever I can get a good deal. I don’t buy jeans and then make holes in them or scrape them up to make people think I’m rugged and active, and I don’t buy shoes and wear them down to make people think I skateboard (I don’t have to; I’ve skated since I was 6). I wear a belt, I wear buttonup shirts and “artsy” T-shirts, clean socks, shoes (or flip-flops) and jeans that fit every day. Go ahead - call me a hipster. Odds are that you’re doing the exact same thing. This is the only way I know how to be and I feel more comfortable be than anything. I don’t own a pair of “shutter shades”, I don’t have slip-on Vans, leather boots, a vest, a V-neck shirt, or a pierced lip. What I do have is style. Or so people tell me (discounting Darius).

Many negative connotation float around concerning hipsters. It’s widely believed “I won’t that hipsters move from trend to trend while judged.” claiming to be outside of mainstream culture. It’s also said that they are “style-soldiers of fortune” who take up whatever is popular and in style, appropriating the styles of past countercultural moveNow on to the musical front. ments (such as punk) whil A common hipster motto discarding everything that would be: “Music is my life.” the style stood for. It’s asI’ve been playing many difsumed that we use the term “deck” instead of sayferent instruments since I was 4, and there ing “cool”, that we possess no more are a handful of famous musicians in my than 2% body fat, and have no true famil. My favorite artist is always changing taste in music (citing “everything” as because I’m constantly discovering new our preffered genre). music every single day. I’m not being trendy I admit that while all this can and or unreasonable; I just enjoy a wide variety does aply to a majority of “hipsters” of music. I don’t tear my hair out or comin the world, I’m here to defend my plain on a message board when a band that honor and break free from stereotypiI’ve liked for a while gets famous, signs on cal views held by the population. with a record company, and makes a buck. First of all, I take pride in my appearI don’t rub in peoples’ faces my love for ance. My hair is never greasy because Czechoslovakian gypsy folk metal, I shower regularly, my clothes (that I Continued on Jump Page 47 buy the majority of - proving my dedi cation to my look) fit and aren’t


By Cyndric M.

due to its cheapness and ease to work with. Just imagine, America, the next french-fry you eat could’ve been fried up in a big vat of Hipster grease. Science is also looking into Hipster hair for microbiology studies. Instead of the traditional petri dish/auger combination for growing bacteria, Hipster hair has been proposed as a viable alternative due to its proven capabilities of outperforming in the field of bacteria growth over any other incubation technique. “The only problem with using Hipster hair for bacterial growth is once you are done with the specimen, it must be discarded and cannot be reused. A Hipster will never wash his sithair and therefore all furtin’ in front ther colonies will be crossof my trailer contaminated. This will be an extreme environmental on my couch in toll,” Julianne Finkleburg my lawn and I said, when asked about her Hipster Hair noticed there corporation: Incorporated.

located in the legs near the femur. 100% of these patients were hipsters… wearing tight jeans. We lost all of them,” said Scott Jones, a recently homeless doctor in Austin, Texas. It’s a serious subject. While the education is out there to prevent such unfortunate medical tragedies, hipsters simply would not understand. Hipsters have little more mental capacity than a stock of asparagus. When asked what he thought about the recent deaths due to incredibly tight jeans Cyndric, a Hipster retorted, “Wha? Uhh… I buy Levi’s, I like Goodwill a lot, and that’s where I get stuff.” It’s sad… They simply “I was don’t understand.

Not only are hipsters a danger to themselves, they are also a danger to others. Hipster hair-borne diseases are the secwas some grease ond leading cause of death in America just This would be the future in there, who behind the leading of our world. Forget plastic knows what cause of death: death. bottles, forget litter; instead “Yea… I dun’ watched imagine the streets, filled else,” thems Hipster kids go with discarded hipsters on by my trailer the other every corner. Laying there, day, I was sittin’ in front of my trailer hair already used up for food, already on my couch in my lawn and I noticed used up for science. What use do they there was some grease in there, who have? They’re useless, they no longer knows what else,” Hillbilly Joe stated. have a purpose, but without a proper A number of diseases can occur in hipster recycling service, there will Hipster hair including: Streptococbe no clean-up, just hipsters lying cus, Ebola, Deathplaguekill virus and around emitting greenhouse gases other really really scary diseases. But from their unwashed bodies. They Hipster hair is not all that bad as it has will seep into the ground, ruining our a number of possible uses in science earth’s ground water. They will pile and business. MacDonnels CEO Johninto the sky, polluting the air. son Smith shows interest in Hipster Continued on Page 41 hair grease for various menu items

By Darius B.



How To Enjoy A Music Festival By Sarah K


Buy your pass ahead of time.


Know the line up.


Know the schedule.


Be prepared for the weather.


Wear comfortable shoes.

Lines can be crazy, and so can prices, if you wait til the last minute.

Nothing sucks more than spending a lot of money on tickets, just to realize there’s no one playing that you want to see.

Figure out who’s playing on what stages, and when, ahead of time. Map out where you want to go. It’ll make navigating the festival a lot easier, and you won’t end up missing the beginning of a show.

Especially in Texas, weather can be crazy. Check the forecast ahead of time. If it’s going to be rainy, be prepared to get wet. If it’s going to be sunny, put on sunscreen, pack extra to reapply, and bring water (or money to buy water inside, as some festivals don’t allow outside food or drink).

You’ll probably be doing a lot of walking, and your stylish Vans have zero arch support. If you want to look cool and keep your feet comfy, I recommend investing in some Converse.

Austin City Limits

19 What: The biggest music festival in Austin, featuring several different genres of music on 8 stages. Where: Zilker Park When: October 2 - 4, 2009

Old Settler’s What: A festival centered around bluegrass and acoustac music, with nearby camping. Where: Salt Lick Pavillion and Camp Ben McColloch When: April 16 - 19, 2009


Know the rules.


Be open minded.

Certain items are banned at music festivals, ranging from pocket knives to soft-sided coolers. If there’s onsite camping, find out the rules about fires and the noise cerfew. Breaking rules at a music festival can get you thrown out. Check the festival’s website before you go, so you can be informed.

There are some strange people that go to music festivals. To have the most fun while you’re there, just accept that everyone’s different and try to get along with them. Besides, you might be just as weird.

Photo by Sarah Kuhns

Urban Music Festival What: By the Urban Life Group, UMF is a music festival aimed towards African Americans, but anyone can attend. Where: Downtown on Auditorium Shores When: This year was April 4, 2009

South by Southwest What: A showcase of music from all over the world. Be sure to also check out the Film and Interactive Festivals that take place around the same time. Where: Downtown Austin music venues When: March 17 -21, 2010


Emo Shopping A Reality Check For Emos

By Darius B. Converse All Star Black Star $24 Low Tops $44.99 Hot Twinkle twinkle little Topic star, how I wonder Disturbed what you are: Splatter on your Face shoes T-Shirt

Gray and Black Plaid Stripe Pants $58 You’re not emo without tight pants. Top it off with plaid too! And... straps?

Umm... I guess blood is in style?

Skinny Black and White $9.99 Checkered Tie

Black Pinstriped Fedora $19.99



Since when is this Emo!? Because it’s black!? What’s going on?

The full emo spectrum: black, dark red, dark orange, dark yellow.

Black Pigment Eyeliner $3.99 Everything else you’ve bought so far Doesn’t matt-


$4.99 Dark Eye Shadow Pallete

already black? er! Buy more black and put it around your eyes!

Black and White Striped Arm Warmers $11.99

Two- tiered Ring Heavy Wallet Chain $16.99

Warm up with... stylish stripes! Again, black.

Chains, bro! Like in prison!

TOTAL: $211.01 That’s a lot...


photos from

By Cyndric M.

You have to imitate the canter of your typical "gangsta". Watch MTV for inspiration and mimic the walk of your favorite rap star. If you find yourself having difficulties, imagine that your knees and ankles are broken, and you sat on cacti. (Make sure your feet are wider than your shoulders.)

Courtesy Istockphoto.

Language is very important. and remember, contractions can quite literally be your lifesaver. Practice at home, at the bus station, at school; anywhere you can.

You'll have to acquire a G' name. 2-Pac is a popular one, as is Biggie. There's always shortening your name to the first letter of your first name, then adding an adjective. For example, there's Lil' J, or Big R. You can also go with just the adjective: Slim, Shorty, etc.

“Lil’ Miles Butter” “Yung Twizzle” “Grand CC Doggie Sling”


Are you TOO competitive? STA RT


You go to your little brothers’ game and he play okay, but not great. You:

Your team just lost after giving 100%. You:

try to cheer your team up. Today was just an off day.

point out all the mistakes. The only way to get better is to know what was done wrong.

A friend told you his baseball team lost last night. You: Confort him and tell him they will do better next time.

inquire about every detail of the game.

tell him he did great. You don’t want to upset him and besides his team won anyways.

Your classmate tells you she made a ninety-five on her math test. You:

congradulate her. You knew she could do it.

No, not at all.

You are very kind and that keeps you from competing against others and possibly hurting them. You are very quick to acknowledge people and their accomplishments and make light of big situations.

crit els to g doe he’s

say that’s and then you ma ninety

a s w in

You are competetive

but to a contollable level. You don ing, but you accept it and try to do time. However, one thing you can regardless of how bad one is at som not giving 100% in terms of e



Take the quiz and find out how you are percieved in the eyes of others... You just fouled out of your soccer game. You:

tique him. How se is he going get better, if he esn’t know what ’s doing wrong.

s great tell her ade a y-six.

cheer her on and show your support. That’s why you came n the first place


n’t like losbetter next nnot stand, mething, is effort.

go shake the other coach’s hand and cheer you team on from the bench.

You go to your friends’ game. She’s good but you feel she can do better. You: politely yell at her to work harder and do things better. You don’t want het to sell herself short.

You rode the bench the whole game and your team ended up losing. You:

go directly to the bench and pout. There’s no way that foul was worth a card.

cheer on your teammates who played. Just unlucky.

You just lost a game of basketball to your brother and his friends. You:

are highly upset. If coach would have played you, the team would have definitely played better. demand a rematch. They have to have cheated.

say good game and shake their hands.

Yes, way too competetive.

You are good at what you do and don’t believe you should lose. Unfortunetly, you can’t control the urge to always to be better and win. You have a hard time accepting people might be better than you at certain things.


Free Jazz is Music A Brief “This I Believe” Essay by Sarah K

A n y t h i n g ca n b e m u s i c . A n y s o u n d, a n y n o i s e, a n y t h i n g t h a t y o u ca n p r o d u c e t h a t m a ke s y o u h a p p y a n d t h a t o t h e r s ca n l i s t e n to is music. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good music, or music that everyone enjoys listening to, but it’s still music. You just have to open up your mind. The best example I have of really “farout” sounding stuff that’s hard to accept as music is free jazz. I will say up front I am not a big fan of free jazz. I identify it as music, though, and I have a deep respect for free jazz artists. I have ever since seventh grade, when my friend Casey unthinkingly mocked it. We were partners in Mr. Hook’s Technology and Underground Music in Society class (TUMS, for short). Part of the class was graphic design, and together Casey and I were working in photoshop on a mockposter for some long gone delta blues artist.


It was a free work day, the poster was due at the end of class, and we had all period to do whatever we needed to finish. Hook had put on some music for us to work to: The Art Ensemble of Chicago, a free jazz group. Free jazz originated when some artists were feeling too constricted by conventional jazz and bebop styles, so they started breaking free from normal jazz styles and basically doing their own thing, including using avant-garde scales and tempo changes. The result is pretty wild. About thirty minutes into class, Casey turned to me and said sarcastically, “I

like this ‘music,’” throwing his fingers into air quotes. Something inside me snapped then. “’Music’?” I asked, mimicking his hand gesture. “Yeah,” he said. “Come on, are you enjoying it?” “No,” I admitted, “but I accept it as music.” I launched into a completely impromptu rant about how anything could be music if you just “free your mind, maaan” and extend your thoughts about the boundaries of music, and what can or can’t be classified as such. He laughed, but I think he understood what I was saying. Free jazz kind of became an inside joke between Casey and me, after that day. Hook

enjoyed a lot of crazy music, and since it was an underground music class, he played a lot of his personal music library for us. Hook’s favorite genre was free jazz, though, I think, just based on how often he played it compared to other styles of music. There was one day of class, towards the end of the year, when Hook had a cold and he didn’t feel like teaching. Being the cool teacher he is, instead of giving us busy work or something, he let us just hang out. “I’m going to put on some Art Ensemble of Chicago for mood music, though,” he said. Casey, a few seats in front of me, turned around and just gave me a look.

Photo from


The Look

By Cyndric M

How Cyndric became Awesome.




(An introspective photo-memoir)




Your look is who you are.

It’s what you‘ll always be.

Where you’ve lived, who you’ve met, and what you’ve done define your look every second whether you like it or not.

This is an introspective photo-memoir on the evolution of Cyndric’s look.


In the beginning,

Cyndric was born in San Jose - the largest city in NorCal and also the “capitol” of Silicon Valley, the technological powerhouse of the world.

Living here and around the Bay Area for about 11 years contributed much to Cyndric’s trademark quirky attitude, due to San Jose’s uniquely liberal and carefree environment. His house is actually in this picture!


Cyndric spent most of his free time in his living room playing Nintendo, building forts, messing around on the computer, jumping up and down on his couch, and messing with his sister.

Cyndric was (some say still is) a book-reading, sister-loving,

bus-riding child with hair resembling a ski-jump.

But he became self-aware through

music and began questioning his surroundings...


And then 2004 arrived! He was 10. Cyndric, for lack of a better word,


went He doesn’t remember much about this time,


but the pictures remain.

Cyndric settled down following the divorce of his parents. One of them remarried into the military when he was 11 and took him all over the world... Fayetteville


And many other places...


Epilogue In In the middle of 7th grade before a move, Cyndric grew weary of the constant moving-around and opted to move and live with his Mom. He had been visiting over the summer and breaks and had grown to love Austin.

It was the best decision he had ever made.


The end? He hopes not.






The Shoe.

The Pants.


The Shirt.




Whoa... By:Ariel F.

that’s intense! Average, every day people finally step up to the plate and tell readers about their most embarrassing moments. And to make it worse, we rate them. WARNING: The following may scar you for life, make you laugh unti you’re in pain, or make you feel alot better about your embarrassing moments, but it will definitely keep you amused (at other people’s expense that is...) When I was about the age, 13, me and a guy friend of mine were playing in my front yard. Just messing around and being silly; we were barly teenagers. Anyways, he happened to fall on top of me and another neighborhood kid saw it. She told everyone that we were having “sexual intercourse,” I guess. It was really at first because alot of kids believed it suprisingly, and were constantly asking me about it and just didn’t believe me when I explained what really happened. - Anonymous When I was in middle school, my principal walked up behind me and my friends right as I was saying a curse word. My principal, Mr. Rolinds, was a huge man with a huge ‘pot-belly.’ So, when Mr. Rolinds heard me, he used his belly and bumped me all the way to my next class. It’s funny looking back on it, but at the time, it was horrible! - Anonymous



About a month after I started going out with this guy, we were walking towards each other after school. We hugged and talked a bit and right as I was about to leave, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. As he whispered in my ear, “it’s down,” he zipped up my zipper for me. To top it off, all of my friends were standing there watching and laughing when it happened! - A.F. Austin, Tx One day after school at socer practice, we were running a shooting drill. When it was my turn to shoot, I struck the ball from a litlle inside the eighteen yard box. The ball sailed through the air, rebounded off of the side goal post and nailed me in my lower torso as I was running off the field. Apparently, this upperclassman saw the whole thing happen and brought it up in class the next day; the whole class talked and teased me about it. - Anonymous Houston, Tx


Bullet Hole from



So, you wanna be a jock? Obviously you can’t just jump on the stereotypes or hope you do well. If you’re going to be a jock, you have to do it right. You can’t copy a jock from New Hampshire’s style if you live in Texas.

So how do you spot a jock? In Texas...

1. The Shirt

A jock’s shirt is his most important feature. A jock has to advertise what team he supports. As seen on our friend to the right. In Texas, you want to wear a shirt that boldly says: TEXAS. Lonhorns are a definite addition to your overall jock appeal. IMPORTANT: Never, never wear an aggies shirt. Some might approve, but the vast majority of jocks will reject you!

2. The Short

Cargo shorts, cargo shorts, cargo shorts is all you need to know. Get that message in your head and you’ll do fine! Green, tan, white, or brown; they all work! Wear it! IMPORTANT: Don’t wear camo! That’s a symbol of hunters, not JOCKS.


Photo of Jared Covell

3. The Shoes

Nikes, nikes, nikes, nikes. Get it in your head! If you’re going to find a jock you can always look down. Decked out nike basketball shoes are always a good indicator of a jock. Either bleached white fancy puffed out shoes or colored Nikes with around almost fifty shocks on the bottom for maximum jumping. IMPORTANT: Never wear VANS, you’ll give off a skater persona which is a big NO NO.

Nike Air Revolution


Now this may sound strange, but you just can’t be a jock with muscle. Imagine a BONE THIN or morbiddly OBESE Jock walking around a school with his football jersey on. That’s right, you can’t! A jock has to have some BICEPS. Use every chance you can get to flex and show off your muscle. If anybody ever asks you for directions, use it as a chance to show off. FLEX while you point. No one will want to mess with you and you’ll be the star of the school. IMPORTANT: Don’t go overboard. You don’t want the steroid chugging body-builder look, you want the lean football Jock look.

5. The Accessories

Acessorize it! You don’t just need to wear a short a shirt and shoes. Spice it up a LONGHORN baseball cap. Wear OAKLEYS for the ultimate jock fashion statement. A livestrong band is great way to show you’re a sporty guy in stylish yellow. Namebrand Underarmor socks, slightly above the ankle. beef up your hands with a thick gold ring such as your high school CLASS RING, a replica Superbowl MVP ring, or just a thick gold fashion statement on your fingers. IMPORTANT: Don’t overdo it, a ring on each finger will just make you look FEMININE (one of the worst thing for a jock). Don’t wear diamond rings either!

Oakleys M Frame


The Look’s

Jump Page Avenging Poor Yorkick Continued from pg.2

“under”), the band has played gigs at Threadgill’s with other teen bands, including like The Fire Ants and Max & Henry. “All of [the bands U18 has found] are really talented,” says Carl says. This includes Avenging Poor Yorick, according to Margaret Moser, representative for Next Up U18. “Avenging Poor Yorick is one of the finest teen bands in Austin,” says Moser. “[They are] blessed with very talented musicians and a charismatic lead singer.” In addition to the difficulties of being a teen band, the band has faced other problems — Carl was born without a left hand, a hindrance he’s managed to overcome. “There were times where I thought I couldn’t even play the guitar,” he admits. “[When I started playing] I just tried and I learned how to do it. There are some limitations, but hopefully if I stay at I’ll be able to maybe even learn things that other guitar players can’t do.” In addition to being a talented singer and guitar player, Carl also acts, a skill that has helped him in his stage performance. “Theatre and music are like the first forms of art and they just go hand in hand so well,” he says. “When I’m on stage playing my guitar, I am acting, I’m performing, and when I’m onstage in a musical, I am singing and I am

using music to my advantage.” “In short,” jokes Kyle, “he likes acting more.” All the band members have to balance the band and their other activities, including school, though Kyle says the band takes priority. “We do manage it pretty well, usually,” attests Carl. “I get all my homework done, get good grades.” Avenging Poor Yorick, which currently describes itself as “pop punk rock psychedelic funk” is still an evolving band. Whatever their style becomes, all the members agree they want to go further with APY. “We have to take her on a date first and then see where things go,” says Carl, laughing, “but hopefully [we’ll take the band] all the way, you know. Hopefully we’ll score something big.”

Spraying Paint

Continued from pg.6 And sometimes he thinks about quitting: “It takes a lot of work for very little gain. I’ve gotta be really devoted and sometimes I just snap. I’ll go on for a couple of weeks angry that I can’t find anywhere to paint. It’s tough and sometimes i wonder if I should just give up.” Davidson always comes around though, telling everyone to just, “Keep on trying.” “Spray paint art might be hard at first, but keep on trying.” Davidson walks out of the room slyly, searching for his next canvas, searching for a

soccer) are very similar. “Being a team is all about accomplishing a goal and sometimes you have to get past like not knowing someone or just other sort of in order to accomplish your goal,” Sara Scoring Friendships things says. Continued from pg.10 Sara and Long both believe sacrifices should be made to better the team. “You can call soccer another stress reliever “Difference definitely should be put from me,” Sara says. “It’s fun because I get to aside to some extent for the better of the be with all my friends and it’s a good way to team,” Ashley says. “A team who can put aside get exercise.” differences early will be a successful team in Ashley and Sara especially love the the long run.” concept of coming to soccer practice and The shared beliefs might be reason for being able to goof off with teammates. “My why the team has been so successful and/ or friends are definitely what have kept me in the two have built such a great friendship. The soccer,” Ashley says. “I definitely look forward girls also both chose their hobbies based on to soccer games and practices; sometimes, I their ability to relieve stress. hate when it ends or gets canceled.” Playing LBJ soccer has allowed both Soccer not only founded the friendship Ashley and Sara to interact with other people between the two but also played a role in and make new friends and each other. Just so maintaining it off the field. happens, Sara and Ashley made a friendship “I first met Sara in art,” Ashley says. “We that will last a lifetime. didn’t talk all that much, but once the soccer “Just this season,” Ashley explains, “the season started, we talked a lot more – [most- team was eating before a game and Sara came ly] about soccer.” up with is hilarious saying ‘Bosshoggin.’ It be Surprisingly, the girls have more than came like our team motto and we spray paintjust soccer in common – their appreciation ed on our shirts. That’s one thing I like about for friendship, certain beliefs, and love for Sara – she’s spontaneous.” stress relievers. According to the girls, Soccer Soccer has without a doubt played a role allows the girls to get to know each other. in developing friendships because it requires Often times, the topic of soccer sparks a con- much communication. versation between the two, which eventually “With playing sports you get to interact strays to other topics. These chats allow the with other people,” Sara laughs. girls so see and explore things other than soccer such as beliefs and hobbies. Utterly Absurd “Never fail, every art class, Sara always Continued from pg.14 makes fun of my art,” Ashley chuckles. “She’s the English language in which we depend really nice and funny, not to mention enterso heavily on to communicate with others. taining.” These quotes, string together words from the When it comes down to beliefs conlexicon, disregard their original meaning, and cerning things such as differences and/or give them a meaning To this I say, Mr. Ruscoming together as a team, those of Sara and sell is absolutely, without a doubt right in his Ashley, unlike like their lifestyles, (excluding logic and beliefs. place to create true art. *The interviewed subject has asked to remain anonymous and Jonas Davidson is a placeholder name.

When referring to someone who is resentful about something that happened in the past, that person is said to have, “a chip on his/her shoulder.” This quote is very popular and commonly used but is a bit on the deceptive side. A chip can be a disc used in games such as poker which usually represents money. If this is the case, the person would probably be more than excited to have this chip on their shoulder because they have more money verses without the chip. A chip is also, a thin fried piece of food. If a chip was on my shoulder, I would simply eat it and enjoy every minute of it. It seems the true definition of this phrase should be used towards someone who is lucky. This is so because if you have a chip on your shoulder, you are either richer than you were before, or peeved with one less worry because you know longer have to worry about feeding yourself. “Bite your tongue,” is another commonly used phrase when trying to advise someone to avoid or stop talking. This quote makes someone more sense compared to others. Yet it’s still a bit sketchy. Nine times out of ten, if one were to bit his/her tongue, the person would make some sort of grunt signify pain and say “ouch.” If another person were around, the person would more than likely tell that person, they bit there tongue [as to not seem insane]. This would spark up a conversation revolving around how the incident happened, how much it hurt, and similar events which have happened in the past. You might wonder, who on earth would believe this hunk of nonsense? Me, that’s who. Plus, most of the time, people don’t accidentally bite their tongue when talking but when eating. If anything, biting your tongue would make you talk more, but without a doubt you wouldn’t completely stop talking. Arguably the most popular quote of

all time, “Break a leg,” often used in theater is used to wish performers the best of luck. Who on earth, tells a person to go break their leg right before they get on stage? That’s a director’s worst nightmare, to have an actor out minutes before their appearance. One might contest that the phrase is meant to relax the actor/actress by giving them something to laugh at, take their mind of what’s in the future, and is said with the best intentions. To this I say, performers need to focus on what they are doing beforehand and sure, the person can relax and laugh all they want when in the hospital room with a broken leg. The phrase “Break a leg,” should mean just that: break a leg. Many would argue that quotes like these are what make the world unique. The fact that we can take words, which have been given a meaning and make them mean something else totally unrelated is utterly intriguing. However, words are given a meaning for a reason, and it’s not so that the meaning can be disregarded and used out of context. Words are given meaning to allow us to communicate successfully with one another and be understood with little effort. If we allow words to be demoralized then I can rightfully say, “You smell bad,” and have it mean, “Your mother makes delicious cookies.” We will no longer be able to successfully converse with one another and completely understand because could make things mean whatever they please. I truly believe, Russell was right in his reasoning. Quotes like, “Break a leg, a chip on your shoulder, and bite your tongue,” are widely held among groups of people doesn’t not mean the quote is logical.

The Case for Hipsters

Continued from pg. 17 or other music they’ve heard of. I like techno, alternative, classic rock, indie music, underground rap, and so much more. My answer to when people ask me what my favorite music and other music that people haven’t heard of. My favorite music is and has always, despite recent hipster allegations, been “Everything except what’s on the radio.” What’s on the Top 40 is often tasteless and appeals to people whose favorite music is what’s “new” and popular, and that goes against every musical moral I hold. So you can hate filthy hipsters that live in closets on the Drag and say all sorts of stupid words, but I won’t be judged for acting the only way I know how to. I, and others like me, are hip; and it’s a world away from the veil of American Idol, P. Diddy, Clay Aikin, and hating people because of the way their hair looks like.

The Case Against Hipsters Continued from pg.18 Al Gore himself made a statement about the subject, “If we don’t act now, there won’t be a tomorrow. No cities, just hipsters. Forget what I said about global warming! We need a hipster trash service, to come and collect all the tossed out hipsters or else there won’t be a tomorrow for our children. Come on Washington!” Alec Baldwin, Al Gore, Michael Moore, PETA and Dick Cheney are all banding together to save the environment from the possible hipster threat. The Hipster themselves won’t listen. They’re in denial, one of the earliest symptoms of the disease. It’s simply sad as shown by Cyndric a hipster at LASA High School in Austin, Texas as he said, “Well guess what! I don’t care if you say I stole styles from everybody else and have gross hair and wear

way too skinny jeans because I’m hip! I’m so hot! I’m hotter than everyone else! I am Hipster and I am beautiful! We’re here, we’re hip, get used to it!” While the specimen may think he is cool and hip because of his style and the way he acts. Frankly, he is not. He is a Hipster and saying that he doesn’t care about what people think doesn’t change anything; he will continue to offend wherever he goes and be a toll on society for as long as he goes around telling people that he is hotter than them. America, do not ignore what I’m telling you for I’m not the only one; various other subcultures are angry at hipsters for stealing their unique aspects. A member of the hippy subculture says, “Hey! Man! Not cool! You stole our clothes and stuff and hair and just not cool! Stop.” A member of the punk subculture says, “Whoa, whoa hipsters back off! Those shoes and jeans… they are ours! You best be stopping stealing our stuff.” A member of the Arab subculture exclaimed in a language I did not understand and therefore will translate to the best of my ability, “hipsters! You stole our headdresses! And you’re wearing them around your necks! This is wrong… this is oh so very wrong!” The disease must be cured. The disease must be stopped. Hipster can’t go on and continue to run rampant through our streets. Hipsters are pests and must be removed from our homes to protect the average American like you and me. Writers of the Declaration of Independence themselves agreed writing, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, excluding hipsters are created equal…”

The Look  

The Spring 2009 The magazine has become a great guide to the average American high school student just trying to fit in. The Look: a magazin...

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