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FALL 2014






Museum of Craft and Folk Art

Agriculture & Culinary School

Gaurdian Park Memorial

San Francisco, California 2012

Farmington, New Mexico 2012

Boulder City, Nevada 2013

“San Francisco MOCFA” Public Plaza - Private Galleries - Recreational Space -



001 San Francisco MOCFA Project Name San Francisco, California Location 2012 Year AAE 382 Class

Museum of Craft and Folk Art Embracing Community - Protecting Craft - Entertainment

PROJECT DESCRIPTION______________ A wealthy collector has donated a large collection of folk-art and finely crafted utilitarian objects from around the world to the Museum of Craft and Folk Art of San Francisco. A site located in the Financial District and within walking distance from Chinatown has potential to become a social hub for those looking to spend lunch or an afternoon at the museum. As a result outdoor public space becomes a necessity rather then a luxury.

The building uses the entire footprint of the site

The private and recreational segment of the program follows

Masses are pushed back to create outdoor spaces for a plaza and exterior art exhibitions


Site Financial District

________________MASSING STRATEGY To allow the building to serve multiple spaces and functions the program was split into three categories. Massing shows three distinct environments: Public (max interaction between the surrounding urban context), Private (creates protective shell around the art galleries), Recreational (provides recreation space for the local community). Recreational Spaces Outdoor Spaces (public) Galleries (private) Cafe/Lobby (public)

MODELING INTENTIONS______________ The project model reflects the design intentions of the project. The building was viewed as three seperate porgrams which each offer an experience worlds different from the next. The galleries of the project offer a contrast experience then the rest of the building with intentions of making users feel like they were in a completely different space (or building). The gallery section of the model becomes removable as it embraces this idea, the walls of the space are also physically and visually much thicker then the rest of the building symbolizing the value of the works within and the need to protect them.

_______NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTION The plaza space provides a public setting within San Francisco’s business district as the mass above highlights the value of the art and craft pieces within the space. As light pierces through the openings of the gallery section of the museum a treasure chest protecting the jewels of the neighborhood.

PLANNING THE LOBBY_______________ The first floor (lobby) of the project is planned with a large amount of open spaces interior and exterior. The open spaces and transparency of the glass walls creates a welcoming environment that embraces the community and the public function of the space.






1. Exterior Plaza 2. Cafe 3. Interior Lobby 4. Director of Faculties Office 5. Security Room 6. Break Room 7. Mail Room



1st Floor (Lobby)



8. Doublt Height Exhibit Space 9. Exhibit Space 1 10. Exhibit Space 2 11. Double Height Special Exhibitions Room 9.


3rd Floor (Gallery)

_________________GALLERY PLANNING The galleries offer a series of spaces to display various works and crafts of varying sizes. The gallery consists of two floors visually connected through a double height space for the large craft pieces.



This creates a balcony like space that allows for users to visually connect with the floors and movement of the space but to also see the work from multimple angles and heights.

12. Balcony 13. Exhibit Space 3 14. Exhibit Space 4


4th Floor (Gallery)


002 Agriculture & Culinary School Project Name Farmington, New Mexico Location 2012 Year AAE 480 Class

______________PROJECT DESCRIPTION A vocational school is to be designed to accomodate for the agricultural and culinary arts. Farmington is a city with high crime and highschool dropout rates, a building like that this can be used to give the city new life but also give young adults who do not relate to the standard educational system a new path to follow and excell in.


SPLITTING THE BAR__________________ The program consists of two main focuses, agriculture and culinary. Giving each subject its own building (or bar) simplifies the layout of the site and creates a shared courtyard space for students.

Shading Fabric

5’ X 5’ Steel frame

6” Columns

Concrete column base

________________MARKET PLACEMENT As the two bars are edstablished the school lunchroom connects the two bars, and the corner closest to Farmington avenue is taken away from the mass to create a market where the produce grown on campus can be sold. A shading structure over the market provides year round shade while re-establishing the culinary bar of of the scheme.

SHADING FOCUS____________________ The shading structure above the agricultural segment of the campus attracts attention to the classrooms on the second floor, a common destination for all students of the school.

Adjustable metal mesh shading panels Steel railing Glazing panels

Shading Panel (bolted) Welded Joints Shading structure


Bolted joint (girder support)

Steel welded joints


___________COURTYARD CONNECTION if we look at the bar being split as a single unit, its only natural that the material on the insides match one another. Both sides of the courtyard are covered with adjustable metal mesh shading creating unique but similar facades.

MATERIAL DIRECTIONALITY___________ The materriality of these two hallways create a sense of direction towards the campus that leads students to the classrooms on the second floor of the agriculture building (considered a main destination of the journey).

1. Public Parking 2. Farmers Maket 3. Cafe/Restaurant 4. Main Kitchen 5. Prep Kitchen 6. Demo Lecture Kitchen 7. Culinary Recieving 8. Pantry 9. Student Parking 10. Computer lab 11. Culinary Library 12. Custodian Suite 13. Lecture Hall 14. Courtyard 15. Student Cafeteria 16. Administrative Suite 17. Agriculture Library 18. Mechanical Shop 19. Seed Bank 20. Production/Fabrication Shop + Ag Recieving


10. 10.





20. 4.




19. 14. 18. 3.






1st Floor Plan

_____________________________PLANS The plans follow the massing layout as they present strong North to South oriented circualion through each bar while embracing the hallways that pierce through and create a strong connection between both bars.

2nd Floor Plan


003 Gaurdian Park Memorail Project Name Boulder City, Nevada Location 2013 Year AAE 482 Class

MEMORIAL STATEMENT______________ In a time of war the only thing that remains unscarred is the sky. During battles where landscapes were torn the only thing untouched was the sky. During a time where nowhere seemed like home, soldiers connected to their loved ones through the sky. Using a path with multiple reflective points where the view of the sky is framed, Guardian Park recreates awareness and appreciation of the desert skies above. The path leads to the highest point of the site where the boulder city valley reveals itself, showing occupants a view many veterans fought for but never personally experienced.

Walls focus views; begin the experience

Walls inserted into the landscape become less intrusive

Shading structure perforates the view of the sky

Wall and shading structure form the experience

______________FUTURE DEVELOPMENT Artists are assigned lots as the park continues to expand throughout the city. Each artist is instructed to frame the sky in a creative way that connects the pavilion to the underlying theme of the memorial.

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