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On Medical Waste Treatment & Disposal *Based on hauling rates of 22¢ per pound or greater

It’s a terrible waste. If you’re under contract to a medical waste hauler, you’re paying too much. Way too much. There are collection costs. Fluctuating fuel costs. Treatment and disposal costs. Surprise labor price escalation costs. This won’t help you improve your bottom line. Or minimize your facility’s carbon footprint. Or help you reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

Please. This may have been the status quo in the past. But it doesn’t have to be business as usual anymore. Granted, medical waste treatment and destruction is necessary. The question is, at what price? Are you still willing to be held hostage by waste haulers?

Are you willing to be held [ hostage by waste haulers? ]

Enter SteriMed Now there’s a shredding and disinfection system that can be installed on-site to transform potentially infectious waste into harmless trash. Its footprint is minimal — about the size of a photocopier. And for peace of mind, consider this: the SteriMed System is approved in all 50 states.* How does it work? Cost-effectively and efficiently. SteriMed machines actually grind up medical waste and then apply a biodegradable chemical to disinfect it. Unlike the service provider you now use, not a single fossil fuel is consumed for transportation. It’s a process that takes a mere 15 minutes and anyone can be trained to use it. *New Jersey and New Mexico pending

Think Green Traditional medical waste haulers, well, haul — by the truckload. They pick up at your facility and transport the material to the treatment plant. They then move it from the treatment plant to the landfill site. That consumes lots of fossil fuel. All of which puts hundreds of pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere throwing the earth’s greenhouse gasses out of balance. With SteriMed, the waste is treated on-site and uses not a drop of fossil fuel for transportation. That means greenhouse gasses are reduced to virtually zero. Even more remarkable, the end product takes up 90 percent less space. That’s 90 percent less waste entering our landfills. The end product is a material that can be safely added to your trash.

A Giant Leap Forward in Infection Control It’s true. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By removing infectious waste streams from the healthcare setting, the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) can be virtually eliminated. With SteriMed, toxic waste is disposed of on-site — and disposed of daily. Without storage of biohazardous material, there’s no storage of environmental contaminates within the facility. The result is a far healthier healthcare setting.

See ROI. Whether your facility is a hospital, surgical center, dialysis center, blood bank, nursing home or veterinary clinic, a SteriMed Waste Treatment System can reduce your medical waste disposal costs by 50 percent over traditional waste hauling. With fixed costs per pound for medical waste treatment, you can see the savings begin in the first month. Competitive Cost Comparison


11-13¢ cost per pound fixed cost over life of the equipment.

Waste Haulers 24 - 40¢, up to $1 per pound varies due to location and length of haul, can go higher depending on geography and other variables.

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Everything You’ve Been Sold About Medical Waste Disposal is


Now you know. Put a halt to hauling medical waste. Reduce your carbon footprint. Stop the high risk of HAIs. Put the money back in your facility’s pocket with SteriMed.

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