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On our way to becoming a billion-dollar company, we learned a lot about what it takes to succeed. We learned that putting the customer first accelerates growth. We learned that proactive Five Star Service pays dividends far beyond the bottom line. And we learned that providing only best-in-class technology products and services leads to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Today, we apply everything we’ve learned in 25 years of operation to deliver high quality, cost-effective IT solutions that yield satisfying long-term relationships with our customers. We are also proud to note that our client-first approach to business has also earned Zones numerous awards and honors from our customers, our vendor partners, and many business and professional organizations. We invite you to read on to learn about the many ways Zones can help your organization succeed.


Solutions that

Enable Where other companies might focus on product, we focus on solutions. Our client-centered, solutions-based approach to solving technology challenges means you’ll work with account executives and engineering professionals who have a solid understanding of challenges and requirements specific to a variety of industries. This knowledge allows Zones to craft solutions that address the unique environments of enterprise, healthcare, retail & hospitality, and public sector IT organizations. We continuously explore and test existing and emerging IT offerings to ensure that the solutions we deploy for your organization include only best-in-class technologies and components from the industry’s most capable and trusted suppliers. Expect Zones account executives, solutions architects, and engineers to ask a lot of questions before providing you a way forward. Only by understanding your business, your IT infrastructure, and your plans for the future can we design a long-term solution that enables your organization to grow and prosper. After all, we aren’t here simply to get the job done. We’re here to get it done right.


Solutions that Enable Storage

Unified Communications

The exponential data growth resulting

Unified communications helps

from cloud computing, virtualization,

workers collaborate more effectively

social media, and BYOD continues

by integrating voice, data and video

to make the optimal storage solution

across the network. These powerful

a moving target. It’s also making

messaging applications empower

storage management more compli-

people to share information, docu-

cated than ever before. To simplify

ments and presentations efficiently

storage management, the people at

between individuals and among

Zones Advanced Solutions Group

workgroups, encouraging participa-

leverage their deep knowledge and

tion and capturing ideas in real time.

the industry’s top providers to deliver

The result is a better informed work-

forward-thinking, custom-designed

force and a more dynamic workplace.

storage solutions that can help you address cloud storage and big data issues as well as backup, deduplication and recovery strategies.


Network Infrastructure

Virtualization allows organizations

When the network is down, business can

to reallocate computing resources

be brought to a crawl and opportunities can

to improve availability, security, and

be missed. Zones engineering professionals

utility while simplifying IT manage-

are experts at assessing complex legacy

ment. For companies, virtualization

systems and then designing and deploy-

delivers a consolidated server envi-

ing cost-effective architectures that deliver

ronment that can reduce the physical

better response times, greater stability and

footprint of the data center and trim

enhanced reliability and security – often

associated costs of power, cooling

while incorporating elements of the existing

and space. For users, virtualization

technology investment. The networking

delivers improved availability of re-

solutions we implement offer organizations

sources as well as seamless access

a state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to

to them from remote locations.

accommodate next-generation technology for a longer lifecycle and a greater return on investment.

Network Security

Software Licensing Management

Whether for personal gratification or

Zones software licensing experts work con-

profit, someone out there would like

tinuously to monitor a company’s software

unauthorized access to your organi-

licenses, ensuring that all-related paperwork

zation’s network. Stopping them is

is accurate and submitted in a timely man-

critical, but it isn’t easy. What’s more,

ner, and keeping IT administrators abreast of

the solution that works today won’t

required and available updates and upgrades.

necessarily work tomorrow. Zones

These highly trained and certified profession-

Network Security engineers and con-

als are also available to consult with you on

sultants can design a comprehensive

deployment strategies, software maintenance

solution that combines sophisticated

renewal options, licensing entitlements, and

software and physical devices that

to advise on general Software Asset Manage-

can prevent unauthorized access and

ment practices and opportunities.

the loss or damage of valuable data and extends to workers’ mobile devices.

Wireless and Mobility

Managed Print

Zones partners with leading software

Managed Print solutions bring greater effi-

and hardware providers to deliver

ciencies to document management prac-

secure, flexible, scalable, and efficient

tices by helping IT administrators optimize

mobility solutions. From architecting

the printing infrastructure, enhance work-

a wireless corporate network to

flows, and improve reporting and account-

implementing a tablet-based point-

ability. Centralizing the print environment

of-sale system for a national retailer,

also provides visibility into mechanical and

Zones engineers and product spe-

supply issues to minimize downtime and

cialists deliver solutions that enable

improve efficiency. That visibility can also

people to engage and execute with

reveal overtaxed or underutilized resourc-

greater efficiency.

es, allowing administrators to redeploy document processing resources to where they will be most effective. Managed print also allows organizations to evaluate the


Services that Optimizing the Workload

Message goes here and more. Whether your plans call for virtualizing a data center, designing a network, implementing an integrated communication platform, rolling out a nationwide pointof-sale system, or disposing of obsolete equipment in an environmentally responsible way, Zones has the team and process to make it happen.

CompleteCare Managed Services Zones Complete Care Managed Services allow IT executives and administrators to focus on managing strategic infrastructure issues by shifting day-to-day monitoring and management tasks to a team of highly certified offsite engineers whose sole focus is keeping your infrastructure available, secure, and efficient. Following IT industry best practices, and leveraging our relationships with the industry’s most trusted monitoring, maintenance and security application providers, Zones CompleteCare Managed Services can provide 27 x 7 x 365 visibility into network quality, device utilization, and overall system performance. The result is better allocation of internal resources, lower cost, improved deployment times, and optimized alignment of IT functions with business objectives.

Enhance Customizing the Implementation Integration & Distribution Zones maintains state-of-the-art integration and distribution centers near Seattle, WA, and Chicago, IL. These facilities allow us to quickly configure, test and deploy 1,000 blade servers for a data center or 1,000 laptops for a global sales force, and then deliver them where and when they’re needed. Each Distribution Center hosts an imaging network fully independent from the Zones production network and the Internet to ensure the safety and security of customer data; a secure FTP server dedicated to client data transfer; and sufficient bandwidth to support large application downloads and updates as well as a robust wireless network to support integration of mobile devices. Staffed by fully certified implementation specialists and logistics professionals, the Zones Integration and Distribution Centers provide advanced pre-delivery and logistics services such as server configuration, burn-in, special kitting, custom packaging, “boxless” delivery, asset tagging and related services.

Simplifying communication Microsoft Exchange Deployment Exchange is a powerful server- or cloud-based email, calendar, messaging, and contact platform that lets people work more efficiently – wherever and however they connect with it. Zones can deliver an Exchange implementation that lets employees enjoy a comprehensive mobile experience through a unified inbox. All email, SMS messages, meeting requests, RSS feeds voicemail notifications – even speech-to-text voicemail previews are available in a single, organized view that’s synched across a user’s PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, keeping people informed, connected and productive wherever they go.


Services that Enhance Encouraging collaboration

Streamlining procurement

Microsoft SharePoint Implementation

Procurement Extranet

SharePoint is a company’s web-based

purchasing extranet, tailored to meet

town square, where information and ideas emerge, advance, and evolve into solutions that move business forward. At once SharePoint is a repository for company information; a space where teams work collaboratively on documents, presentations, websites, and customized business applications; and a platform where the company website, intranet, and extranet sites can all reside, reducing complexity and cost. The Zones implementation team has the experience and insight to help you turn

Building connection

ZonesConnect is a virtual full-time IT your organization’s specific business needs, resulting in easier to manage technology procurement. We build and maintain your ZonesConnect portal at no cost to ]customers, streamlining technology procurement, and saving you time ]and money with 24/7 access to order tracking, comprehensive reporting, customized purchase management data, and frequently purchased product lists as well as online quotes.

Greening the workplace

Microsoft Lync Implementation

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

Lync lets the people in your company

Zones can help you derive maximum

communicate in new and exciting ways.

benefit from underused and outmoded

Lync enables multimedia connections

equipment through a variety of asset

and visibility among co-workers and with

disposal services.

customers, providing a platform for instant messaging (IM); secure audio, video, and web conferencing; and telephony.

Our ITAD division provides safe and responsible methods of retiring technology assets, ensuring that

With a Zones-managed Lync deployment,

existing data is irretrievable and

you bring all of these capabilities in-house,

providing value recovery options

increasing control and eliminating the

that may cover the cost of these

need for contracted conferencing and

services and return a refund.

PBX services. What’s more, Lync’s capabilities are readily extended across mobile devices, making it possible to locate and

Reliable, flexible and proactive partner. We work with the leading experts in the IT industry to ensure you have access to the latest technology innovations. Our deep and long-held partnerships allow us to deliver the right solution at the right time, serviced by technology professionals and sustained by an extensive support organization.


Technology that Message starts here and here. Message starts. While Zones is today a billion-dollar technology solutions and services company, our roots as an arbiter and reseller of emerging technology go back 25 years. Since 1988, we have been responsible for introducing advanced computing resources to innovative IT leaders and the companies they support. Our role as a highly selective technology resource and our decades-long relationships with leading IT manufacturers mean that we – and in turn our clients – can expect the highest levels of manufacturer service and support. Zones represents IT hardware from over 1,000 manufacturers of items as diverse as a three-dollar Cat6 jumper cable, a forty-thousand-dollar engineering workstation, and a half-million-dollar telepresence server. Despite such vast differences in price points, they share a common trait: They are the best in their categories. With such a deep product portfolio, we have the luxury of starting from a vendor-neutral position when designing solutions. We are free to consider virtually every significant hardware and software provider in any component category. And because Zones engineering professionals are intimately familiar with the relative strengths of each, they are free to think outside the box to produce high-performance

Servers Definition and descriptions will go here Definition and descriptions will go here Definition anddescriptions will go here. [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing]

Networking & Security Definition and descriptions will go here Definition and descriptions will go here Definition anddescriptions will go here. [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing]

Transforms Mobile Computing Definition and descriptions will go here Definition and descriptions will go here Definition anddescriptions will go here.

Video & Displays Definition and descriptions will go here Definition and descriptions will go here Definition anddescriptions will go here.

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Desktops & Workstations Definition and descriptions will go here Definition and descriptions will go here Definition anddescriptions will go here.

Document Management & Print Definition and descriptions will go here Definition and descriptions will go here Definition anddescriptions will go here.

Power Protection Definition and descriptions will go here Definition and descriptions will go here Definition anddescriptions will go here.

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Storage & Backup Definition and descriptions will go here Definition and descriptions will go here Definition anddescriptions will go here. [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing] [vendor logos /listing]

Software drives virtually every area of business operations today.

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The powerful business and systems applications that underpin companies large and small have the power to transform the way people work, communicate, and succeed. Zones account executives, licensing consultants, and systems integration specialists stand ready to help you design the right mix of business, communications, and security software for your organization, and then configure it all in the way best suited to your unique IT infrastructure. Maintain licenses.


A Company that Zones is a full service technology partner dedicated to delivering comprehensive technology solutions and services to dynamic companies. With a relentless focus on delivering efficient, cost-effective solutions for our customers and meeting every promise we make, Zones has earned the trust of technology buyers; a trust that results in sales of over $1 billion annually. By combining the buying power and vendor relationships of a billion-dollar company with the personal service and attention you might expect from a boutique systems integrator, we’ve built a reputation for building satisfying relationships that last. From our facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom, we maintain such relationships with an expanding clientele that includes Forbes Global 2000 companies operating around the world. As a tier 1 solutions provider, Zones is authorized to incorporate technology and services from over 1,000 leading IT vendor companies in support of our clients’ individual requirements. As a customer-focused company, we connect you with a dedicated team of account executives, subject matter experts and systems engineers who make sure that those requirements are met in the most effective, efficient and timely manner possible.

Exceeds Expectations Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise Supplier diversity initiatives strengthen communities and create opportunities for growth among historically disadvantaged populations. At Zones, we are as proud to be a minority-owned business as we are proud of our success. 25 years of dedication and hard work have taken Zones from an emerging business to ranking among the largest technology solution providers in the United States. That success, combined with our status as a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), presents a unique opportunity for companies looking to fulfill commitments to both supplier diversity and the bottom line. In other words, partnering with Zones for IT procurement is a no-compromises proposition. As a certified MBE, we offer businesses with diversity initiatives the opportunity to competitively procure IT products, services and solutions from a nationally trusted, reliable, single-source provider. Our clients are then able to record those transactions as Tier 1 minority spend. As a certified MBE and Corporate PlusÂŽ member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, we offer businesses committed to diversity initiatives the opportunity do business with a certified minority-owned business.

Zones is proud to be honored by a wide range of our valued customers and vendors as well as esteemed professional organizations. Microsoft Operational Excellence Award, Platinum Level Zones ranks as a Top Workplace – The Oregonian Microsoft Reciprocal Supplier of the Year from the Greater New England MSDC Microsoft Supplier of the Year (Class IV) from the San Diego Regional MSDC Cisco Small Business Partner of the Year in the West Region Microsoft Technology Excellence Award, Preferred Supplier Program (MPSP) Microsoft Diversity Excellence Award, Preferred Supplier Program (MPSP) Southern California Edison Diverse Supplier of the Year Tyson Foods Supplier of the Year Northwest Minority Supplier Diversity Council Robert L. Ryan Award IBM FastStart Growth and Overall Leadership Award


Honors & Awards



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