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Lars Rank Keramik

A ceramic studio based in Copenhagen

About Lars Rank Keramik Lars Rank graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2001 and has worked on numerous art and design projects always with ceramics playing a key role. Since 2004 he has specialised in designing and manufacturing high-quality ceramic products for the home. Lars Rank’s work is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. All his products are hand-cast in porcelain at his studio in Copenhagen, a process that demands both precision and dedication. Pieces often have clean forms accentuated with startling decoration. The design process is an interaction between the ceramic material and the idea. It’s not about controlling the ceramic material but about providing a framework in which it can flourish. Small variations make all Lars Rank products unique. Lars Rank’s collection contains of a range of products like: Tableware, vases, lamps, candleholders and flowerpots.

Green Moss Tableware The Green Moss Series consist of 11 pieces: a sugar bowl, a milk jug, a cup, a side plate, a dinner plate, two serving platters, a teapot and three bowls in different sizes. The plate also serves as a lid for the largest bowl. All pieces are decorated with green arches hanging from the top edge of each piece - like moss growing on a large rock . They are cast in a light brown stoneware clay containing dark brown specks that gives the clay a coarse expression. The design language is simple and clean, and lends itself to many functions, while the decoration is more free and unique to each piece. The glaze is tactile with a deep green colour and it gives a darker tone brown to the clay where clay and glaze meets. Which gives an extra finesse to the decoration.

Green Moss Tableware

GREEN01 · Teapot 80 cl. · (h: 12 cm)

GREEN02 · Milk Jug 25 cl. · (h: 7,5 cm)

GREEN03 · Sugar Bowl · (h: 7,5 cm)

GREEN04 · Cup 15 cl. · (h: 7,5 cm)

GREEN05 · Side Plate · (d: 16 cm)

GREEN10 · Dinner Plate · (d: 24,5 cm)

GREEN06A · Serving Dish · (d: 24 cm)

GREEN06B · Serving Dish · (d: 24 cm)

GREEN07 · Big Bowl 80 cl. · (d: 15,5 cm)


GREEN08 · Small Bowl 25 cl. · (d: 9 cm)

GREEN09 · Mini Bowl 10 cl. · (d: 7,5 cm)

Blue Hills Tableware The Blue Hills Series consist of 11 pieces: a sugar bowl, a milk jug, a cup, a side plate, a dinner plate, two serving platters, a teapot, and three bowls in different sizes. The side plate also serves as a lid for the largest bowl. All pieces are decorated with blue arches that look like hilly landscapes. They are cast in delicate white porcelain, and decorated with coarse dark brown stoneware slip. The design language is simple and clean, and lends itself to many functions, while the decoration is more free and unique to each piece. The glaze is tactile with a deep blue colour that emerges from the dark brown slip, reminding us of the ceramics made in the 60s and 70s. At the same time the tableware as a whole has a contemporary expression.

Blue Hills Tableware

BLUE01 · Teapot 80 cl. · (h: 12 cm)

BLUE02 · Milk Jug 25 cl. · (h: 7,5 cm)

BLUE03 · Sugar Bowl · (h: 7,5 cm)

BLUE04 · Cup 15 cl. · (h: 7,5 cm)

BLUE05 · Side Plate · (d: 16 cm)

BLUE10 · Dinner Plate · (d: 24,5 cm)

BLUE06A · Serving Dish · (d: 24 cm)

BLUE06B · Serving Dish · (d: 24 cm)

BLUE07 · Big Bowl 80 cl. · (d: 15,5 cm)


BLUE08 · Small Bowl 25 cl. · (d: 9 cm)

BLUE09 · Mini Bowl 10 cl. · (d: 7,5 cm)

Dots Tableware Dots are a tableware collection made with minimalist design and reference to the cylinder form. It consists of 12 pieces. Dots are available in four different colours: light blue, light green, light grey and white. There are dots in different sizes and colours in the bottom of every piece. All pieces are hand decorated with a unique colour combination and form. The 4 colours available in Dots tableware can easily be combined and matched with other pieces because the decorative colours are repeated. In that way you can put together an unique tableware sets as you choose the way to build your Dots.

Dots Tableware

DOT01 · Teapot 80 cl. · (h: 12 cm)

DOT03 · Cup 15 cl. · (h: 7,5 cm)

DOT04 · Milk Jug 25 cl. · (h: 7,5 cm)

DOT05 · Sugar Bowl · (h: 7,5 cm)

DOT06 · Small Plate · (d: 15 cm)

DOT07 · Big Plate · (d: 20 cm)

DOT08 · Dish · (d: 24 cm)

DOT10 · Big Shallow Bowl · (d: 21 cm)

DOT11 · Medium Size Bowl · (d: 15,5 cm)

DOT12 · Small Shallow Bowl · (d: 12 cm)

DOT13 · Small Bowl 25 cl. · (d: 9 cm)

DOT14 · Mini Bowl 10 cl. · (d: 7,5 cm)

The Stacking Series The stacking series consists of vases, tealight holders, lamps, flowerpots and cups. The products are made of cylindrical rings, which are stacked and staggered horizontally. The pure form of the cylinder is challenged by the precarious stacking and gives life to each piece, between order and chaos. The delicate porcelain cylinder combined with the eccentrically playful stacking creates a sculptural result. The vase comes in three sizes and five colours. - The tealight holder is cast in the very transparent Parian porcelain. When lit up it glows in a warm orange colour and the displacements gives beautiful light and shadow effects. - The lamp comes in four colours and have a silk matt surface. The lamp is sold with a porcelain socket (E14) og three meters fabric cord. The cord is available in four colours. - The flowerpot is available in two sizes five colours, three glazed and two in raw clay. It comes with a saucer. It is made in high-fired clay and is waterproof, but it is not suitable for outdoor use in frost weather. - The cup is available in three sizes with different stackings and comes in four colours.

The Stacking Series

STACK01 · Tall Vase, dark grey · (h: 17 cm)

STACK01 · Tall Vase, grey melange · (h: 17 cm)

STACK02 · Wide Vase, deep green · (h: 15 cm)

STACK02 · Wide Vase, white · (h: 15 cm)

STACK03 · Mini Vase, dark brown · (h: 12 cm)

STACK03 · Mini Vase, dark grey · (h: 12 cm)

STACK04 · The Stacked Light House · (d: 8 cm, h: 5,5 cm)

STACK05 · Lamp, light grey w. yellow cord

STACK05 · Lamp, white w. red cord

STACK05 · Lamp, dove blue w. grey cord

STACK05 · Lamp, light brown w. copper cord

The Stacking Series

STACK06 · Flowerpot, green · (h: 10 cm)

STACK06 · Flowerpot, white · (h: 10 cm)

STACK06 · Flowerpot, dark grey · (h: 10 cm)

STACK07 · Flowerpot, raw brown · (h: 10 cm)

STACK08 · Flowerpot, dark grey · (h: 12,5 cm)

STACK08 · Flowerpot, green · (h: 12,5 cm)

STACK09 · Flowerpot, raw grey · (h: 12,5 cm)

STACK09 · Flowerpot, raw brown · (h: 12,5 cm)

STACK10-1 · Cup, grey melange · (h: 9 cm)

STACK10-2 · Cup, dark grey · (h: 9,5 cm)

STACK10-3 · Cup, white · (h: 9 cm)

STACK10-1 · Cup, dark brown · (h: 9 cm)

Christmas Ornaments Stars, frost flowers, hearts, pine trees and angels made in porcelain to hang on the Christmas tree, in a window or where you want to decorated for Christmas. The expression of the Christmas ornaments is simple and designed to fit into a modern home. Not two pieces of ornament look the same because they are all handmade. Therefore they have their own individual expression and the size of each piece ranges between 8 and 13 cm in height. They are sold in a delicious gift box of light brown carton containing 5 pieces of ornament with matching ribbon. Christimas cookies made in coarse light brown stoneware. They comes in a set of 5 different cookies with ribbons in brown leather Stars:




White w. brown specks

Grey melange

Frost flowers:


Christmas cookies:




Light grey

White w. brown specks

Grey melange

Brown melange



White w. brown specks

Grey melange





White w. brown specks

Grey melange

Dark green

Light green



White w. brown specks

Grey melange


Hearts: XMAS03

Pine trees: XMAS04

Angels: XMAS05

You Little Teapot You Little Teapot is a collaboration between Lars Rank Keramik and writer and artist Tomas Lagermand Lundme. A series of products with handwritten statements - subtle and funny messages that makes them obvious as a gift idea. A vase for a single flower or a candleholder, this product can be used as both. It comes with 16 different statements and has a height of 19 cm. The cups come in 13 different designs with statements and drawings and can contain 25 ml. Both products are made of porcelain.

Du er noget helt særligt for mig

Øv jeg er ikke en Lyngby-vase

Om natten bliver jeg bange for om...

Jeg blomstrer på livet løs


Du er mit livs lys

Tak fordi du er dejlig

I am so in bloom

Det bedste er at være gift med hinanden

You Little Teapot

Tak fordi du er dig


I am on fire

Jeg er sådan en som brænder mit lys...

You are the light of my life

Tak fordi du har tænkt på mig

Under træerne finder vi hinanden igen

Jeg har tændt mig selv


Jeg er fyr og flamme




Photo coming soon

Tak fordi du har tændt mig

Nu lyser jeg for dig

The light isn’t worth the candle


You Little Teapot

David Bowie - Heroes

Bob Dylan - Bob blæser i vinden

Prince - Lilla regn

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

Andy Warhol - Andy candy handy

Michaer Strunge - Væbnet med vinger

Tove Ditlevsen - Toves gift

Tove Jansson - Tove + Mumi = kærlighed

Astrid Lindgren - Alle vi børn i Brumleby

Dan Turell - Onkel Danny

Klaus Rifbjerg - Store Klaus

Karen Blixen - Pagten


Elvis - Elvis has Left the Building

Donald Trump - Amerca second


Freddie Mercury -Freddie the queen


Oscar Wilde - The Oscar Wilde side

You Little Teapot New

Jeg tror vi to kunne være en god ide

Photo coming soon

Photo coming soon

Jeg overvejer det efterhånden meget tit

Jeg er ikke keramik-typen

Den danske tid er en ung vred pige

Se Christianshavn og gø

T. Kløvedal - Kløvermarken nej Kløvedal

New Photo coming soon

Den danske stat er en tyk sur mand


Product information:

All products are handmade in porcelain. Colour and shape can varies for this reason from product to product.


The collection consists of semi-unique products with different decorations. A specific type of decoration can not be ordered, but comes assorted. You can order a model / shape and colour.

Minimum order:

For orders less than € 200 / 1500 DKK a processing fee of € 20 / 150 DKK will be applied plus freight.


All products can go in the dishwasher and microwave. Products may not be used in a ordinary oven and they are not fireproof.

Terms of trade:

All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping cost. Advance payment is required for international orders. The invoice will be sent to you by email when your order is ready. And shipping will take place short after payment. For domestic orders are terms for payment 30 days. Customers are responsible for paying all bank fees associated with transfer payments. Payment with Paypal will not be accepted.


Lars Rank Keramik Wildersgade 23 A DK - 1408 Copenhagen K. Phone: +45 61773993 Mail: www: Social media: Instagram: #larsrankkeramik @larsrankkeramik Image bank: VAT No.: 29026475 Thanks to: Thomas Alcayaga for food styling and photography, Piet-Albert Goethals for photos of my studio and work scenes, and Ole Akhøj for product photos.

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Lars Rank Keramik Catalogue Spring 2019  

Lars Rank Keramik Catalogue Spring 2019  

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