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Buyer’s Guide

Nobody knows the territory any better. Welcome to our neck of the woods. Your leading Lakes Area real estate group. We welcome the chance to guide you through the entire buying process, from viewing homes and financing, to making sure the final contract is in your best interest. Here’s why you’ll like working with us:

Our personal service. Our group’s number one goal is to educate you on the current market. We have the reputation of providing strong, positive, aggressive representation and we provide outstanding personal service to each and every client.

The Group concept. You have a Buyer Specialist that is working just for you, but is also a part of a larger group that is knowledgeable and active in the market so that you have access to an entire team with lakes knowledge and experience.

Expert negotiating skills. In today’s market, this is one of the most important values we can provide to you as our client. We know the area, the market and have the experience and information to negotiate from a position of strength during your transaction.

Years of lakes area experience. Our owners, Bruce Larson and Rob Birkeland, and our Buyer Specialists, Mary Nolan, Mike O’Connell, and Matt Stephens, grew up in the area and know the area well. Bruce Larson has been in the business since 1978 and was the founding partner of Shores & More Realty, Inc. in 1984. We have long-standing, relationships with lenders, appraisers, and local businesses.

Aggressive internet usage. We have made significant investments in technology to serve you better . Most buyers initiate the buying process by looking on the internet first. Our search format makes it easier than ever to navigate and look at properties for sale. Go to or to see how unique we really are.

Locally owned. Nationally recognized. Owners Bruce Larson and Rob Birkeland are nationally recognized by their peers with National Realtors Associations in the U.S. They are recognized for aggressive sales and marketing efforts, but also for their professional skill seminars that they teach to other agents nationwide.

Steps to home buying. Step #1 The Interview Step #2 Showing Process Step #3 The Contract Negotiations Yes On to Step #4

No Return to Step #1

Step #4 The Inspections Step #5 Loan Interview Step #6 “Waiting” Period Mortgage Company

Title Company Title Search Assemble Papers Settlement Date

Credit Report Appraisal Verifications Underwriting Approval

Step #7 Settlement

You’re a home owner!

5 great reasons to be pre-qualified by a lender.

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You spend your time wisely, looking at homes that you can afford.

You will know in advance what your payments will be.

You can select the best loan package with out being under pressure. There are many financing options to choose from in today’s market, and you will have the time to select the best option for your needs.

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The market in our area moves quickly. You may have a competitive advantage if you have your financing secured in advance. Peace of mind. You have the pleasure of pursuing your dream without worrying about financing your purchase.

Items needed for a loan application. Whether you’re a first time buyer, buying a second home or your retirement dream home, here is the information a lender will need when you apply for financing:

Banking Information

Employment Information

Miscellaneous Information

• • • • • • •

Addresses for two full years Gross monthly income W-2’s, if available Proof of pension, retirement, social security, etc. Proof of income from rentals, investments, etc. Year to date pay stub If self-employed: Two years 1040 tax returns Current year profit and loss statement

Creditor Information • • •

Each creditor’s name, address and type of account Account numbers Monthly payments and approximate balances

• • •

• • • • • •

Names and addresses of saving institutions Account numbers for all accounts Types of accounts and present balances List of assets in stocks, bonds, land Life insurance cash value Social Security numbers for all parties If selling another property, copies of sales contracts Cash or Check to pay for application fee If a Veteran—Certificate of Eligibility and DD-214

Property Information • • •

Copy of Sales Agreement Copy of Listing Sheet on Property Information on how appraiser accesses property.

Searching for property is easy. The ultimate technology tool.

Designed for you.

The internet is no longer a new medium. It is estimated that 89% of people will start their property search by using the internet first. We embrace this technology. We see the internet as a critical convenience to offer you additional service. Whether you’re looking for a particular piece of property to buy or whether you’re thinking of listing your property with us, you will want to check out our websites: or

We’ve worked hard with website designers and engineers to create a site with you in mind. Most importantly, we’ve made it simple. Choose a lake name or price range—that’s it! Our search format immediately gives you properties that are for sale!

Buyers can search with fewer clicks. There is a distinct difference between our websites and other lakes area real estate firms’ websites. We’ve taken it further. Simply, we provide the best and easiest way to SEARCH. With our easy search format, it will take fewer clicks to look at available properties on the market. Our website won’t make you register or log in before you can navigate. We use easy selection options instead of parameters that you may not know, like county names or zip codes.

The lake shore is a critical part of the investment. Wouldn’t it be ideal to see the topography map of the lake you’re looking at? Wouldn’t it be important to see real photography of the lake instead of computer generated illustrations of maps? With LarsoNet, you can identify lake water depths, sand bars, wetlands and more. After all, lake shore and the lake itself, is just as important as the lot or home you’re interested in. To us, it is a total package.

Glossary of terms and documents. Earnest Money Deposit

Transfer Taxes

The money that accompanies an offer to Fees charged by the State and County to transfer purchase, as evidence of good faith. You write the deed from the seller to the buyer. These are a check to the listing agents trust account at the fees that you will see on your closing statements. time of the offer.

Escrow The money collected by a lender each month to assure enough to pay for property taxes and property insurance when each comes due. This allows you to make one monthly payment for your houses principle, interest, taxes and insurance.

Title The right to, or ownership of something. Represented by evidence of ownership such as a deed or bill of sale. It is the sellers responsibility to clear title.

Title Insurance Insures against possible defects in title undiscovered in the title report. You have the option at closing to choose title insurance or to decline.

Mortgage Insurance Insurance policy required by the lender to protect the mortgage company in the event of default on the loan. The mortgage company wants insurance on the lack of equity in the property.

Survey A process of measurement by a licensed surveyor to determine the exact boundaries of land. We recommend sellers mark lot corners prior to closing.

Discount Points Charges made by lenders to adjust the effective rate of interest on a loan. Each discount point equals one percent of the loan amount.

Origination Fee A lender’s fee for origination of a loan. This is part of the buyers closing costs. Origination fees are disclosed on the Good Faith Estimate from your lender.

Real Estate Documents The Larson Group’s expertise with contracts and forms makes your home buying experience smooth, easy and enjoyable.

We’re located in the Crosslake Town Square 35770 Allen Avenue, Suite Two P.O. Box 929 Crosslake, Minnesota 56442 (218) 692-6920


35770 Allen Avenue, Suite Two / P.O. Box 929 / Crosslake, MN 56442 Office (218) 692-6920 /(888) 692-6920 /Fax (218) 692-6921 Email: / Web:

Bruce Larson Broker/Owner (218) 831-7653

Rob Birkeland Owner/ABR/GRI (218) 831-0788

Mary Nolan Broker/ABR (218) 821-7683

Mike O’Connell Realtor/ABR (218) 831-6787

Matt Stephens Realtor/ABR (218) 820-4045

Buyers Guide  

We welcome the chance to guide you through the entire buying process, from viewing homes and financing, to making sure the final contract i...

Buyers Guide  

We welcome the chance to guide you through the entire buying process, from viewing homes and financing, to making sure the final contract i...