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Treatment for Achilles Tendonitis When you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis, you have to start the treatment from its initial stages. There are four principles in the Achilles treatment which you should observe in order to have a quick recovery process. The first principle of the treatment process is about resting. When you are suffering from tendonitis, you should have enough time to relax so that you do not overstrain the affected part. After resting, you are supposed to carry out application of ice onto the affected part. Placing ice cubes at the site of injury will provide you with great relief. Ice will help you to reduce pain, swelling and bleeding. You should remember that direct contact of the ice with your skin can cause skin damage. The third principle of treating Achilles tendonitis is to compress the site of injury. Compression helps in controlling both the swelling and the bleeding of the injured part. A method that you can use to compress the injury site is to wrap it with a clean bandage. Remember that to quicken the treatment process you should carry out calf exercises. These exercises will help you to strengthen your injured part and prevents occurrence of tendonitis. With time it will gradually heal. Some of the exercise to carry out include calf raise, toe lifting and heel drop. If your Achilles treatment process is very slower and you find that you are having intense pain in your injury site, you can consult a doctor. Visiting a physician is important as you will be given advice on how to undergo the treatment. The doctor will examine the extent of you injury. The doctor can also give you prescription on the pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs that you can take. The drugs can help you in reduction of the pain. It is important that you should prevent your injury from being near any heat source. This is because heat will stimulate your injured part to bleed, to be more painful and will cause more swelling. You should also avoid taking alcohol as this will affect your healing process. Lastly, if you want to quicken the treatment of Achilles tendonitis. It is important that you should be massaging the injured tendon. This will help in stimulating blood flow and reducing the pain. You should not ignore pain that you are experiencing you should check on the injured part and identify the cause of the pain. Learn from Lars Henriksson, swedish two time Ironman finisher and Achilles Tendon expert. Go visit where Lars tells a little bit more of himself and the secret of solving your Achilles Tendonitis problem forever. Article Source:

Treatment for Achilles Tendonitis  

The basics. What to do with your Achilles Tendonitis.

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