5 Reasons to Choose a Small Size Monuments

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5 Reasons to Choose a Small Size Monuments

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• Buying a monument is a major investment of your money and time and so it has to be undertaken with good care and thought. • Your local memorial builder can let you know more information about the rules and regulations of the burial grounds in your region. • You can visit a showroom to observe the various styles of monuments. • You can also discuss your requirements with your monument builder.

1) Easy to choose  You can choose small monuments in just an hour’s time.

 You don’t have to think much about the durability or the look of the monument.

2) Small monuments look elegant  Most people prefer to buy small monuments made up of granite since they are durable and attractive.  You can also buy ones made with metal alloys or metals.

3) Small monuments cost less  Due to their size, they generally tend to cost less, unless you opt for some particular designs to be put on them that might make it expensive.

4) Easy to maintain  You don’t want your loved one to be covered in more dust that you cannot afford to clean.  The small size monuments are easy to clean and maintain.

5) Allowed in all cemeteries  Certain cemeteries might let you use only specific types of monuments that resemble the other ones that are already placed there.  However, when you use small monuments, you can easily use them in any cemetery since it is the most widely used one.

 Each monument comes in different sizes. Your choice of size will affect how much information you can put on them and its cost. Larsen’s Memorials will help you determine the right monument after getting to know what you wish to include in the design.  You can visit Larsen’s Memorials in Winnipeg for sourcing different types of memorial accessories.  Larsen’s Memorials is one of the famous company to make granite monuments in Winnipeg .  To know more about our granite monuments call – (204)633-5053 |1-866-755-5401. You can also email us at - info@larsensmemorials.com .

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