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What do you mean by Device Tracking Software?

Device tracking software is nothing but an application that is installed in a mobile or laptop device and is capable to report the location of the device remotely. The software can perform many tasks, depending upon the type of the device and the quality of the software. It can obtain device’s location through different techniques such as Wi-Fi location, accelerometer logs and IP address; and it can report the address via SMS, email or any other medium. It can also take the photos of a person using the web cam integrated in it. But, what is the need of all this? Well, you may lose your device some day. How will you track it then? The answer is device tracking software!

Track Stolen Device with My Device Tracker My  Device  Tracker  is  a  one­stop  shop  that  sells  different  tracking  software  products  to  suit  the  needs  of  different  users  using  different electronic devices. Its products are: My USB Tracker – This software is compatible with flash memory  devices,  pen  drives,  external  magnetic  hard  drives,  card  readers,  PDAs,  digital  cameras  and  standard  flash  memory  cards, and can help in tracking any of these devices.  My  Laptop  Tracker  –  Laptop  Tracker  is  compatible  with  laptops,  having Windows operating system.  My Mac Tracker – Mac Tracker is also meant for tracking laptops  or notebooks, but it is developed for Mac operating system.    My Iphone Tracker – I­Phone Tracker software is able to track any  I­Phone or I­Pod.

How Device Tracking Software Works? All software products to track stolen device do not work exactly identical. Laptop Trackers work on the logic that the thief will use the free internet facility when he or she will come across a laptop. When he / she will connect to the net, the software will start sending signals regarding location of the device and images of the thief to the owner’s email account. In case of I-phone tracker, it works like this - some notification messages are sent to the device and the location of the device will be saved in owner’s account as soon as the thief will click on view button. In case of USB Tracker, the information regarding the location is sent to the owner as soon as the device is connected to the World Wide Web.

What do you mean by Device Tracking Software?  

Device tracking software is nothing but an application that is installed in a mobile or laptop device and is capable to report the location...

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