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TRUST YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION Did they present themselves, their products & services in a way that impressed and persuaded you? Did the presentation make you want what they've got? Remember, you'll be showing the same presentation to your potential clients. Does it persuade? That's important. DO YOU LIKE THEIR PRODUCT OR SERVICE? Can you see yourself using it? How can you ask someone else to buy your product or service if it's not something you would use yourself? DOES THE COMPANY PROVIDE YOU WITH VARIOUS WAYS & TOOLS TO PRESENT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE? Remember, people absorb information three different ways... seeing, hearing and touching. Your company should provide you with at least 2 out of those 3 ways to present information to your potential client. Do you have access to websites? ie... replica presentation sites, landing pages & lead capture sites? Do they have audio or video streamers? What about banners, conference calls or webinars? DOES THE COMPANY PROVIDE TRAINING? Your training is what will make or break your ability to "duplicate" other business builders (your downline). Now, when I'm talking training, I'm NOT talking about those company held motivational "Rah Rah, Aren't we great!" conference calls. I'm talking hands on, step by step, here's how you build a business, training. The best gift you can give your downline (and yourself) is System Dependent, NOT Person Dependent training. That way they can be off and running with or without you. You're company should provide that for newbies. KNOW THE COMPANY BACKGROUND Is it recognized as being upstanding in the business community? How long has it been around? Are you ok to take a thrill ride with a brand new company or do you need the stability of an established one? Only you can decide that. While you're mulling that over, do a little homework on the company you're eyeballing. Make sure to avoid scams. Here's a couple of places to start your search: or KNOW YOUR COMPANY LEADERS -

This is important. You need to know the type of people who set up and run your organization. Are they honest? Are they good business people? Do they have a proven track record? Do they have a shady background? Is their history riddled with complaints of fraud, scamming or misappropriation of funds? Be careful who you align yourself with. Remember, you're known by the company you keep. WHAT'S THE COMPENSATION PLAN? This is what it's all about right? How do you get paid? There's a lot of different comp & incentive plans out there. I don't even pretend to understand them all. All I know is this... If it rewards both the little guy and the big guy for the same hard work, I'm ok with it. I'm even ok with it if the big guy gets a better pay scale for working his way up the ladder. But, I'm not ok with plans that only reward you once you've become a higher up mucky muck. Hey, the paper boy doesn't work for free. Why should you? Look for a plan that rewards you for your hard work from the very beginning and continues to reward your efforts down the road. WHAT WILL IT COST? Find out how much the start up fees will be. Then make sure to know about monthly fees. ie... Are you required to maintain a monthly order, autoship or service fee? And always, always, always look for hidden fees. CHOOSE YOUR SPONSOR That's right. Choose Your Sponsor and Choose Them Wizely. Success Breeds Success. Many home bases business unfortunately leave your training in the hands of your sponsor. This is unfortunate because if your intended sponsor isn't making money, chances are you won't either. Find a successful sponsor and do what they do. Or be smart and get professional training. I've listed a couple of my personal favorites in the "Get Professional Training" page on Good Luck In Your Search! Like straight talking articles like this? Read more on

Larz Manning, president of Larz-N-Co, owns a home based business and is dedicated to helping fellow networkers find proper tools and training to achieve success. Larz developed as a means to that success.

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==== ==== Like to find away to make some extra money, check this out. ==== ====

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