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Ice safety is generally worth mentioning in virtually any talk of ice fishing. I realize this info is "old hat" to experienced ice fishermen, but it's nevertheless worth mentioning for anyone who might be recent to the idea of fishing on a frozen pond. The common four inches of ice to be safe to hold a person's weight is a good principle to go by when on the ice. I personally like to see 6 inches of ice or more, but this isn't required. The subsequent tips are being detailed in no distinct sequence. Several of these tips will work for you and some will not, use the suggestions that match with your style of ice fishing. There are many different techniques to ice fishing. You can get an auger and cut your own hole and then wait around the hole, either outside or in a hut for fish to take your bait. This can be done with or without a ice shed. The next way is to utilize holes made by others the day or two before. You will need to be able to break the narrow coating of ice that has frozen before you can dip your fishing hook. Some individuals using this kind of technique decide to move on swiftly in the event that they will not get any bites. Go fishing when you realize you will have lots of fish activity. Checking the weather and moon calendar is the key to determining when the best time to fish on the ice. When fishing on the ice the milder portions of the day are much more productive than the colder portions of the day. Its important to make use of more compact lures when ice fishing. When fishing on the ice its important to utilize baits and also fishing hooks which are smaller sized. Small jigs tipped with real bait can be a good idea. The bait can be bait fish or meal worms or maggots. Tipping your bait helps good results in many conditions. If you are new to ice fishing its best to start off close to crowds of anglers. This will let you to make friends and have fun while you learn the basics. No one cares if a few additional fishing holes are cut and several extra fish are caught. The majority of fishermen will be happy to talk about their good results and the bait or lures that are most productive. Many productive fishermen usually do not mind revealing their secrets and numerous veterans obtain great pleasure helping a newcomer to ice fishing the rewards of years of expertise. The only exceptions could be if you are in a private pond or if a competition is happening. It is tough to locate fish through the ice at times. Keep in mind fish in the winter behave varied than in the summer months. Fish usually eat just a part of each day to avoid wasting a lot of vitality. The competitors for food appears to be the key to fish feeding routines while ice fishing. The noise you create drilling a hole can bother the fish in your area. It could take up to a couple hours for fish to go back and be in the mood to feed after you've cut a new hole, so be calm and silent. Little fishing spoons can be really effective when fishing on the ice for trout. As with jigs, any

moving action must be minimum in these instances. Small spoons can also be used with red wigglers or larvae for extra trout action. A basic rod is all you'll need if you are new to ice fishing. The fishing rod is rarely more than a abs plastic pole roughly two feet long with two guides and a small fishing reel. The line can be between 3 to 5 lb test. Its excellent to have floats in your tackle box. You'll also require a selection of lures, hook varieties, sinkers, pivots and other fundamental fishing gear. Pick up any live bait you plan to utilize on the way fishing place. Attempt these suggestions on your up coming ice angling vacation. They have helped me and I've acquired them through the years from several excellent fishermen.

I've been sport fishing for 20 years and I like to share tips and my knowledge with anybody who is thinking about this fantastic pursuit. Please visit my website which is full of helpful information on fishing practices, fishing plugs and numerous other beneficial subjects.

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==== ==== I found this information on camping, check it out. ==== ====

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