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The talking party LARRY M.E.

Larry M.E. studied technology information sciences in Instituto Politécnico Nacional in México. He is working on researches about visual and literary communication now. Recently has defined a method where all the elements in an image can be formed to create a meaning more as they are by themselves. “The only way of really expand the use of technology in education is by changing the linear way we use to write and read”, he says.


The talking party Another tale to celebrate

Original title. They talk about everything About this Edition. D.R. All the rights are reserved for all people who like to read and take this material as part of their daily conversations. There´s no restriction to divulgate this story. The author has enough capacity to invent another way of laughing about who or whatever. He doesn´t mind if someone likes it or not. And considers an honor if some person try to emulate his way of speaking and smiling about culture, the modernity and the way we relate. Spetial uses of this material in Films Schools in Canada & USA Ted Jones Translation Claudia Gonzalez / Samuel Warrington

EXC 2010. Author LARRY M.E.

A party turns into a comedy movie when people play their funny way of being without a predefined script.

Larry M.E.















A. Simulates evil faces. B. Make family like if they were a factory. C. Prays for Robin Hood. D. Puts the right CD. E. Gets alcohol being on children´s parties. F. Does remarkable practices. G. Know nothing about slams. H. Has a lot of pics of her boyfreind in her celular phone. I. Arrives late saying Hi! Mother fuckers. J. Is in The Film Business. K. Needs answers about being married. L. Smells his fingers.


(Había de La Cuesta, Noruega y otros lados, y la fiesta creció y creció, y los primos llegaron). It happened exactly like in that TV Ad about a Mexican beer, no script, no practice, just like if a marketing guy could anticipate their behavior and caught the idea for a commercial. They acted and played a Déjà Vu with any song.



The magic moment starts with Peyo who set on the table a strange beverage called mezcal, a kind of strong tequila. He said: a girlfriend who invited me to break a piùata for her children, gave it to me. Nobody was surprised since they always cross the line without getting an Al Capone spirit. Thus no one is accomplished, and Latins don´t need laws for every simple thing. Then all actions took place as an unconscious offensive line trying to advance yards. Every little space of the house was covered with them 11


having a glass at hand and the work was done better than those tactical plans of a foot ball game. Here, if someone brings beans and totopos, another arrives with tamales or tacos, It doesn´t matter if these are small like Marcos Emmanuelle fingers, a guy who disappears with a girl and suddenly returns smelling his hand.

Don´t mind if there´s no soap, nobody is auditing each other to check if they wash them after going to the bathroom. Freedom it´s not a matter of being, it´s what comes from not seeing. 12


And DJ Vampire reproduces the right atmosphere to let them know how everything was in that time of the Disco and how are up to date with Pit Bull. He always is prepared with the right CD to save any reunion. And girls get confident. Diana and Susset admit to know nothing about slams, but Paulina, with photos on her cellular phone, shows them one of her boyfriends as an example of what it means “TITOPU� (gay - in spanish reverse writing). They understand it very fast as a primary school child. Livia, who is a teacher in 13


this educational level, couldn´t imagine that kids use the language in that way to. She is really thinking about renewing her pedagogical method now.

Paparazzis came from everywhere. The cameras flashed like a fashion show and that was the moment for poses. The scenes were directed by Cynthia and Ted. They are in the film business in Vancouver and presume the use of another system. It seems a shutter button works differently in Canada than in this country. No one can figure out what trick they hide 14


because pictures are uploaded immediately on FACEBOOK with tags of every person in them. But speaking about remarkable practices, the boy with the arch and arrows is the best. He is an archery champeon that usually appears on the TV News. He points to every girl and whatever has a move. He will save us when crisis reaches us, her Mom Charo prays. She calls the boy Robin Hood instead of his original name Rafael. When every one gets close she shares the secret very quietly because the boy represents the Ace under the 15


sleeve for the family.

These are the kind of kids that conform the new generation. They come from parents who make families like a factory production line. Ileana and Raul are the most effective couple doing that thing since both have lived in Juarez and Queretaro, one of the most productive cities. As usual, Pepe got late and shouting “Hola putos� (a way of saying Hi! mother fuckers) and Edgarito stands up and does a performance of those girls who dance in after hours bars. 16


The moves consist of making an evil face, showing the tongue while is crouching down and pulling the Tshirt to cover exactly what the guys want to see.

The end of the story begins when there is no more alcohol. They could be poor but will always finish drinking until the red label is gone. Then a commission is formed to go for beers or whatever could keep them happy. But Jackie couldn´t stop asking questions about why so many people didn´t get married. She is motivated 17


to do a survey before going forward in her life. Her research didn´t produce much information because she notices that guys are not interested. Then she decided to leave without telling us her frustration. “I should wake up very early tomorrow”, was her excuse. But when she was asked at what time, she said eight in the morning. It was impossible not to tell her “don´t give us that shit”. She is a single lady and does not have children to take to school.



The rest of people really want to party all night long because music continues better than in those fancy night-clubs. Nobody is missing anybody and they agree how sorry they are for all who did not make it. Will anyone miss next years meeting? Nobody knows, but what all these guys are sure of, is that a “Talking Party� is not another common way of being together, it is ritual they do before traveling to those places where they stay but not live.



Some kind of an advertisement to let us know how fast they will come back to this place. Very soon they hope. And again and again.





Characters. 11A, 7E, 4C, 12D, 8B, 1F, 10G, 3H, 5I, 2J, 6K, 9L

Paparazzis are everywhere

The talking Party in its english version was finished in february 2011 and was published in March 30th EXC. LARRY M.E.

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“The Talking Party�. LARRY M.E. Some tales come from moments of having nothing to make. But for living and loving there are more things that have to happen to shake ours heads and keeping us awake. Larry gets to us pitching his words as soon as appear into his mind, some of wich we usally we let go with the wind. It could be difficult to understand his silently way of spreading his phrases to us but it will never be unnoticed his dark humor. He will kill us of laugh on times where survive was choosed as the only way of living. His particular way of saying can make us laugh as if comets could go out from our stomach, but what really happen, it´s that our eyes fly where he goes, to abandon that internal captain, of many sad moons.