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Parts You Can Buy For Your Ford Focus To Make It Run Better


Many Ford Focus ST owners are already content with their car’s performance. There are, however, auto aficionados, who feel that their car can still go faster and handle better and thus modify their car’s engine. Below are the different parts for Ford Focus ST you can buy to boost your car’s performance. Supercharger - A supercharger is an air compressor used for increasing the pressure and density of air supplied to an internal combustion engine. This delivers greater mass of oxygen per cycle to support combustion allowing for more fuel to be burned and more work to be done per cycle. If everything is installed successfully, you'll get nearly 50 percent more horsepower. Cat back exhaust system - One way to improve your engine’s performance is by allowing exhaust exit more readily. A catback exhaust uses bigger diameter pipes and mandrel-bent turns which lessen back pressure. Due to the fact that exhaust gases are expelled quicker, your vehicle's engine will not have to work as hard and there will a lot more room for air and fuel. For more information about focus st parts, visit here. Aftermarket air filters - Air filters facilitate better airflow into the engine and are an affordable and reusable performance booster. You can mount a secondary air filter to what’s already in your car in order to boost engine efficiency. Aftermarket air filters also prevent impurities that will degrade your engine’s performance as time passes.


Cold air intake kit - Colder air is denser than warm air. This means that it has more oxygen which is necessary for engine combustion. By adding a cold air intake kit, your engine will work better. Performance chips - Most new cars have an onboard computer which regulates a variety of functions including fuel-to-air ratio. Adding performance chips enable you to override conservative stock settings and change them to more impressive configurations. Make your car lighter - If you want a faster and more powerful Ford Focus ST, consider switching out its heavier parts for lighter ones. For instance, you can get rid of some seats, choose plastic or acrylic windows instead of glass, or even do away with some parts of the dashboard. Tires and wheels that are lighter in weight and more streamlined will also let you make your vehicle more aerodynamic. Altering your Ford focus st - highest priority is fun, and could be really fulfilling when done properly. Not all changes have to be done simultaneously, but you have to be sure that all elements you wish to swap or add to your car will work well together.


Parts That Let You Get A More Powerful Ford Focus ST Engine  

Plenty of Ford Focus ST owners are content with their vehicle's performance. There are, however, auto aficionados, who feel that their car c...