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larry goodell

larry goodell

Some fragments from Skylarks’ Adoration Parlor were published in Chameleon 6 One Shot Press Albuquerque, 1982 I am grateful to Tom Guralnick of Outpost Productions for creating a collaboration using a Yamaha electronic wind instrument and some of this work, premiered at the Living Batch Bookstore, Albuquerque, New Mexico cover & chapter designs larry goodell Copyright Š 2010 Larry Goodell ISBN 0-915008-02-5 !"

duende digital book 2010 po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA larrygood@comcast.net

1 Rococo Brain Design 2 Skylark’s Adoration Parlour 3 History of the Soft West 4 Lost Marbles 5 Armed Raisins 6 A Hodgepodge of Secret Doctrine

1 Many irreverent bounces in the pagan world – 2 everything but a man's prick stops growing when he reaches puberty. 3 MARIPOSA VICTORIA 4 Mr. Muse Your Slip Is Showing 5 That's all love is, submission that's all hate is, digression 6 Fear of Flopping 7 Poetry is the bird Birds are the owls of poetry. 8 News from the lobotomy section of the universe: Split halves are in. 9 A Shadow of Her Former Beauty But what once was was was when it was. 10 Don’t you think your book How to Control the Military Without Even Trying is a bit naive? 11 Art above gall 12 Time has splattered functions and financial disaster. 13 He looks like a Polish darkroom And what does a Polish darkroom look like? It's under the bed. 14 Paris stepped on high heels.

15 Nothingness, or the Three Cornered Sphinx 16 Appreciation of Satie Set settee, settee, settee. 17 counterpoint between sense & nonsense 18 Where is my styrofoam dildo. 19 steamed neutrons black hole soup big bang popcorn 20 Will this unravel tectonics? 21 May the presentation of the aroma of donkeys be the cascading doctrine of our time (hit gong) 22 Mystery stories solve the mystery of life. 23 All these nightless nights when the poem comes on – 24 Goodbye fond wart – 25 Gertrude Stein Giantessa of My Thighs 26 May the present which is the pressure be the prayer. 27 Isnt it my nature to put off doing everything till nothing is done? 28 listening to the radio to get my mind off my mind

29 Number 1 comes from none 30 There wasnt enough in the world until that unknown date. 31 Emotional foreclosure came to the fore. 32 Why is that clock ticking so loud. It's having an orgasm. 33 All screwed up. The dainty inferno said no. 34 Oh Moon bring me dreams we die young every day. 35 I have expunged everything Eastern from my thots except the Dawn 36 Occasionally my intuition is infallible 37 Poetry, or, the ear that sucks. 38 The sky is the tidbit! 39 He swallowed the Trinity– Hook line & sinker. 40 Guiltily unstreaming his potassium fluoride lectures. 41 May the reversal of love reverse the love of reversals– __________________________________ 42 Is wood willingly wood or would wood change if wood could?

43 Moon, Moon on the Wall Who's the looniest of them all. 44 hope for a ground down nation? So young & so ground down so goddamned 45 the map of the Earth is Suicide 46 The light that is the life Slides by Rabbit-tongued And is the Sphinx Of Poetry. 47 Never better than later. 48 The Soap is in the Air. 49 The Son of God, author of Spiritual Lesbianism 50 gnawing at me like some weird afterimage 51 The Quality of Absence 52 burst finis burst finis 53 The Goddess(es) She is alive in the personal issues of one's life. 54 East of Beaten 55 Send your cock to God C.O.D. 56 Astro-everything

57 The star at the other end of eternity speaks to (fill in your choice) _______________________ 58 Le Feu, a film by Charles Munch will be played at the Cockerel Bar. 59 to the extent you don’t communicate with someone else you're strange. 60 Songs are flights of fancy. 61 Hard Holes sphincter phase of the Goddess . 62 Here's a poem that like life, means nothing 63 Dancers are dancers who make life dancing. 64 Herbal Surgeon 65 Call === Nobody in general. 66 Towards a dichotomy of God. 67 Have you been coasting on infinity? 68 The Fermenting Universe 69 TRANSVESTITE MORASS (a home) 70 LUNAR SUPPOSITORIES

71 Your epitome is my vowel. 72 LAMA VALENTINE 73 Crises in surprises. 74 The Dead Die Young 75 Autobiography of a Retarded Genius 76 Grab a sprout from the mind cave 77 my left leg was an 8 by 10 black & white photograph 78 Powder Burns (a women's mag) 79 a book in time saves nine 80 Pulsation is from the head outward on the beat. 81 If it comes to you out of the blue and tells you what to do then it won't be long until youre through. 82 THE SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR his drive to make it made it 83 the cock is really elimination – copulation is just an adjunct. 84 no literate world is left to read between the lines 85 heterodoxy of homopop

86 It's better to err on the side of generosity than anal retention. 87 Lyric Aroma 88 God Unzips His Trousers 89 My Moustache Salt & Pepper– on the way to salt from pepper. 90 Hesitation deflowers innocence. 91 Passive Solar Resistance 92 AND THEN THEY WERE NOW 93 Anything is possible as long as it's not too probable. 94 Poetry is therapeutic songs 95 Crucified Taco 96 Plaza Bolts 97 for yr rimjob rarefied deodorant screens are helpful 98 Your legs are whodunits. 99 The Astrological Masturbator 100 I was a dreamboat till I got old then I turned into a faggot train.

101 The Bolshevik Revolution was started by aphids. 102 Pump my nugget. 103 Nothing is perfect including perfection. 104 The grave a fine & quiet place but none I think do there fog poop. 105 God the First 106 Beat the Sky Blue 107 Golgotha Pussy 108 The Do-It-Yourself Goddess 109 Hidden Order of Air 110 THE DAY THE EARTH SUCKED GOD OFF 111 Condom University 112 "it's all traveling in moonlight, a joke at dawn, sleep, and gaining spirit" 113 Queen Victoria Blender Itch 114 The Chaos Organization Flowers That Talk Division 115 bureaucratic hallucinations 116 May the donuts of patterned living expose their holes.

117 "UNISEX STEREO IS AC-DC" 118 ____________________________ Something I trust as I go along that is the direction of the song. 119 curvilinear sea cycle 120 How to write right on 121 He's from out in the wilds He's from Kotex, New Jersey 122 PREGNANCY AFTER DEATH 123 THE CONQUEST AND DISCOVERY OF IRRATIONALITY 124 the 60's came and went like an eternal cloud 125 The Mildewed Democratic Convention 126 Sex by any other name would not quite be the same. 127 My Name It's just the cover of the cup the cup the cover of the cup. 128 N.M. Fewer people who care with greater spaces between them. 129 The One Tooth Sand 130 The exquisite dark ages of my cock.

131 Poetry Madness in superb dynamic control. 132 Tragedy is a hole in one if the hole in one is the last hole in one. 133 Poetry is an open mind. 134 BEAT YOUR TENSION 135 FORCE YOURSELF TO RELAX 136 Visionary Stupidity 137 skip over the hole which passes you by 138 Don’t sold to the Turks blame me God passed out she wore a pinafore. 139 Christian Cities Scratching Titties 140 DISCONNECTED BODIES 141 She stuck her head up his ass and cranked out stir-crazy sausages. 142 Though I walk thru the Valley of the little Shadow of Sheep they bloat mania dog piss 143 You have to be a hustler or you end up bursting on the vine. 144 The Chrysanthemum Muggers 145 Maturity is sobering up. 146 THE LISPING CORNUCOPIA

147 statements of the lyric of life 148 WORD MASSAGE 149 all but The perfect moment has disappeared. 150 Rococo Brain Design

1 Go clean a rubber with indignation syrup. 2 dice-hard electric beans of the times and the tines 3 Oriental Rug Power 4 Poets are a distracted lot. 5 Bunko Polo 6

Light Suckers 7 assholes in paradise 8 Shame showers no ticket on the blameless. 9 Totally recalled normality. 10 Dust, Schiller, barstools – they all fit together. It is the jigsaw puzzle of life. 11 MY UNCLE SWALLOWED 12 Jesus Freaks as close to the hole of ignorance as you can be without falling in. 13 Do they lubricate their cows on Sunday? 14 Thot is worrisome. 15 It may be bad for my health but I'm going to suck every bit of it until it counts.

16 Beautiful 1910 17 If at first you don't succeed cry baby dreams. 18 Entertainment is in every segment of ourselves, every sign (side) of ourselves is entertaining. Therefore we exist by unintended risk. 19 Would you bake me a Houghton-Mifflin? 20 Etna Puke 21 Shaking Shuck Duck! 22 Wart dreams. 23 A Druid for Breakfast 24 let the sky on yr doorstep accumulate 25 missionaries of the godless hope 26 Communist Tile Conspiracies 27 Flowers That Grunt. 28 Books without pictures should be shot. 29 Slower than Moses delivering molasses – 30 Pole-Vaulting for Midgets 31 Hyper-styles of go-clean fuzz erect conical occasions. 32 Eat sphinxes, eat sphinxes' gonads. 33 CERAMIC PUFFBALLS

34 Go fly a post-Black Mountain kite. Go fly an ordinary biscuit. 35 Poems of Hypnotic Protest 36 WATERPROOF DUST 37 Khachaturian's last request: Play my music till your ears fall off. 38 ZEN BOGGLING 39 The dripping faucet is an igloo of our time. 40 THREE SHRUNKEN MASTERS 41 A Toilet is for flushing. 42 Eat the sheets. 43 Vegetarian Hog Blessings 44 Stars of rubber. Dancing constellations. 45 Come in anyone but you. 46 Intimate Relations With Poems 47 human beings' search to sexify the earth 48 She opened her passionate noises to me and I took them one by one. 49 Everything that pukes must conform.

50 Put yr thumb in a box, yr little finger, yr box in a box. 51 Wanda Luck 52 Teflon Boutique 53 Keeping Your Small Barn Burning 54 Be a delicate jerk, at least. If not a jerk off. 55 Hopeful Noses 56 Only an Edible Planet 57 A Bargain at Any Price 58 Overhead Queens need not apply. Underhand Queens are too shy. 59 The Ear Wax Museum 60 Eat what you are! 61 Faded Entropy 62 SPONGE SOUP 63 Pure as mastodon soap. 64 Army Goddess 65 The Origins of Analism 66 Colonel Lust 67 Arroyo Roy & the Cactus Bushes

68 Built like a tit brick house and a mind like a bottom drawer 69 Black Holes & Warped Christian Dimes 70 Dope: it removes the mind from itself. 71 Two kills kill a frost. 72 WILDFLOWERS TO SUCK AND SCREW 73 Altered States of Muddy Thinking 74 Mining for Immaterials 75 Watteau got blown in the park. 76 Everything I do screams art. 77 Stalking the Wig-Loose Pendulum 78 Copy poppy art. 79 T.S. Eliot was the Hitler of American poetry. 80 Do the English speak in tomes? 81 Whales & Dogfood 82 busted boner 83 Enlightenment is old hat. 84 Women, Androgynes & the Feedback to Salvation by Henry Kissinger 85 Cogito Ergo Sumatra

86 The avant-garde's shocking undies. 87 What is it like to be young & have a pimple on your biceps? 88 The bullgoose loony is loose! 89 Bogus Brain 90 Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Turds 91 CONSTIPATIONS 3: 6.2 92 Simpletonians 93 Penitente Avocado 94 Potassium orgasm. 95 Starge of Stain & Scream – Gory Pecker 96 That little puddle at the end of the rainbow is my molten gold – 97 1000 Delicious Disasters 98 The Flesh Has No Rudder 99 The turning earth loves nothing except youth as we all do and the bloom of purity. 100 Golden Doggerel Press 101 Susan B. Anthony stepped on her guru tits – they were the earth spa of home.

102 Architecture is such a tidy sport. 103 E Pluribus Uranus 104 Shaman farts are organic. 105 Having your seed & sprouting it too. 106 Windmills I have blown 107 The Comforts of Joy 108 Flame Buddha of the Sub-Succulents 109 Hijackers' Realty 110 Be not the first by which the last is tried or the last by which the first did died. 111 Page Noise 112 Lena Gardenia 113 Dilda Perkins 114 He burps off in the store. 115 Jilted Crumb Press 116 The Bikini Quartet 117 Garnish Star 118 Gravitation is what pulls you down. 119 SPACE PUNKS Rape space! Garbage is territory!

120 Dance the hairy cares off your head. 121 The Relativity of Cosmic Puberty 122 Skylarks' adoration parlor 123 PUNK SUCKS 124 SMASHED GODS 125 Can you be conscious of your unconscious self? 126 dolled up in expensive tadpoles 127 only God loves honky tonk platypuses 128 glowering Ethos 129 dirt on the ground 130 The Statewide Muse 131 the mystical St. Fit 132 (Sculpture as) Stultified Megalomania 133 Avon fly detector 134 Naturalists are voyeurs. 135 The most beautiful image in human history is Xipe Totec. 136 JELLY FINGERS

137 It's dead it's death it's dying it's corporate dope 138 SHIT STINGER 139 Musical mundane time period. 140 FUCK FOR FAME

1 Soap Operas on the Hung Glory of God 2 Ipana Empire 3 Every dent we make into what was left destroys it. 4 Writing myths about myths. 5 Tucson flips his divine. 6 he's full of fun & jingles 7 Oh it's so hip to be flip! 8 Audubon Creative Feather Club. 9 JACKHAMMER BURGER 10

11 Goodyear is the world's most wonderful mother. 12 Cain slew Abel's popcorn tomato. 13 happiness is a fake blown hard 14 pickled Athenians 15 You have just been elected to the poverty of fame. 16 The poetry urinal __________________ 17 People are getting older & dying younger.

18 Pessimism is a potboiler of the future 19 Early to thirst & first to bed makes you wooden in the head. 20 Tony Pupperware 21 Neuro-syncretic babble. 22 You never give up learning that you're full of crap & yearning. 23 Survival is a cloyed doodad. 24 I wdnt be the only one turning left on the DNA Freeway 25 water off a jackass 26 May your brilliance surpass your indigence. 27 MESS CHAOS NECESSITY 28 EAT SANTA CLAUS SHIT JESUS 29 Spirals in ecstasy. 30 It's time to lie back & be romanticized by nuances. 31 Information is cheaper than energy. 32 Right's on our God side. 33 delicate foot-long chile dogs 34 The cardiac arrest school of poetry.

35 it may be open poetry but it meets a closed society 36 Poets are the wine's maidens 37 In the Old times back before the Gob of God 38 Every day goes by like a grandiose goodbye. 39 The secret sevens of the eight. 40 Art is all and all is art. Art should be smart and sharp as a dart. 41 Bail Bonds Sucked Off 42 Inflate your inflator. 43 She was so old her toes were gold. 44 the worshiping yr body as the paradise it is 45 Adultra Decora 46 "It really is more expensive to be poor." 47 Are the walls off the wall? 48 Incognito Boogie 49 When quality is popular there's a renaissance 50 Delirious Concision 51 Art Hunter 52 Living with Rubble

53 Gangrene pilot with a flea degree. 54 Archdeacon Cantilever 55 It's unmanly to walk down the halls & be a beast finding the sky is at your door. 56 Absence makes the heart grow mossier. 57 The Light Sox 58 Hope springs eternal from the poppycock. 59 God have mercy on my solo 60 Queen Buttress 61 Grandma used to make the sweetest divinity on the face of the earth. 62 I write from the square of no. 63 Poet Tour de Force 64 The greatest creative blockbuster since the death of god. 65 What we remember from what we forgot 66 Retrofit your guru clown 67 In Her Vagina by the Freely Extended 68 Words Come Naturally 69 International Smooch Union 70 Don’t lose your way of thot. ______________________

71 Hunkedelic 72 as solid as a wrench 73 Orgarnic Gadening 74 To read is to fly. 75 Structuralism for the Flippant Set 76 Language is bigger than us all. 77 Libya's Down-under Paradigms 78 The Shit is Blue 79 the infinite bells of loneliness 80 Stone walls do not a pussy make nor iron bars a mate. 81 Amigo, France 82 Rips off the funny lid of the laughing matter. 83 It kind of turned sex into some avant-garde activity 84 I swallowed my skull. 85 The Great War of Modern Memory 86 stone ground pussy 87 I've got the runs over you. 88 What's left over of his mind is tied to his nose.

89 Bomb the disorganization out of it! 90 The eyes of Mars will be upon you clacking voids of scum. 91 poetry is for lovers of poetry is for lovers of 92 The Mind the Eye Ate. 93 Humphrey Totem, Clacking Dork 94 Industrial penises wag their ears at donut freaks. 95 Ski Miss Nude New Mexico 96 Eraser Therapy 97 Dear Failure, It was fun being your slave. 98 Dinosaur bottoms 99 Basic Wriggling of the Saints. 100 Fools on Art 101 Art's a Poppin' 102 Anyway you cook it it gets cooked. 103 Prodigious Funk Lovers of the Late 80's 104 I exist by word of mouth. 105 Post Mortem Discovery in Archaic Urine Specimens 106 Clouds Up My Ass

107 Imagination makes me sleep digits furor pent jars. 108 How to Use the Mirror to Enhance Your Image 109 the flux of permanence 110 The smell of laughter. 111 If it weren't for sex we wdnt be able to get enough to eat. 112 Space & Time in the Post-Modern Universe 113 A ghost in the closet that mops it up with blood instead of mud. 114 The Compleat Fornicator 115 When you're so great your airs are in the stars. 116 Dance as lubrication of the soul. 117 Space is a hard nut to crack. 118 "It's a pop read." 119 Creative Panting 120 Samurai dog biscuits 121 A Poem of Joy is a Blow Forever 122 Fourth, and perhaps most characteristic of Jesus are large seduction sores on his elbows. 123 flowers of 800 skulls

124 IRATE 125 Poetry is the ad lib that lives 126 Creative Bellowing 127 a shopping center of laughs 128 He's just as ugly as he can be & I don't take the laughing cake. 129 Sonora Ripple 130 Road Roping 131 Amos Artsfart 132 the Ancient Lord of Thunder-Suck 133 Blather makes the world go by. 134 Learn Creative Oil Spilling 135 Tons of apocalypses make up the Christian garbage bag 136 Bamboozle you are my sunshine 137 The Coming Shatter Funk 138 Greater is he that is hidden than whatever it was I forgot 139 Paper napkins make fine companions. 140 Alphabetical Hors d'oeuvres 141 bitter is it as it does it

142 The non-degreeables. 143 America the soul of the ocean. 144 Take charge of your life–become a battery. 145 Break off the obscene world from the obscene broken off. And there break yanked pop create. 146 Kill them with love. 147 catatonic shoe 148 It's fighting with words for words. 149 Columbia the faded devotion — 150 Rush and wait placate hate. 151 Pick of the Soap Gods. 152 Living Loving Laughing Limping 153 They lived where they wrote! 154 He stretches volcanic whores. 155 Everyone deserves to be a better asshole. 156 Lorenzo Garbanzo 157 Rolfing Down the Moon ================== 158 The enchanted rubber ducky.

159 Don’t put off till today what you can't do tomorrow. 160 Electronic Projects for Mushrooms 161 It's just a fantasy, take it break it & you'll have me. 162 The good ole days are dead & gone now there's only the mighty & the strong. 163 Jimmy Dadgum 164 Everything is in the musical present. 165 Anatomy Starr 166 Poetry is the unadulterated voice of the people. 167 Keep these for historical divinity. 168 Nothing ever happens the same if it happens the same it never happens again. 169 FLOUNCE SOUFFLE 170 Intro to Theoretical Tongue Sucking 171 Word-long epigraphs 172 Sons & Rubbers 173 Quarterly messages of hope & churning grasses 174 You're not writing you're ding donging.

175 stir the language with your tongue 176 If at first you don't succeed go fry a tree. 177 Beware of Dead Dog 178 The Fine Art of Sterilizing Donuts 179 Your exploded rhombic disorder is in. 180 To Russia with Ants 181 blastopods full of dynamite 182 Imagination is outdistancing Mother Nature 183 The willing suspension of acrimony. 184 Kerchief squad of North American dung pilots. 185 Dope Fiends Elope with Petal Pushers. 186 The Edible Society 187 National Grunt & Groan Day 188 Hall of Phlegm 189 Rhine Maidens Cookbook 190 Eternity is time overdue. 191 Life is a tangential rainbow 192 Institute of Religious Sacrifice 193 My contribution is a Sphinx he ate.

194 "Fervent Skunkwort" 195 Echo plasma per data 196 Artificial Reality in Beauty 197 She's got on her Tupperware Stockings: they snap on like farts. 198 Topless Tellers! 199 her delicate & spew 200 Mr. Wombtitty 201 fame struck my elbow 202 War is the history of the 20th Century. 203 Stop Christmasizing Easter ______________________ 204 Fried Alaska 205 Portrait of the Artist as a Mutilated Calf 206 Phenomenology of naughtiness. 207 Raise Your Name in Print 208 Hope bleaks. 209 Plunge the planet in flames it wants to blame on everyone else. 210 "Cosmic bondage" 211 Get your E.T. Poopburgers Here

212 Studs Turquoise 213 The Selected Pottery of Poop 214 a cesspool of the indifferent 215 worshiping the good earth is like going down on god 21 I'll give him a bolt for his lightning. 217 based on fact is not necessarily historical 218 the hard earned fodder-mint of money 219 Workshop in combined eccentricism. 220 Silences are void. 221 Our Lady of Godiva Church 222 Language Specimen 223 flexuous sex 224 salted potassium feathers 225 Fight back men, don't lose your pagination. 226 The Irreconcilible Dopeniks! 227 Original Repercussions 228 Glowering Epoch 229 The High Carousel Screamers 230 You're deader than death.

231 Motel Debris 232 Compatible Star Systems on the Go 233 The shit spenders. 234 Sleep off your slip stitch. 235 the fly-by-night surrealism of modern America 236 Feminist Dildos 237 He's full of insides. 238 Visit Our Giant New Gut Show 239 Monosplat & the Cotyledons 240 Lana Tanner 241 S curves prognosticate all 242 Biosynthetics 243 bouncing Beta Max 243 Hermione Roadrunner 244 I've got to unwind my thinking & think my unwinding thot out. 245 Eclecto poopoo 246 Earth thirst! 247 Recycled doldrums. 248 The Rise of the Setting Sun

249 Coptic Sneakers 250 America is turning into a garbage product of itself. 251 It's a divine defect. 252 ice magnets 253 You cant diddle if you don’t dawdle. 254 dingled spew 255 Shorter Gods for the Concise Dictionary 256 Folders of Magical Valences 257 A wrinkle in time saves nine. 258 Oddity is our imagination. 259 my sardine can of dreams 260 East Aroma 261 electrical hiccups 262 Lost Alamos 263 grounded pounded hounded 264 discontinued blather 265 torn up contours 266 bite size waterbeds

267 Used Nymphs 268 Finite Barbarian 269 bug deodorant 270 Herb Bent 271 Peter Fruit 272 toilet papers

1 I think that men's shorts are the ubiquitous undergarments which women's panties used to be. 2 When I was a kid blimps had poppycocks on them. 3 The Gay Midwife 4 Forearm Linda – she was my favorite! 5 the planet lights like life lit. 6 Awaken those old centers where the life of water grows. 7 Gravity invented the scoop. 8 Altered States of Nothing 9 Self indulgence is the masturbation of the muse. 10 Tenderness is a fishhook. 11 great gobs of misfits 12 batting my head against the debris of heaven 13 Poets who radiate art radiate art 14 Music is a diabolical fuse 15 Lobotomy Dump 16 eyelids lost in perpetuity 17 I Never Promised You a Circumcision

18 Love's Turgid Simplicity 19 The Rome that fell built. 20 Anita Bryant is a twisted prick in disguise. 21 Underwater Karate 22 persona pubescent aura 23 Ms Gondola Spa 24 To believe in progress is to believe in the mole of hope. 25 Life is grim. Enjoyment comes in little packages. Open them and they seem larger than they are. 26 The farting bookworm. 27 Opaque Christians should be shot. 28 Syncopated Dance Hall Pistol Shots 29 Gloryola Waterhole 30 Lumpwart 31 Strategy for Wild Conservation 32 The Narcissistics 33 Art art art, why did you part. 34 Ice Cubans 35 Shiticism here we go.

36 The Inquiring Pissographer. 37 The Rome that Sack built. 38 Museum of Bagwell Poop 39 I kept it very local & sung twin larks over you. 40 The religion of no religion is the most religious non-religion of all. 41 Brave New New Mexico 42 raggletag bag of tricks 43 Dictionary of the Gone Mind 44 Mystic Abrasions 45 Innovative Furniture in America: The Vertical Bathtub 46 Finding the Center of the Gods 47 Gertrude – wrenched syntax out of the ears. 48 I only read books that I have to put down. 49 Coopsie keepshe. 50 Stainless Steel Acne Juicer 51 The World is where it's at!!

52 Garbanzo Burgers 53 Cast Iron Sphinx 54 hardly anything else sticks up there but the ceiling 55 Mind Trails in the Southwest Deserts 56 Carmina Barrier 57 Theyre not interested in the life blood, theyre interested in the mental cream — 58 Her nose was bigger than her toes. 59 My face fell off the floor. 60 Fighting Color Hysterics 61 slow as the fish in my dreams that turns over only once a year 62 The elephant is soft & pussy. 63 Small is too big big is too large. 64 Gay life is fucking the impossibilities. 65 The Necktie Murders 66 Yale Street Park attracts dishonest guppies. 67 BOILED TUBAS

68 Modern architecture – poured stress 69 Double knit barrel staccato 70 love is a Permanent 71 Whatever you think, it thinks for you. 72 plunk! plunk! plunk! the little turds kept falling out of the ice machine 73 One Last Suck 74 Havent you ever ad-libbed your way out of hell? 75 A brass choir approach toward the burial of sound. 76 Poetics of the Split-Image Defense League 77 Turks for Less 78 Audio Hair Care 79 The Human Verb 80 the anal bunch 81 I never made it in the masculine free for all. 82 Truth and Other Enemas 83 All the butterballs of Greece couldnt stop me! 84 Resurrection Bitch Grunt

85 Bulbous Interlude 86 Dr. John, Singer of Doorsteps 87 Tao of Life Sex Death & Art 88 More & more it's a matter of more and more. 89 gunny sacks on parade 90 Cuter than a Dharma Bum. 91 Motorcycles of the Ancients 92 evokes the crater evokes the equator 93 The years have escaped cultivation. 94 Work never hurt a nobody. 95 Old Junk on a Shoestring 96 pondering aromas 97 Deirdre Sphinx Puff 98 computer plop 99 Fart. I consider it a word of speech. 100 Persona flesh 101 "Paroxysm" a bright new tulip from Burpee 102 The whole idea of the idea of the hole —

103 We carnivorate madly, in cans or without. 104 Krishna Claunch 105 Theory & Design of the First Space-Making Machine 106 This book penetrates the ecstasy of wisdom. 107 Cash gives me a hard on. 108 Lost in Translation 109 Remember when the Big Bang went pop? 110 Bug Vomit 111 The Flaming Bubble 112 Anal Hole Debate 113 Oh Blake, mutterer of divinities. 114 Dusseldorf Commitment Series 115 Designer Fatigues 116 Everything you ever wanted to know about nothing you were afraid to ask. 117 Poetry As a Perfuming Art 118 Delta/fire/iota tangle.

119 Here I am stirring up commotion when there ought to be sediment. 120 Leaky cundrum express 121 Edible Clothes 122 Pity polly patty pew bitty body batty boo. 123 Pepperoni & Cosmology 124 Beyond Depth. 125 The Vagina Squad is after you. 126 Revolutionary Drag Police 127 Gaudi's such a vascular genius. 128 Cock Talks 129 Alternative Mirrors. 130 The Elbow-Knows-Best Academy 131 Ronald Reagan is an ingrown toenail. 132 Master Shit 133 Laughter W/O Tears 134 What are we pig hoist? 135 Vomitoria 136 Surgical cycles

137 Scruples are more pools. Alive in ardor. Love is livers. 138 Albuquerque Claptrap 139 Dye her turds pink. 140 Gay Marbles 141 Easter duster Christmas casement 142 Genocide in the Dildo Factory 143 Fish do not build cathedrals 144 Get your psychic shit together. 145 I wish I were a tree And then you'd meet the real me. 146 Poem Without End 147 3000 titles swelled up in his knob. 148 Pump 'em Full of Diaper Dust 149 Veterinary Karate 150 Old far-gone mysteries evacuate the morgue with burnt salt vapors. 151 The Expurgated Sewer 152 Oriental Meat Balling 153 Zinnia burgers.

154 National Conference on Dildos and Male Organ Worship 155 God's hallucinogenic mother. 156 Watered Down Virgin 157 They don't know what they're doing and did it anyway. 158 Clowning in the Bible 159 Oglala Picasso 160 Dynamic Constipation 161 Early Days Among the Cherries and Grapes 162 Moony-eyed & triple hearted. 163 Buggerbutt 164 Laid in Utopia 165 Aging the Ageless 166 Black Holes & What You Can Do About Them 167 SPARTS 168 The Art of Decontamination 169 ZEN MATING HABITS 170 The entire god of god is within me.

171 Backpacking for Legless Couples 172 the air of fragmented futurities 173 Lorca, Lorca light key. 174 May you be baked in clay. 175 Too Old to Die 176 Unisex Auto Clinic 177 He skilled city tickled toddy. 178 Debunk a Nut 179 Docent Cavern Guppies 180 hallucinating in reverse 181 I am a Paper Snap. 182 Boiled Trudeau 183 GOBBLED GODS 184 Gratias Toujours 185 Life is love deceived. 186 I’ve done a lot of stuff I don’t remember, which is the value of memory. 187 Herbal Hyperboles

188 Assail'em Asylum 189 men – the scar of the problem 190 The Mellowing of America 191 Clinic for the Mentally Deformed 192 I lived on a Commune in 25 words or less. 193 Art is Do As You're Told 194 Bloated Phoenix 195 A King without his crown is down. 196 Scarlotta Herring 197 Guide to Wholler Holes 198 Edible Native New Mexicans 199 How to Grow Old Boldly 200 Literacy &Lucidity 201 Outwitting Atrocities 202 Photography is overrated as a sport. 203 Occult Debris 204 perpendicular horizons 205 Lost Marbles

206 Feel Free to Vacillate 207 the infirmities of old fears 208 Imagination beyond the wildest dreams 209 Try aggressive smiling. 210 Butterflies' Antsy Chance 211 The Writer On Her Cramp 212 The Legend of the Jerk Off Submarine 213 DESTROY THE SPACE MAGGOTS 214 Boiled Rubbers Press presents 215 Space Potatoes 216 The Philosophy of Constipation 217 Don't let our farts collide. 218 SITTING ON THE EYE 219 Lotus Burger 220 Your Penal Aptitude 221 "Dance," she said, "or I'll blow your dick off." 222 The Bisquick Follies.

223 Eyesores I Adore 224 "The Road Kill Gourmet" 225 Minutia nut. 226 Orlando Furioso Pituitary Skylight 227 aroma of the bat 228 Satire is laugh it off. 229 Pas de duck. 230 Linguistic Penises 231 |Heart Loop| 232 Listen here, Bolo Brain – 233 BOILED TEARS 234 Field Guide to the Rocky Mountain Subgum Strata

1 I'm not the only one who can't screw a duck. 2 God, Fun, & History 3 Non-functional crafts are arty. 4 God was not created in ten minutes. 5 turns your enlarged veins into gonads 6 Elephantine expressionistic popover drag. 7 destined aura pulled aroma 7 I am the bread of botany, the wherewithal & the goofball of life. 9 My dreams have been fused to the stake. • 10 My cup ruineth slaver. 11 What are the rights of fledgling pigeons. How many stars burst? Do watches experience psychokinesis? 12 A pencil doesn't write when told to. 13 the concrete girls 14 Cowboy Budget Kicks – sheep thrills 15 The River of Ravishing Love 16 If you get out of life alive you'll be lucky. 17 Now they're just a multi-colored drive-in mass.

18 Aren't we heterodox & motorsexual? 19 You've heard of the obverse & reverse? I'm the preverse. 20 Be out-front, abrasive, perpendicular, square. 21 Happiness is honey to the Sun. 22 Makes you want to shit. 23 Indonesia needs ya! 24 The arts have been whored out – everything is pay as you enter. 25 WARNING I've got my tongue on a chair – don't sit there. 26 I wish that I should never see a page as lovely as a tree. 27 How Much Do I Love You When I Can't Fuck a Cow? 28 Zen & the Art of Popsicle Wrestling 29 Err on the side of brevity. 30 The Audubon Creative Feather Club. 31 The Big Bang Theory – the Bursting Brains of God. 32 Plants are like turnips. 33 give me back the silver-legged apron that jumped all over the cook

34 Art casts light on light. 35 Aura-fuckers of the Rio Grande. 36 ARMED RAISINS 37 chewing the legs off a table. 38 What you do is what you demand poetry should be, rather than what poetry demands itself to be. 39 Dorky Palaver 40 Pizarro progresso bizarre profundo! 41 time has flies 42 All my lights light up in the dark. 43 Poetry is the ad-lib that lives. 44 a story in the development of the impossible 45 Gertrude Stein stuns everybody's autobiography. 46 pinched into insignificance 47 Before I took on Jesus there wasn't anything I couldn't take off. 48 asshola flatus 49 Reconstructive Demolition 50 She lost her soul in a bagworm hole. 51 The Viking Portable Idiocy

52 Perfectly trained up & up the sky pup sups. 53 iron arrow 54 The Unvarnished Muse 55 Missing in America 56 mangled boutiques & dead bed wetters 57 Red White & Blotto 58 Firecracker Soup 59 in the boiled archives of tomorrow 60 his head was an enlarged rectum ––––––––––––––– 61 Everything is visual in retrospect. 62 Prick Tech 63 Simplicity sews a diagram of puffed escargot. 64 Writing with Flerve 65 Smotherhood 66 A few non-creatures inhabit this part of the jungle. 67 her voice was bigger than her body 68 Prime time fantasy. 69 I put the goopers on that twistamatic & really showed him how to scat!

70 There's so much to read you can never get to the end of the sentence. 71 Facts to dance to 72 Poetry is a fumigation squad for perverts 73 Look-alike towel contests for your terry-cloth set. 74 Romance is the prose of deceit. 75 stereo gardens 76 Santa Fe Multi-vacuum Society 77 Disco Tex 78 Reagan is a clone dream 79 diffusionism is taking over the world 80 deposit lore here 81 Wash your hands after depression. 82 Poets are dyed-in-the-wool conservatives for the most part. 83 The world is configured ecstasy damaged by macho. 84 How to Make Your Thing Work 85 Sage Old Shit 86 A minor poet of major proportions 87 EAT SCATTERED WHIMSEY

88 Chocolate Blood 89 prefabricated wetbacks 90 He's always going so fast his breeze is past. 91 Everything I cannot do I will do for you. 92 Nice humdingers on that blatburger 93 Buzzard Bait! 94 Can one taco peel a tart? 95 Complete Guide to Screwing a Duck. 96 Time Wasters Anonymous 97 He sneezed everything in his body out. 98 She's got her earrings on her ears. Instead of on her toes. 99 An era folded up corners and departed. 100 Chop bread, fry water. 101 Orgasm Antidote 102 How the West Ate Jung 103 Confessions of a Water Lily 104 Adobe Turds 105 Do I Have To Give Up My Body In Order To Stink Flowers Of Scorn?

106 pussywhip cinema 107 elephantiasis of the legerdemain. 108 Wooden vapors 109 The Tao of Schizophrenics 110 Love is a feminine vibe, and if anyone tries to tell you any different, chop off their heads. 111 Eroticism is the guts of discovery. 112 A panorama of palpitation. 113 I loved urine till my specimen broke. 114 DIRT SPHINX 115 Jesus Suaves 116 What's so funny about humor? 117 The Art of Shotgun Therapy 118 I come from a long line of beef puffers. 119 Train Your Dog to Bark 120 Happy Hangloose 121 Rebels & old goats pee thru toilet tissue tubes! 122 NUDE SACKS 123 Even a Stone can have Tea

124 Quiet old pond frog jumps in splash! 125 Carlos Castanet 126 The Feminization of the Atom. 127 Nobody gets their turds bronzed. 128 The Art of Blowing Your Brains Out 129 Ha Ha! among the Nazis 130 Man alone creates the violence to the bone. 131 Sex Goddesses of the Soviet Union 132 His career goes up, rings the bell – we stay here in hell. 133 A six-pack of frozen oatmeal to go 134 A rose is a pumpkin is a scallop. 135 She wants to protect he wants to project. 136 You think you're grown up until you get married. 137 I like to put down things when they come up – especially barf. 138 I smoked until my lungs collided with my prostate and then I gave it up.

139 Edible Birdsongs 140 Snobs die snubbed. 141 An exultation of basics.

1 Poetry is a making. 2 a few is preferable, always 3 Throw my imagination out the window. 4 Sticking God in things only gums up the works. 5 LEAVE GOD TO THE NUTRITIONISTS 6 shadows of the brilliant gods of lost & found 7 I want all you glorious men to go home & rattle yr dicks like the dog his dish. 8 (my mind's done flung the goose) 9 you're all a deck of cards 10 HUGH HEFNER BUGS BUNNIES 11 delight is my measure 12 May everything happen in the past tense. 13 I was before I am after in the time I'm in now. 14 Elephantiasis of the rich. 15 Living the life faith in constant folly. 16 Expendable items denote progress. 17 Money is the turd of invention. 18 The Future is what you Make. 19

EAT TEA ATE 20 MAKE PAGES COUNT 21 4chocolate strawberry banana massage3 22 skin that's living loving to touch skin that's loving living to touch. 23 hold up my head to whatever music the Laocoon is crumbling in the park 24 May the marbles of youth be played again. 25 I've done it all the time for years 26 The poem by magic sets fires to the creation of a convoluted brain. 27 Rain Down Sunny Thots On Me Mama 28 Sports is measuring. 29 Lights go panting. 30 stars on a process of becoming magic 31 everything in its place requires a new face 32 KISS THEM ALL GOODBYE 33 LEAVE SPACE VACANT

34 stammering blowjob 35 Ritual is getting ready for work. 36 a sober commitment to playground therapy 37 impatient pedestrians walk themselves to death 38 letting go is leap the leap 39 don't ask me where cobalt blue hangs out 40 narrative is starting over from beginning to end realizing that you've got to finish early 41 I followed her eyes watching me out of the room. 42 entrancing verbal backcountry hypostases 43 dying is the living taking a shit 44 an ill will blows a fiend 45 repossess yr dynamic 46 the world at large is a pygmy prick 47 Surface tension is good for everybody. 48 a hodgepodge of secret doctrine 49 Books are a record of the dead. 50 What makes a rat tick? 51 Infamous outlandish hurtful woeful wrong 52 Nostalgia is culture.

53 . Digest the meat of poetry if you shit out its cliches. 54 the Fire was Fire & we united under Grace 55 Extension of the screens. Shaman's blocks 56 marrow of the tongue 57 Sunday is the day that makes you regret everything you've ever done wrong. 58 Paradise is the only alternative solution. 59 the plants aren't growing as fast as I look at them 60 United Untied Orgasms. 61 The Heart of the Apple is Not the Core 62 What is an asteroid? A Star Bugger. 63 Time gets old.

I began accumulating these 1000 fragments while at work at the Living Batch Bookstore in Albuquerque in the mid ‘80's. They were on scraps of paper which I stuffed into my pockets or jotted down in my notebooks. Single discontinued entries. I accumulated them in a straw basket and when the time came, I mixed them up good and pulled them out random, typed them in that order and numbered them. Here are six such batches. The title of each section is simply one of the fragments, as is the book’s title. larry goodell


a duende digital book 2010 ISBN 0-915008-02-5 po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA larrygood@comcast.net

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Samurai Dog Biscuits  

I began accumulating these 1000 fragments while at work at the Living Batch Bookstore in Albuquerque in the late ‘80's. They were mostly on...

Samurai Dog Biscuits  

I began accumulating these 1000 fragments while at work at the Living Batch Bookstore in Albuquerque in the late ‘80's. They were mostly on...