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larry goodell ink drawing by lenore goodell

ink drawing by lenore goodell





shipwrecked on Spicer Island outside Olson Bay we lay with our Spit up in the air & broiled clams on the beach we made it to Duncan Mountain by midday & camped there we looked down over Blaser Point with the Bay stretching beyond it & Jerry said "Do you think anyone will ever see us?" just then a twin engine jet flew over & we waved our arms & shouted the jet circled & thru glasses Jerry saw the one-eyed pilot there was no place to land but he waved & dropped a red flare he'll get help Tom said & we passed the bottle around the fire we were going to climb on to Whalen Ridge but the winds were fierce so we set up our own flares & started back to the ship Ginsbergia stretched out in a thin blue line beyond the Bay & we wondered if they wd ever find us. We got water from a River which was not on our small map tho it cd be the Dorn River which is always changing its course. The next morning Mickey spotted the chopper with a red star on it it came overhead & hovered then set down beside us they had beards but were they friendlies or not it turned out they were our friendly aggressors & were painted up like the enemy they gave us food & the one with a big red beard & flashing eyes & as Don recalled rouged cheeks gave us half a lid of grass nobody else came but we managed to repair the hull & set sail across the Bay. We set ashore once but all these freaks came after us with cameras & candy bars so we set off again following the coastline South & West /27Jan71 larry goodell

BC duende digital box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 usa august 20, 2010

ink drawing by lenore goodell duende digital 2010

Shipwrecked on Spicer Island