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Mud Pie a play for Buyer & Chorus of Realtors

larry goodell 2012

Copyright Š 2012 Larry Goodell a duende play booklet po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA

Mud Pie

Buyer (dialogue to the left) Realtors (chorus of 2 or 3 indented)


I want to buy. I want to sell. But I must sell

before I buy.

We'll help you sell before you buy. Then I won't cry? You won't cry, you'll sell you'll buy we'll sell & sell. No one will cry. I won't cry, I'll just sell before I buy, and buy big and buy bigger — be the biggest on the block, on the rock. On the mesa. Be the biggest on the hill, on the mesa, everywhere. If we sell you won't cry. No one will cry if you buy. Everyone will sell & sell & you will buy. But will I go to hell. Just sell sell sell but no one goes to hell. We dwell in heaven where all is well. We all have money and we're funny, 1

everything is the best you can tell. Can I tell which way is hell? It must be there down below. I won't buy there with the common ordinary slow. No we're faster than a golden slipper. Faster than a diamond tiara, aware of denero. You offer such a diamond tiara and I know you are more than aware of denero. We'll make all the arrangements for the biggest masterpiece home on the block. On the hill. On the rock on the mountain on the mesa you'll stand out like a golden thumb stuck in everyone's eye. Now don't cry everything is apple pie. Oh I can sell & I can buy everything is apple pie custard quiche & pesto. Make pesto your new manifesto. Every castle on your block every masterpiece of pseudo-adobe expresses the extreme self-righteous rich lording it over the poor. 2

I don't want to lord it over the poor. I just want to buy into the fake heaven led by you my Land Grab Guru. Yes we are your Land Grab Guru oh-oh oo-oo we'll get you in your piece of paradise we'll get you into what can be true to you — equestrian paradise. Oh piece, piece of paradise way up in the skies overlooking all the pigs & chickens, donkeys & hope of the lower, lower old fashioned way of things. You will be uplifted into equestrian heaven: horses are where it's at tip your hat. What good are pigs, chickens, turkeys, trailers & subsistence. I go fast past my past sell to buy your way of eye all is view when you're through buy buy


sell sell make it jell but I don't want to go to hell don't worry, just a turning lane or two to get up to your piece of paradise – way up in the skies my piece of paradise my columned fake portal & clinging stuck-on vigas will give me piece of mind we'll provide you any piece you want we'll stick on anything to make you happy. Buy, buy? sell sell we promise you won't go to hell. Sign sign make it jell. I want something big in a place which is small are you short are you fat are you thin are you tall we don't care we are just too big for our britches and know we have it all – but sign


sign? sign on the line buy buy? We love the environment we kiss it kiss it? with the spacious kiss of death. We pollute the hills & scenery with human habitation and call it natural exploitation. buy, buy? We sell we sell we yell & ring the bell But are you from hell. Oh we are paradise building building up in the skies. Sign, sign Where's the dotted line. We love Thoreau & wilderness that's why we build in it.


Compartmentalized bathrooms with water robbed from the Rio Grande & the mountain's only reservoir deep deeper going where. Everything is taken care of masterpiece suites & alarm systems everything Southwestern


I'll take it. Buy I'll buy. You'll never cry we've improved on Frank Lloyd Wright form follows compunction. You've got to have gumption to infest the hills with human shitting souls. Oh am I right to not give a fig about growing lettuce tomatoes & squash or water for a garden only native plants & my eternal view comfort, jacuzzis a masterpiece with kiva fireplaces only the view! I see it — there will always be a servant 6


to shop for anything I need. I'll buy. You're right not to put up a fight. I'll join the hoards — that's the human way. That's all there is to say. If you didn't sign you'd just be in our way. They've lined up to moved in.


Thank you I'll move in if there's no complication Welcome! you've helped us in the Santafuckation of our little village of what was a little village.


I'm glad to know all is well and I won't go to hell. You're in your bit of paradise – and we're investing elsewhere with your money.


That's funny. Goodbye we've other realms to exploit —


our multi-million mastery is too big for here. Wait Goodbye No wait No, Goodbye! Wait! my house is falling down: the water's turned to shit. Goodbye goodbye. That was a voice from hell. What more can I tell. Goodbye be content with your artificial mudpie in the sky.

My fake mudpie in the sky.

/15Jan94 Larry Goodell


Fake Adobesque Build down tear up strip off scarify pull up dirt of tradition lay down concrete blocks & steel & up with toothpicks & insulated tin foil & coated plastered tan. Everything pretends to be what it isn’t, the crown has fake jewels the high-priced surprise: mud isn’t mud is it? Fake adobesque.

from Outer Space Workout, 1994

photographs & montageby the author

a duende play booklet write for performance permission po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA

Mud Pie a play for Buyer & Chorus of Realtors

larry goodell 2012

Mud Pie  

A play for Buyer & Chorus of Realtors, which has been produced probably at the Zocalo Theater in Bernalillo in the 90's . . .

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