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Death a play by Larry goodell

Copyright Š 2013 Larry Goodell

a duende play 2013 po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA

Death a play for Death (masked) and Chorus.

Larry Goodell

Note: Chorus may be two or more, male and/or female speaking together or separately with words clearly enunciated and rhythm respected. Death’s mask should not muffle sound in any way. This little play can be rehearsed and read from script.


(with whitish death mask on)

I am death, the bogey man nobody wants to admit exists. I admit I exist because I do. They win out I win out I read my death poem my poem to the invisibility of death the death that drowns our sorrows in forgetfulness. We forget we had a second life to hell with the third. We forget we had a third to hell with remembering there is no actual presence but the remembering of death. Somehow they always think me temporary. I wonder why, I have a prick a death with a prick. “Death must be masculine” they tell me, telling me no lies. The peculiar hatred of poets and lies & tattoo artists that came to me. Chorus. I don’t want anything expressive of death – we believe that you mean what you mean to be saying which is always what you meant to say.


Death. I am Death in case anybody missed the allusion. I am feeding the computers with false information & lies How can I look at you brother how can we look at each other? Chorus. Should a man be allowed to flip the new Susan B. Anthony coin and ask: heads or tails? Death. A question to be in mute voice neither yeh or nay but always cancer, the creeping conglomerate the sloth of money why should jokes always be funny? Why shdnt they be so sad you just had to cry when someone cracked a joke? Thus death wins all all is death but life which is a fragment.


Death is complete complete as the pooch dogging its curb trying to take a piss on pavement. Chorus. Death is taking up jogging to rob (life) from life. Death. I want my true half. I want everyone to be to be half life, half death. I want everyone to be half male half female. I want everyone to be me Death opposed to life. I want you to be me death opposed to life. Song interrupts and fucks the sister of perpetuity. Daily living is all. Life is my brother who turned into my sister. My mother is the deadness of god the goddess of death. She is yet to fake my Minotaur who had muscles. But she’s taking over death as she has life. 3

Chorus. (lets out a short scream) Death. Death is a woman and is only half me, hee hee none of me. I am life! Take to wife, life or live in sin with death. Death is out of life and wants to rob life of anything. Death is saying the end of the end I am the personal I the I that gives us all the trouble when we’re thinking of I. I did this. I did that. I did not do this. I did not do that. The steps of the pyramid are uncomfortable because they are a step to step decision. Maybe when I go up there I wont be sacrificed. I can overpower the priests the military is not up there. I can overpower the priests. Chorus. They seduce him and lead him toward the altar and sacrifice him there. He is a woman, pretending to be a man. He is death pretending to be life. He is life looking at it superficially thinking there is no death. Death. I am death. I am all the cancer you never hoped would come I am the nuclear catastrophe, 1979. 4

I am the event at the piano waltzing the snobs out of paradise. I am the rude present of the need of life. I am Homer. I am Horace. I am Hazlett. I am Hawthorne. I am Harry Goodell. Dead. No life. Chorus. Get yourself to wife Give yourself some strife. And then you can be me And I can be free. Popular and in demand. Death. I am the death of what you think is possible. I convict and cast aside. I am the dead parents the dead friends. I am the circumcision of life. I am life for without me there is only death death that winks an eye-open while keeping the other eye closed. I am the circumcision of death death with a ruptured halo turning into a hardon. 5

Death without a death. Death with death the ultimate orgasm of all the admitting I exist. Chorus. Admitting you exist, you exist.



a duende play 2013 po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA write for performance rights

Lief Rustabakke, Marcia Latham, Miguel Sandoval rehearsing Pecos Bill a play by Larry Goodell, KUNM-FM Ned Sublette’s 1979 Radio Performance Project

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Death a play by Larry goodell

Death: Play for Masked Death & Chorus  

1979 after my (unpublished) collection Hot Art & Other Plays, 1975, I continued to write short poetry plays, several of them for Leader & C...