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6 broadsides from the ‘70's larry goodell


a duende book digital release 2010 po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043

Paho for Lenore happy birthday March 20th 1st day of Spring 1970 (a duende freethrow broadside 31Dec2003)

Family Portrait 9Dec73 pencil drawing by Lenore Goodell (electronic stencil of drawing & holograph poem)

Prayer to Get Our Land for Lenore 26Nov74 (rainbow prayer broadside, mimeo with colored pencil)

Spring Ditch Cleaning for Terry, 10Apr75 (colored pencil on mimeo)

Shaman Song 21Nov76 (published as duende broadside and in Jim Harris’ Unexpected Events: Poems from Writers in New Mexico and as a duende discovery broadside 2009)

Iris 6Aug77 (tattered old manuscript broadside resurrected February 2006)

this edition January 2011 adds Family Portrait and Spring Ditch Cleaning

words of PAHO are written on strips of parchment paper & hang from a long string 1. 2. 3. 4.

unwind the string from the sticks hang it between 2 points read it wind it back around the sticks


pencil drawing by Lenore Goodell


poem and finger hangings by Larry Goodell



larry goodell

Shaman Song (put on shredded cape, bells on ankle, carry 6ft staff with shoe & sock attached to top) Oh deer what can the matter be. My eyes grazed the ceiling in the coffee house — Power Zaps & Nonordinary Reality. Used to call it oblivion in Beatnik days. You know, getting stoned & thinking you're way out: Oh deer dont you move. I'm going to shoot you down with my thumb. Oh feather! Oh drum! Oh Scotch Irish descent. Oh can of ranch style pork 'n beans I open with my pocket knife I eat by the fire thru the Jagged hole in the top of my can of beans. I fart by the fire & propel myself off the ground. I shake my rattle & think about my middle class background my giving it all up & my endlessly referring to myself as a result. I do this I do that I dont do anything at all. I play with my feather it's a yellow-bellied sapsucker the first bird I found dead the yellow bellied sapsucker is my power bird I am Larry Goodell & this is the truth. I paddle my canoe down the Rio Grande with my foot sticking up in the air I worship my foot because it walks before me on my mother's property. I carry it at nose level & hop from place to place I stick it in my mouth & stroke it with my sucker feather. Home for nerd the Power Bird. Rising up in the sky sky high.

21Nov76 larry goodell, published as duende broadside and in Jim Harris’ Unexpected Events: Poems from Writers in New Mexico

a duende discovery broadside 2009 po box 571 placitas, nm 87043

IRIS “I prefer the unknown.” Jack Spicer

! Iris I cant find out anything about you but I love you and am yr wings out fish I all is gods the of messenger intertwine we and mine are you or³ ! of this cavern. I prefer to be alone & with you lightly bearing the snake stick hair of flowers the off headband the kissing other each up & around coil we³ ! falling down I pick up and fall down in you touch air which is yr purity race up light up lit particles out burst speckled rainbow the of rain³ ! the sky to the other end of the world together forever doing good to each other soft count that ways little the ,way the pointing goods delivering³ ! in yr soft hair I love you till the rainbow plunges in dark count of .together cave the into us forcing us against down bearing rocket the ³ ! There is no other way but the way of the unknown as you came to me hair and face my washing morning the in up sun prism the from blinding³ ! and lift to do the day, that way I know. “You do your poems!” someone tickling earth of ends the as true ,friend a was it and me at shouted³ ! between the toes where shallow rivulets fall down between me and the nearest friend intertwine we and fly and direct but ask not do dear true only my you³ ! vines up each other to the bloom of the first sunflower turning red to attract the hummingbirds up me holding ,voice no ,earth no ,spaceless being ways our in set are we³ ! the airy innards spilled out in the lay of love, the old singer’s voice around dancing and alone other each on back splashing ,cracking ,clacking³ ! counterclockwise on toes tipping up and off the earth forever.

/6August77 larry goodell

duende press tattered old manuscript broadside resurrected february 2006

!" a duende book digital release 2010 po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA

6 Duende Broadsides from the 70's  

mimeographed broadsides, one based on an object "story-telling" poem, some with colored pencil, (some later on xeroxed) to hand out and send...