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4 of July Poems

larry goodell

Š larry goodell 2012 cover photo, from the 4th of July Parade Placitas, 2008

duende books 2012 po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA


4 of July Poems

The Gossip 4th of July 1977 Oh Say Can You See Mirror of the World Ladies Sing Invitation to the Bass for Zimbabwe Freedom Is

The Gossip what will they say about him?

-0h he's gone wallowing in Gondwanaland -it may not be poetry but it shure is fun -he found a good thing but he drove it into the ground -he's alive by firelight on the 4th of July -I found him dancing & his chanting was desperate -everybody knows what he's really looking for 1Jul72 from The Bowl of Ometeotl



4th of July 1977

Land of the free, grave of the grave monument holding the brave of the brave each to be one, all to be all each that one is, let us not fall oft to be belted pure to be spread over the seas the storms & the beds bunting & Europe let us be free each to be itching dying to dance sitting at cocktails, eating a cherry listening to fireworks, beer & sherry melons & ice cream anyone dreams out of the rocker into the soccer baseball, houseplants, raining on leaves voices like fountains rising next door. Energy shortage, land will solve all with some help from the trapdoor sun if he come out she shine over all come on America let's have a ball!


Oh Say Can You See

Old connection sweet flower music Music under candles & scones Morning coffee coffee, tea For the unlimited few Sitting like stools on prairies Waiting for the shoe to get in Listening to the wailing of the turkies Singing the blues To get out. Singing the National Anthem Oh Blues can you see What's the matter with me We poke in the dark Where a fellow can't see We're all white washed linen Or rather polyester dolls The truth is the fight For the lowest price sea Where nature is gods and they burst like a tree We pick up the bill And we're treated like queens.



hear this read & sung(?) here ay%20Can%20You%20See%201984%20dehissed.mp3


Breath Dance

Poetry is the best breath breathed, What was found when the cow came home The cow no one can understand because it is the Moon, The moon beyond the sun beneath the earth The weighing in the balance human worth And finding, everything slung around the heavens I mean the disguises of the poet, poets, sin-singers gypsies, gunslingers, balding guys, women with giant conch-shell earrings the vibration of the beach beneath the volley balls the muscles bounce to reach, the feet land on it sand through time through every device known to flower to non-human animals and love in the bower Spring breath, clean lips, wind flows I live on love breath up from cherry trees, apricot, black raspberry, the new banana squash, we pick up our images together, the wrapping up of friendship in love, you my muse, me yours out there moons of muses, angels, duendes fall back to earth falls up to my feet dancing on your breath.

/4th of July, 1990 from Earth Does Not Lie


Mirror of the World

We’re going to die at any time with angels singing above for special effect and then it will be silent until someone else dies with angels singing above for special effect and then it will be silent. /from Creator Tricks 1996


Ladies Sing

On the 4th of July I tried not to cry or stick my head up my butt I’m reasonably sane but the shit has to drain and the crock of lies is sick in their book their map of hate has today’s date I’m not giving up, I’ll screw up your fuck I’ll bite your balls, said the ant to the ant Come on guys let’s crawl up his thighs and turn his manhood to mud this guy is the world’s worst dud Cheney the brainy ass-kissing deferree who catapults power to the Pres beats round the bush till the Bush becomes King we’ll bite & bite till their world is a sting we’ll bite them till all of you ladies sing!

/from State of Disunion, 2006-7


Zimbabwe & Larry, 1991, in a Fourth Street studio, Albuquerque

Invitation to the Bass /for Zimbabwe Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque. Collaboration with Zimbabwe and Jazz Culture – bass, drums, guitar, trumpet . Rare Art & Invitation to the Bass, premieres, the latter written for and performed with Zimbabwe. July 12, 1991.


A B and an A a wonderful production a Ba Ba Black sheep have you any wool I can never top what's past production I'm slow and I'm ignorant going to town, so we're trafficking the byways in our imaginations while we stolidly stay at home wondering will we live through the confusion drawing at dawn the reluctant sun up smashing the bug who invades tha domain: watering illusion song from on high I'm slow and I'm ignorant trying to catch up I curse and go backwards backwards and forwards fighting the cycle inhabiting dreams: I dreamed that I was awake awake while I was dreaming and when I woke up I was just dreaming I was awake so what does it make out of it a music a way to sing all day just sing a little freedom is here


I got out of freedom free to be free an A and a B no a B an A an S, yes a B and an A and an S and an S: B, A, S, S singing down low exploring the heights of Mount Confusion concentrating through the Earthquakes losing it losing it through tornadoes and two volcanic eruptions on top of each other my mind is a mind to mind the mine I let off interior to hear it whine we're on this planet and where does it lead we've got our lessons now why do we bleed Oh bigger than yesterday pumping out babies oh babies taking over in the laps of the old we are older and older and still the borders fight hallelujah stop! and freedom sings


I smell the lilies blooming around toying with the atmosphere the sweetest sound a friendship between my confusion and it the plant and the body the body plants sniffing the senses sensing the style coming to Earth which has been here awhile seeing the things it saw all the while you're not so special human you give me the bile! so Earth talks talk now through the bass below, under, the under face, the factual mechanical low down dirt the conscious disposal of last Sunday's hurt you and me and us between teaming up to say what we please America freeing free no more suddenly butts its head through the door we'll all be singing we once were free when we sang down the streets and caught the police with pants down and everyone


lost their fun found it again it's no longer on the run: chasing it freely or is it chasing me the bass of the clouds the bass by degree the weather is changing and so are the moods if I were you I'd be understood we're all crazy someone crazier said I lay my life down for freedom instead to push through the doctor the dentist and priest to push to the bottom of the bottom at least: Bah bah bah BAH Ah Ah Ah AH S-s S-s S-s S-S S-s, S-s!


Lower than lower lower that low under it all I'm ten feet tall if you're under it all you're ten feet tall hearing the voices of plants in the air and then you're there then you're there Why don't you ask me over sometime? Why don't you ask me over sometime?

/July 4, 1991 from Fugitive ABC’s

Zimbabwe’s extraordinary jazz bass & extensive musical wisdom inspired this piece


Freedom Is

Freedom is an enigma that must be shared by speaking what you will without amendment. Freedom of speech can only be matched by freedom to listen – untrammeled, uncoerced, uninhibited, an ideal thrown out and caught in reality treasured as the only protection against a police state or a dictatorial trillionaire or any power grown out of phase with the Earth & her residents . . . /July 2012

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico


duende books 2012 po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA


4 of July Poems

larry goodell

4th of July Poems  

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