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a little book made up for Gus Blaisdell’s 40th Birthday 21 September 1975 a duende presentation 2012

“a duende precious edition 1975" facsimile & text 2012

Suck E Flower?

E Suck & E

E Flower Big


Flower Flower Suck E Flower Flower

Flower Flower Suck E Suck E

E Flower & Suck &E Suck E Suck

Fuck E

Fuck E Flower Fuck

Suck E Flower Suck

Suck E Sour Fuck

Suck E Sour Suck

Fuck E Flower

E Fuck E Suck

E Flower Suck

this little booklet is approximately 3 by 5 inches, hand sewn, cloth collage covers, 2 copies made inside back cover inscribed Love to Gus from your fellow “Top Forty” – Larry a duende presentation 2012

E Flower Suck  

for the late Gus Blaisdell's 40th birthday 21st of September 1975 (when I was also 40) . . . so I made 2 copies of this, one for him and one...

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