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You know ramp at I know you know greater than the sum up with smoke coming up Taylor that organizing hack what all he had going to have to be the place of the right the you alright up I with the way the pad with private 4.5 min with the mall real quick okay all right here all my meals if you are home in a tree I nice 4.5 out for the turkey that's going to be 24 grams protein has my game maybe the same thing really I 15 that spot for more has too much so that our I love their I got 4.5 that 24 and broke a bring them up later don't worry he made you have is ready all you know if I solo whenever bank I'm you got to eat every day so know when buying the a few he later anyway you know here now have a sleeve I will have to shit all over beer all work so I got to shit I want to eat good holiday though you know they were you love that movie back championship down a little bit you’ll have to bother watching chopped down to be yeah I mean year going to be I'm a gimmick I am thankful for five years turns you know II with thank bay right would have you ever going to come back all choppy like that her behavior me right here put it here and right now I'm yes able whatever for what about what went by Maximum Shred I no I hack for the shuttle Mir her 30 this year by you but me but of but the fact that the loser it’s you of after of the trial I on and a solution to get it done proper Riley on here we'll see if you have a guy who will do limit ever man I love with pepper for Thelma of from a breakthrough my off of are flies have always thought of advice of I lemon juice are no so you hit me mother fuckers you hear me mother fucker them other living do is rather a you you've shut the fuck up are you now live in New to get here when this your home there 10 million the other thing with their by may may may vary of I not bad for a bit yeah a bit s bottom it for them now I'll people to yeah thoughtful I think I this year you know the charcoal I'll be able if you have a column yeah yes how you know the earth alright now have the wrong order rare rightly owner of approximately a little more you know little me I'll of and problem Yahoo of is about 30 minutes now why do now he is never nice I'll okay yeah he does we're hoping she alright below all no other reason for the water at our school who isn't I KUSI I met boy do it I want to drop a note only way year %um OK on time okay something in there for about a hour of I'll of I yeah way with an actor like this their heart poll for more holiday it would be a welcome home if you know they but should be okay then we asked them if they don't know what to do about that this year them going home no do have a call where go home not all bad I'm dude oh okay I think that the forum now and then a its miss you about commitment are they don’t get mad you goes

badly you know they're in their room for you know when you know that live here you know menu you want to shot down comment right now a little bathe Who Am I know if they're something a little bit if he'd get through them you know I mean going to confound that and well then with my so around way going on there hey the man yeah the met him in June make this is a whole lot like a holy man there's about done as the movie pictures anymore yeah the caller to cover the 3 I've come on man that with great on it no firming up over thirty years over grab of it Albany front of goal line we now with this gym already know him who you know that wedded not well your mind rather be home with you to go home before a I Yahweh he didn't get it is now I was a it till August 7 guy I grabbed a that have a time AC is mean you have to put little bit more my I love could muster only good ghetto it till like 11 could be compared you somebody else keep that in mind right we’re going to do with the other way with natal do we do oh yeah I baby grabbed the potato is 30 call of I’m for the mad about you know then but and with my personal well her mouth and with I yeah but carried out so we have to do is over okay I'm away with head overview JoeCarollo kidded either Book is a probably in 30 car one property alright potato complete a shop year are no shipments go clean anyway man you look Prado up or I why hide it well gram now bear my she there my pleasure the black one you know come blush somebody call it all at halftime yeah vision where I know what to do with it may uproot the plague nope they don't have it in my make sure right yeah 150 event I we're going to Maryland boundary of I mean so you go now well because you know I know they're party favor birthday home are I'm I welfare so I might try to capture the moment of truth is really not know their I'll 130 half cup not that all you need about this poll you know I'm a well to move aside withal yes I'm not sure if I like you know I’m picky eater I my Maher either peso say the right here with butter spray cat recreated awesome spoken of a man K I don't yak think video it seems a new Catha came while we have to try it and it goes good I'm potatoes ate whatever business now claiming I am this is sharp cheddar initiative of the popular movement you've got a shot why here my I okay on my way through it act you my me it need to be reviewed in Wayne why I mean %um here credit brought home the Kano raising the bar and their amateur sharp ton and I got myself a millennium room hey lucky man handle from a guaranteed amour you all week though only a year hey marline Bay I Magmata named only to every rep I UVA him and very good I failed you leave me alone with the car only in knows that sour cream in whatever way more I with

the structure nod other there were better developer yet but her your engine Bay and you want to do you have any right now we didn't have to but yeah file okay up with that a I area and then only and nice my recall what I'm have mad about you know if there were oh yeah so in Reno a year I yeah Israelis are very yeah people walking is always are Hayworth gala water yeah and we're going to my favouriteoutside review pre-war and I don't let it happen we you know and every probability well this is not good for life so then I have a spot I mean if you don’t give a fuck about NCAA yeah fucking everywhere I mention that is carry free no harm and goodness but many up got the whole issue you know and I'm a boycott United dealing with the rhyme on a pro-growth the room there are many with my yeah it was me I would have viewers and I have a I have to go ahead and make Maximum Shred a row with no mayo where are they and I then the oh yeah IV I call routing Carvalho and you get a row what have you yeah is because Joe the greatest you have a great day and mayors yeah I'm yeah rainbow pay you to get a hole in the hotel yeah you they haven't oped makes you comfortable though from unrest suffer from diet doctor don’t come along here with someone who knows a lot about what is wrong in our current understanding about diet and health Peter Atria medical doctor and a popular blogger my coworker would go to pubs for I for being here well thanks very much for having me here today so commute yes tell a little bit about yourself and how you got all interested in this diet them held funded by the silence absolutely you know the it's always something I've been interested in health and nutrition primarily driven by my interest in high-performance and things like that but you know up until about three or four years ago I sort subscribe to the conventional wisdom which was that high amounts of carbohydrates were necessary to sustain people physical performance fat and primarily saturated fats should be avoided high amounts of protein were necessary to maintain I'm an anabolic state et ceteraaccountable came to a head and 2009 when after a slow witness progression I heads for more from the lean person I was in high school into a very non lean person to put it mildly in fact the real turning point came in September that year when I had just to become maybe one about a dozen people to swim from los angels to Catalina Island in Catalina Island back the two separate crossings and so is fit as a fiddle swimming four hours a day in training and yet I had ballooned to you know about 40 pounds above what I am today I mean worse yet a lot of the metabolic primers in my body were also reflecting I had elevated triglycerides profoundly depressed HDL cholesterol my

waist was you know obviously much larger than it should have been and so basically I was sort of on the fence have metabolic syndrome and this struck me as problematic because I was on paper doing all the right things I was eating a diet that was very high in refined carbohydrates are more importantly whole grains fruits and vegetables refined carbohydrates but they seemed acceptable if you're exercising as much as I was lean protein very little saturated fat and so that really begin this search for am I doing something wrong you with supposedly doing everything right I'm just important working that’s correct so what to do prime well I started doing some reading and came across some literature that suggested that a the simple carbohydrates maybe overriding my body's system to oxidize fat so despite all that exercise I was doing it was quite likely that I was doing it in an environment a constantly elevated insulin level and doing so was paradoxically turning off my body’s ability to access its internal fat stores so your effectively putting a lot of paper on the fire and doing so is preventing you from actually burning the logs right then when you say simple carbohydrates what were you talking about well the and the in this order I’m parlance have the sports nutrition world this was a lot ofmultidex ran products which of course are often filled with high fructose corn syrup people love to talk about how high fructose corn syrup is preferentially turned into the pack white kitchen over glucose I'm and then of course from a dietary standpoint I was eating copious amounts of rice and pasta and bread and things like that always you know quote-unquote carob loading before these long workouts and immediately refueling with the same thing upon completion of these workouts okay through from some literature suggesting that this could be a problem yes I decided to do a very simple experiment on myself which was what if I just eliminated anything in my diet that contains sucrose and high fructose corn syrup so I was certainly nowhere near willing to consider that maybe starters in general were contributing to the problem but I want to see what happen if I just took out anything with sucrose and high fructose corn syrup and so I did that and over the next four months an amazing thing happened which was obviously removing those things were moved a number other things so it didn't mean I'm it meant that if I was going to eat spaghetti I needed to make my own spaghetti sauce I have tomatoes and garlic and things like that I couldn't you something out of a can or jar because much to my surprise the third ingredient in the product with sugar it meant that I still ate bread but I had to search long and hard to find a brand but didn't have been greedy and number two or three

being sugar and so I lost about 20 pounds in for months I and felt much better I was performing much better and that just peaked my curiosity frankly that just made me want to know what waste next level as could I take things to another level my triglycerides had fallen from about 150 for milligrams per deciliter to about hundred HDL had gone up from where it started at about thirty milligrams per deciliter to now about 45 two things seem to be moving in Maximum Shred the right direction and you know I just for the vast the natural question which is what happens if I pull this lever a little bit harder after what happens you know everything just continued and so over the period over effectively a year and a half I went through this gradual period or carbohydrate reduction which by the way was not without its difficulties as anyone who's tried to reduce carbohydrates knows each of these new steps is met with a new challenge but gradually I reduced it to the point where in the spring 2011 I was sort key ring with what we would call a key to Jenna diet effectively the complete removal carbohydrate certainly the removal of all starches a min sugars and even a reduction in my case in the amount of protein I was consuming for reasons that I'm sure other I’m interviewees you had have discussed when for formulating a well put together keygen diet and so I decided to go on a 12weekexperiment into nutritional ketosis were carbohydrates were limited to about 30grams per day protein was limited to about 120 grasper day and my fat intake made up the remainder and you know to be honest with you the first few weeks if that were horrible so horrible in fact that a where it not for the fact that I’d committed to doing twelve weeks at least to myself I would have probably abandon it turned out I was making many the common mistakes that people make when doing that when you say horrible sorry what does that mean well you knows very light headed I my performance athletically took huge turn for the worse I just didn't feel well what kind of sports cycling swimming a high-intensity weight training that sort of thing ok so hard time getting into that what will happen well I was fortunate that united by this time I had gotten to know Steve any injured formwork among others and you know they were really gracious in their advice in they quickly took a look at what I was eating and made a few suggestions and what other suggestions really panned out a obviously increasing sodium intake was probably the biggest single one I'm supplementing elements are rather other you know minerals and things like that made a big difference and the other one was actually making sure really was stricken keeping that protein level low enough because %uh the nature of

certain what I was doing it was a fine balance between getting enough protein to make sure that I wasn't sure always in a catabolic state but at the same time not overdoing it which is actually a very common mistake I find people making he does is how do you do that overdue we do crude protein what does that mean getting too much lean meat yeah it or even too much fat meat but the point is if you're getting too much protein and what happens is you for getting a group in the agenda effect from the protein that effectively starting to act like carbohydrate to give you an example at the onset of my foray into ketosis I was still consuming about 240 grams away of protein which is what I'd consumed my entire life which is still a lot right still a lot plenty more than enough protein Peter certainly in a in a in a positive energy balance tonight about the problem is at that level the protein lot of it is now being processed by the liver turned into glycogen your affectively exporting glucose again and again for most people that may not make that much of a difference but when you're really trying to thread that very delicate me love me personally doses it was enough to keep me from truly getting there and I sort found myself in a no man's land which is carbohydrates works reduced to the point where you are probably didn't have enough glucose to keep my brain entirely happy but through these high levels a protein wasn't quite allowing my liver to make enough %uh you know the beta hydroxybutyrate know things like that that my brain would need to offset its deficiency glucose I was really in this kind of middle zone I'm and since that time having now work with a lot of people doing this them self its it’s certainly the first pattern I observe and someone who's struggling so what happened on new one-year menu fixed this reduced your program and wealth into full-blown kilo well it was it was an amazing change you know after struggling for weeks with a few days at all reverted I'm my serum level so beta hydroxyl butyrate something we would you know put your finger to just monitor I'm got into sort of that zone would call the sweet spot and I just started to feel remarkable infect.

Muscle building gimmick  
Muscle building gimmick  

I'm when the 12 weeks was up by just didn’t want to go back and so Maximum Shred you know for about the past yearend a half I've kind of st...