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Music is a form of expression consisting of sound, rhythm, harmony, etc. The definition of music varies according to culture and social backgrounds. It can be divided into various categories. Music gear is the whole set of equipment like sound equipment, stage speakers, recording equipment, DJ equipment, microphones, speakers, etc. Here we try to explore the evolution of different types of music gear. Amplifier is a device that converts a signal with a small amount of energy into a similar signal with a larger amount of energy. Popularly we call it electronic amplifier particularly in audio applications. An audio amplifier is usually used to amplify signals such as music and speech. Instrument amplifier is a kind of audio amplifier that is designed to be used with an electric guitar, an electric bass, or an electronic keyboard. Traditional amplifiers come with a clean, warm sound and a sharp treble roll-off at 5 kHz. High power amplifiers were developed between 1960 and 1970. However, by 1980, smaller instrument amplifiers with lower wattage ratings were developed that could be switched on and off more quickly. Microphone is another important music gear. It is actually an audio device that can convert sound into electrical signals. The primitive microphones were called transmitters. The first commercial microphone was the carbon microphone designed in 1876 by the great inventor Thomas Edison. After that a lot of technological improvement has been witnessed in the microphones with the emergence of condenser, capacitor, electrostatic, wireless and shotgun microphones. Recording equipment like mixing console, multi-track recorder, microphones, loudspeakers, compressors, and equalizers are also types of music gear. During 1890 to 1930, phonograph horns and direct to disk cutting process were used for master recordings. With the invention of microphones, electronic amplifiers, the mixing disk and loudspeakers, electronic recording equipment became high tech. Now the studios have started using digital recording equipment that are supported by latest upgraded versions of computer and software. We all know that a person who selects, plays, and mixes music for the audience is called a DJ or disc jockey. The equipment that are used by a DJ are vinyl records, compact discs, computer media files, mixer with a cross fader, headphones and microphones. The history of these music gear is quite interesting. The phonograph cylinder, invented by Thomas Alva Edison was the first that was used as a DJ equipment.

The DJ culture probably started in the mid 1800 and has grown tremendously popular and later gave birth to concepts like discotheques and nightclubs. In the year 2001, i-pod by Apple entered into the list of DJ equipment because of the convenience of improved technology that allows the DJ to carry a wide variety of music in one single and small device. In fact in the year 2006 the Disk Jockey concept celebrated its 100th anniversary. Like the history of human civilization, the history of various music gear is also equally interesting. And that is because, whether it is music gear or musical instruments, both make sure that the tune of human lives and minds always remains melodious and sweet.

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==== ==== If you want a quick and easy way to find your music related items click here ==== ====

Evolution of Different Types Of Music Gear  

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