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By Arran


Apple has massive 393 stores worldwide

Apple have made a net profit of $8.8bn (ÂŁ5.7bn) in the three months ending in June, up 21% from a year earlier but lower than forecasts.

Apple sold 72 million IPhones in 2011 and 42 million in 2010. iPads weren’t getting sold as much as iPhones with 32 million being sold during its fiscal 2011. Apple actually sold more iPhones per day than people being born in the world each day during the same time period.


As you can see in the graph Apple receive a lot of revenue but it is mainly in December because of the sales and people buying Apple products for Christmas so there will be a rise in revenue

Apple produces very high profit when selling their products with 7 Billion dollars profit being made in June 2011 with a 6 billion dollar increase in December 2011.

APPLES IPHONE EVOLUTION This image shows the evolution of all the iPhones Apple have made over the past 5 years, and how they have been upgraded including processor etc.


Apple Presentation