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Dear friends who pray, We wanted to send this message to all who prayed for Cesar Antonio Baez in these past few months. Two weeks ago this evening, he went home to be with his Savior and Lord. It is a blessing to know that he professed faith several months earlier and was a testimony during his many hospital stays for chemotherapy treatments and other physical needs. He had just turned ten years old this past March and we have enclosed a few pictures of him. Please continue to pray for his mother, Mari, who so far has been holding up quite well. She does miss Cesar very much and these will be difficult days for her as she goes through his things. Her testimony has had an impact on her family and we thank God for that. Pray for Cesar Sr. as he tries to work through his pain and emotions. We can tell that he is very down, but only God can give him the peace that he needs, so pray he would come to the Lord. Pray too for us as we have more ministry opportunities with the family because of this. God in his wisdom knows what He is doing and we trust Him with our lives and souls. Pray as we have Bible club on Thursday in Mari’s home as this was Cesar Jr.’s desire, to have this club and invite many children. May God bring many more children to Himself through this ministry. Thanks so much and God bless. Larry and Lilia Baird and family ←This is Cesar Jr. playing outside of his house during his birthday party last month. He is playing volleyball with some of the rest of us.

Here, Cesar Jr. is in the middle → of Isaac (his brother) on the left and Abraham (his cousin) on the right. They were at our house last fall to make cookies.

← Here the boys are picking prizes out of a special box for that purpose. Now, we have a wooden box that we call the treasure chest.

This is Mari on the left helping to cut the cake, Cesar Jr. in the middle → and Isaac (Cesar Jr.’s next little brother) and Paco (Cesar’s youngest brother) on the far right. Isaac is four years old and really misses his brother. Paco is about two and doesn’t really know what has happened. We don’t have a picture of Cesar Sr. but pray for him too!

Cesar Jr. Letter  

This is a letter with pictures and info about Cesar Baez

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