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ABCDE Method Session Functionals February 2010

We want our members to be... By Larry Ioannidis

We want our members to be committed to the organization and the goals that they set. We want them to be open-minded and be able to grab any opportunity they will have in the organization. People that will receive our message will be ambitious, enthusiastic and will seek for development. These people will be active learners, will want to live an international experience and will do extra-curricular activities. They will be have social interests, and will be able to understand how they are related with AIESEC.


That people will be able to manage their time and balance their life, be action oriented and want to achieve in their personal and professional life. They will be responsible for their own actions and be willing to offer to others. In AIESEC they will be active members, participating in AIESEC activities, events and meetings. They will participate in National (HeADCo) and International Conferences. They will have the right exceptions from the organization and will be

enthusiastic to talk about their experiences in AIESEC to their network. They will join AIESEC to live the full experience (go on exchange and work in the organizations) in AIESEC live it short term. They will have good understanding of AIESEC and what the organization can offer them.


Using properly our recruitment message will help us to recruit the right people that will be able to grow our organization and at the same time develop themselves by living an integrated AIESEC experience going through all the AIESEC XP stages (TR + X + LR)

What we have to communicate to them What will be our message? By Larry Ioannidis

Our message to our primary target audience is combined with the expectations that we have from them, the benefits that they will have from being part of the organization. We want them to know that in AIESEC they will live a life changing experience, that they will have the opportunity to come in contact with people from all over the world and gain international perspective on world issues by living in other countries through the global exchange program. AIESEC offers to students the global learning environment that consists of conferences, team work experience, trainings etc... They will gain working experience by working with other young professionals & being leaders of teams (planning,

Aggelos Fylladitis

setting goals, tracking and achieving). They will have the opportunity to get to know with other countries reality by living it while working there. Being part of AIESEC will give them the opportunity to develop themselves, gain professional soft skills, leadership skills, have the opportunity see in practice their entrepreneur skills and afterwards have access to big organizations. They will be able to have impact on world society

Always set the right expectation about AIESEC and do not exaggerate. By Larry Ioannidis Always remember that you Use simple language are representative of AIESEC (AIESEC in Greek Guide on and that you are a live image so that of the organization, so students will understand you. respect its brand. Be aware of your body Try to understand the language and how you are audience that you are communicating the message communicating to, what are to your audience. they interests, motivation and Remember that after what they are interested in. communicating AIESEC the Explain the benefits of being most important thing is to part of AIESEC that will deliver what you promised!

Tips & things to remember



by being volunteers abroad through the program of global exchange of AIESEC. AIESEC is also a group of people with common interests and our target audience will sure find interesting topics in our organizations to discuss. Being part of such a dynamic group gives motivation and inspiration. AIESEC experience will give them added value and develop their competencies.


“This is our chance to show what AIESEC is to our external environment, to give more exchange opportunities to students in Greece, to develop even more ourselves and test our leadership skills. Grab this opportunity, give the best out of you and see your efforts’ impact in people around you.” MC 09-10

How are we going to Communicate with our audience? By Larry Ioannidis

For the recruitment of new members that are going to live the full AIESEC experience we will promote AIESEC XP through posters, flyers & our National Magazine. We will capitalize on our website, make it recruitment friendly and engage all the social media we have with it. We will promote AIESEC in University with classroom presentations and stand outside of classroom. Professors will be ambassadors of AIESEC and promote AIESEC to their students. University offices will have AIESEC promotion materials and also link to AIESEC website. We are going to promote AIESEC full XP through blogs, forums, and popular websites.


We will find the hot spots for students and promote AIESEC there. We will send info mails to our contact lists and to university contact lists. We will capitalize on massive SMS to invite them to come to our office, events, info seminars, conference. We will capitalize on our ceeders, returnees and interns to promote the international side of AIESEC. We will give the motivation to everybody who knows AIESEC to promote it to their network. We will do publications in press media to promote our activities. And most important, we will capitalize on the OC recruitment to make this recruitment successful.

Recruitment 2010  

Outputs from Recruitment Functional Meeting in Athens, February 2010

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