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Research for Fanpages of “Big” NGO’s on Facebook... Green Peace:

Homepage of Greenpeace fanpage

Directly promotes the most recent campaign redirecting to the Greenpeace website.


On the wall you can see only Fanpage posts and no posts from fans but a lot of interaction.

Other tabs: Notes: Post from Blog integrated to the notes that fans love to comment and discuss. For important topics

WWF: Homepage: Wall with a lot of profile applications: FBML Applications built for big campaigns of WWF and things they focus. Integration of other social media.

Other Applications: Invite: A tab to invite your friends to the fanpage. Easy way to attract even more fans if you have passionate followers!

Unicef Profile Application: Unicef asks it’s members to interact with the fanpage with an image


All the NGO’s website have link to the social media on the homepage

Proposals for the AIESEC International Fanpage on Facebook: Creation of Profile Applications to promote campaigns. Post Regularly content to engage fans Use Fanbox on homepage or have links with all the social media on the homepage Import Blog to Fanpage Notes Tabs Create Invite Tab and encourage our members to invite others to join Set a goal ( 50.000 fans until 1st July)

Facebook Fanpage Research  

Research for Facebook Fanbox traffic. Tips and Tricks

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