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Email Appeal Zambia AIDS Orphans

SUBJECT: We can create a happy ending Dear (Personalize), We have the opportunity to write a ‘happy ending’ to a true story that could be entitled, “2006…The Year for Zambia’s Orphans of AIDS.” We can provide …

• 120 school desks • enough food to prepare 75,000 meals

Would you answer the cries for help from these needy kids? During our recent trip to Zambia, we surveyed the suffering of children who have been made orphans by the AIDS epidemic sweeping Africa. It was heartbreaking to see how many of them are forced to live on the brink of starvation with no home but the city’s streets. We discovered there are two keys to turning the crisis around: 1. The long-term solution is EDUCATION providing the information that will empower this generation of children … and future generations … to survive. 2. The short-term need is FOOD: we must save them from starvation — they desperately need food! (Personalize, 1st name), we need $30,000 to pay for and ship school desks and food to kids who really appreciate our help. Would you join us this holiday season in writing a happy ending to 2006 for some truly needy and deserving kids? You can follow this link to our secure server to make a donation. Larry Witten - Freelance Writer

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Email Appeal Zambia AIDS Orphans

Thank you for joining us in ‘giving hope’ to Zambia’s orphans of AIDS.

The Goads p.s. Follow this link to see more pictures taken during our trip to Zambia. A budget has been established for this project. If funds exceed the amount budgeted, 100% of any additional support will be used wherever the need is greatest. )

Larry Witten - Freelance Writer

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AIDs Email Appeal  

AIDS email appeal

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