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London London Trip

Sunday 9 of February: We will exit from Bilbao to London at 21:55, in London we will go to the hotel. Monday10 of February: 7:00: We get up, go to shower and don the bed. 8:00: Go to breakfast. 8:35: Go to the street and we plan the day. 8:45: we visit the hotel and around of it. 11:00: We go to visit the Big Ben.

14:00: We eat in one place or by the food. 15:30: We go to the underground and we visited this and the other places all the day with Javi and Montse. 20:15: We dinner in one place in the zone. 21:30: We go to the hotel. 23:00: We go to sleep.

Tuesday 11 of February: 7:00: We get up, go to shower and don the bed. 8:00: Go to breakfast. 8:35: Go to the street and we plan the day. 8:45: We go in the underground to the wax museum. 9:15: We have the underground in Finsbury park line victory. 9:35: We go to the stop custom, and walking go Baker Street and enter in the wax museum. The pass slope 31, 60 pounds for person (Rodrigo too). 12:00: Exit the museum and go to the shops and by thing up to the eat hour. 14:00: We eat in the street. 15:30: We go to visited London and do the photography’s. 20:30: We go to the underground for to return at the hotel.

20:55: We dinner in the street. 21:30: We visited some night places. 23:00: Returned to the hotel and do our things and go to sleep.

Wednesday 12 of February: 7:00: We get up, go to shower and don the bed. 8:00: Go to breakfast. 8:35: Go to the street and we plan the day. 8:45: We go to the underground and go to the one zone in the stop (Farringdon) and from there go to London Bridge.

9:30: We go to the Tower of London in front on the London Bridge, the pass slope 21, 45 pounds (Rodrigo too). 10:30: We go to drink cafĂŠ in Starbucks. 11:00: We go to visited the house of guards parade 12:00: We visit Churchil War parade.

14:00: We have lunch and other street in London. 15:00: We Visit James's Park Lake. 15:30: We finish the Cross ST James’s Park Lake and we visit Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace. 16:30: We go a San Paul´s Cathedral. 17:00: We go A40 Newgate ST and we go a ST Paul’s underground, and we stop in Holloway Rd. Zone 2, 3. 17:45: We come Holloway and visited emirates stadium, the Arsenal stadium, we do a touristic visit. 19:30: We estop little time because we are Exhausted. 20:00: We go the Arsenal station underground, and we go the Piccadilly Circus parade. 20:45: We stay in Piccadille and we look a place to have dinner, in this place are KFC, KFC is in Wardour ST.

21:30: we start walk and we go at zone 1, we visited places fewer acquaintances 23:00: we go to Hotel and we go to bed. Thursday 13 of February 7:00: We get up, we take douche and we do a bed. We order the bedroom and we go down to have breakfast. 8:00: we have breakfast. 8:35: We plan day. 8:45: We go to visit a place we do a planning. The planning is on shopping, during the morning. We go shopping up to the lunchtime. 14:00: We go to have lunch in other place of London. 15:00: We go to the Tower Bridge, in underground to the Tower Hill stop. 16:00: We go to the Tower of London and the Monument.

17:00: We stay there and we go the Royal Exchange and Bank of England of walking. 18:00: We stay and we visit it. 18:40: Then we visited Guildhall. 19:00: We go to the Museum and we visited. 21:00: We go out to the British Museum and we take the underground in Holborn and we go to China Town. 22:00: We have dinner in China Town and we visit it. 23:00: We go to the hotel by the underground. 00:00: We stay in hotel and we go to bed. Friday 14 of February 7:00: We get up, we have a shower, we take the personal objects, and we make our beds. 8:00: We go to have breakfast. 8:35: we leave the hotel and we plan the last hours the London. 9:00: We go shopping in Harrods.

11:00: We go to Marble Arch for a walk, we visit and we see the Albert Memorial and Peter Pan statue (Kennsington Gardens).

13:30: We have lunch in other place 14:15: We visit Royal Albert and Oratory. 15:00: We go to Hotel and take the luggage. 15:30: We take a taxi to the airport.

16:00: we stay in the airport and we do the checking in. 17:00: we wait for the boarding time. 17:20: we board in the plane. 17:40: The plane takes off for Spain (Loiu) 20:30: we stay in Loiu and we go with us families



Letter 1 Hi families.

In the next week we go to London for a cultural trip. In this trip we visits all the places of London and in this trip we speak in English all the time, for we will practise this language. When we come back do a projects for this trip. We go to London during 5 days. The behaviour of your son in this trip will have to be a good, because makes something bad was sent to come back home this is one of the assents for this trip. A greeting

Letter 2 Hi families. This trip slope 600 euros, the payment of this money was realized in period, the periods will be of 150 euros, this payment include flights, housing and breakfasts, the lunch and the dinner is apart because the hotel does not offer it, and is more expensive in the hotel the money for to spend there in that you want goes with the money of lunch and dinner. A greeting

Letter 3 Hi families. Now we send you the planning for this trip, day after day, and hour that hour. This is the planning to London:

A greeting

London Tripe  

Cultural Tripe

London Tripe  

Cultural Tripe