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La Classe de Français I Monsieur LaRocque John Glenn High School, Room G9 E-mail: Voicemail: (989) 684-7510 ext. 2256 Classroom Website:

Course Description: In French 1, students will be introduced to the French language, along with vocabulary and basic grammar where they will achieve a beginning level of proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Culture, traditions, and learning about the people of France are a major part of this course. French foods and songs, along with educational games and activities are an integral part of the curriculum that helps to enhance culture, language study, and retention. Course Expectations • Class participation is a required component. Each student is expected to participate in class discussions, group work, and class activities. Participation points will be assigned regularly. Use French in class. • Each student will keep a notebook. Notebooks will be graded at random each marking period. • Quizzes and tests will be given regularly to assess the progress of each student. • Oral and written performance assessments will be assigned each chapter to assess how well the student is able to use the knowledge learned throughout the course. • Homework will be assigned regularly and will be due the next time the class meets, unless otherwise noted. • When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your assignment(s) and make up the assignment(s) promptly. You may ask a classmate, check Skyward, check our classroom website, check the board or ask the teacher what was missed while you were absent. Students will be allowed 1 day for each absence to turn in makeup assignments. • Quiz makeup must be completed prior to the chapter test. • Test makeup due to absences must be completed within one week of the original test date. • Quiz and test makeups will only be administered before or after school, unless otherwise scheduled with the teacher. Failure to make up a missed quiz or test will result in an automatic zero. • Any and all academic dishonesty (i.e. copying, cheating) will result in a zero for that assignment and a discipline referral. Repeated offenses will result in being withdrawn from the class. Grading Scale: Throughout this course, a variety of assessment tools will be used to monitor progress. All work must be kept in your French notebook. The focus of all assignments and assessments will be based on the following categories: Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking/Presentations, Reading, Writing & Listening, and Culture. Grades will be weighted and divided using the following categories. Practice (Daily Work) Quizzes Tests Performance Assessments

5% 15% 40% 40%

Final grades will be determined using the following scale: A A-

94-100 90-93

B+ B B-

87-89 84-86 80-83

C+ C C-

77-79 74-76 70-73

D+ D D-

67-69 64-66 60-63



Semester grades will be determined by the following: Marking Period 1 Marking Period 2 Midterm or Final Exam

40 % 40 % 20 %

Late Work Policy It is expected that assignments will be completed and turned in by the given deadline. However, if you miss the given deadline, only major assignments will be accepted late for the following penalties: o 1 day late subtract 10% o 2-3 days late subtract 20% o 4-5 days late subtract 50% o More than 5 days late subtract 100% Daily work and homework assignments will not be accepted late. Classroom Expectations • Be prompt: Be in the classroom and in your assigned seat when the bell rings. • Be prepared: Come to class with your textbook, notebook, assignments, and any materials needed for class each day. No passes will be given to get forgotten items. • Be respectful: Respect your teacher and your fellow classmates, as well as their belongings. • Be positive, help your fellow classmates, parlez français French (speak French), and keep your eyes and ears open to the French around you. Required Materials • Pens, pencils, paper, and a highlighter • Notebook: One 3-ring binder (1” binder suggested) with dividers labeled: o Vocabulaire o Verbes o Grammaire o Culture o Examens o Les Autres Choses • Kleenex donations are always appreciated. Merci beaucoup!

Please return this form only. Each student will keep the syllabus in their notebook for future referral. If you have read and understand the attached syllabus and you have no further questions, please sign below. This sheet is considered as one of your first assignments and must be turned in by Friday, September 9, 2011. Both the student and parent/guardian are asked to sign. _________________________________________________________ (Student Name-Please Print)

____________________ (Hour)

_________________________________________________________ (Student Signature)

____________________ (Date)

_________________________________________________________ (Parent Name-Please Print)

____________________ (Date)

_________________________________________________________ (Parent Signature)

____________________ (Date)

I DO / DO NOT have computer access at home.

(Please Circle One)

I DO / DO NOT have Internet access at home.

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Parent/Guardian E-Mail Address: ____________________________________________________________ Home Phone #: __________________________________________________________________________ Cell Phone #: ____________________________________________________________________________ Please circle your preferred method of contact: E-mail Home Phone Cell Phone Other: ___________________________________________________________________________ Thank You! Monsieur LaRocque John Glenn High School, Room G9 E-mail: Voicemail: (989) 684-7510 ext. 2256

French I Syllabus 2012-2013  

French I Syllabus 2012-2013

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