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GuarantEEd savings on your propErty?

EnErgicity has rE-writtEn thE book.

One simple idea. So many ways to improve your financES Want to reduce the running costs of your property? Spend a lot less on repair call-outs and maintenance costs? Actively increase your sink funds and improve the outlook of your overall budget, year on year?

Where Energicity can save MONEY...

Energicity can help you do all this and more. And make GUARANTEED savings. The technology is advanced. The idea is simple: use fittings that perform, and often out-perform, the functions of existing equipment but run at afraction of the cost. Then pass those immediate savings onto clients, leaseholders and managing agents. asy. conomical. co-logical.

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LED Lighting If it hasn’t been updated since the building was first occupied, the lighting in communal areas is costing you money. Every second it’s on. Energicity can turn this situation around, quickly and effectively. With innovative LED technology, we’ll help you produce jawdropping savings without affecting your client’s asset and your customers’ homes. In brief, Energicity’s LED solution can: consume 10x less energy be retrofitted wherever possible, keeping costs down and maintaining the look of communal areas offer 5 years of maintenance-free life provide a return on investment in under 2 years immediately cut the costs of call-outs, repairs and bulb replacement turn a previously rising energy cost into an outgoing you can control to shape a different future for you and your clients. Light. Bright. Right.

Try before you fly… We stand full-square behind our money-saving claims at Energicity. That’s why, with our LED monitor fitted to just a small portion of your lighting system, you can see the difference in running costs for a smaller investment. In no time, when you consider those savings over a much wider area of your property, you’ll realise the sky’s the limit with Energicity. Ask for more details about our LED monitoring today.

Energy Monitoring

M asur . Manag . Manipulat

If you can measure it, you can manage it. Better. Energicity’s cloud-based portal can show you real-time energy usage of the assets you manage to a granular level. Armed with this kind of detail you can declare war on over-expenditure and easily solve complex issues between varying levels of service charges. With the big picture at your fingertips and online reports drilling down to the finer details, it’s no wonder more people ask Energicity to directly reduce consumption – and costs.

Voltage Optimisation Why use – and pay for – more than you need? Voltage Optimisation from Energicity is one of the quickest, easiest ways to make immediate savings on your electricity consumption. Here’s how: Without optimisation

Voltage from National Grid

Average 242 volts supplied

Higher voltage = Results in larger overpowered appliances bills due to greater = shorter lifespan kVA power demand

With optimisation

Voltage optimised to an operating requirement of 220 volts and quality improved

Power supplied at 220 volts

Imagin . Impl m nt. Improv .

Appliances live longer on lower voltage

Bills are reduced

at .

Smart Metering Accurate power billing saves money – and time. But the Government’s plans for smart metering may not cover your property. Smart meters wil be required by law for large supplies in the profile class 05, 06, 07 and 08 by April 2014. For domestic households in the class 01 and 02, the deadline is 2020. What hasn’t been addressed by the Government are the supplies in the profile classes, 03 and 04 – which could leave you open to inaccurate billing and of course, overspending. With up-to-date reports on energy use, smart metering from Energicity can help you save – and budget for years to come. Intuitiv . Insightful. Int llig nt.

Emergency Lighting As Managing Agent, it’s your responsibility to have a robust testing regime in place for emergency lighting. And when it fails, it’s an emergency for you in terms of quickly rectifying the situation. Costs of repairs are usually significant, not to mention the hassle of sourcing an appropriate, competitive repairer with the right materials – all whilst the lighting needs urgent repair. Why not turn emergency lighting issues into a positive with Energicity? We’ll provide a quotation within 2 working days on receipt of the required information, which is on your test certificate. You’ll then have more cost – and energy-efficient – lighting that needs less maintenance. Many clients find this a good way to see the Energicity difference – immediately. nlight ning. mpow ring. n rgicity.

Giving you the Energicity to save... Energicity takes a 360 degree approach to delivering more costsaving, eco-friendly benefits to you as managing agents – as well as your clients and their leaseholders. It’s our mission to reduce costs, increase knowledge and exert a positive influence on often-difficult client/customer relations within the residential leasehold market. So we’re more than happy to attend directors’ meetings with you and explain in detail the benefits of our full service, which includes: Survey Installation of sample products and monitoring equipment Bespoke proposal confirming the savings that we will guarantee Installation of new products and recycling of current systems Post installation monitoring and report Simple clear warranty position

Managing Agents benefit... Improve your CSR/green commitments More sustainability, better light performance & reduced energy Reduce costs without service increases for your clients Resolve two of the largest budgeting headaches – electricity and day-to-day maintenance Actively manage assets & services to work smarter – & cheaper Quick return on investment for clients Over 20 years of property management, electrical installation and project management

Clients benefit... Reduced costs without reduced services Guard against the rising costs of energy No more call outs and unbudgeted expenditure LED lights emit very little heat preventing damage to decor from compact fluorescent lighting A solution to the problem of low reserve funds Savings can be used to bolster reserve funds, reduce or maintain service charge levels or fund other projects Increased certainty in the budgeting process Projects completed demonstrate that over an 8 year period a fund of ÂŁ50,000 from an original ÂŁ10,000 investment.

& Leaseholders benefit Proactive management of ever increasing service charges Addresses two major areas of the budget versus actual, avoiding the potential for balancing charges Increased confidence in managing agents and directors Reduced wear and tear to the communal areas Increased confidence that service charges are being planned with care and thought for the future. Bright. B n ficial. Brilliant.

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50OFF %

an in-depth site survey, sample installation, monitoring process and proposal presentation for the first 10 enquiries quoting ARMA13 within their enquiry.

An Energicity in-depth survey includes: Site survey including detail of light fittings, voltage information, analysis of an existing invoice, property age and type Installation of a suggested sample fitting Monitoring/comparison of the LED fitting and an existing fitting Bespoke proposal providing all the information to make an informed fact-based decision – no assumptions or estimations We know others won’t charge for a survey, but ask yourself – what are you actually getting? Most likely someone will attend your building, count the light fittings and then perform a desktop calculation, suggesting you recommend to your client they expend a vast amount of money on something they haven’t seen.

Energicity is different We make a charge for this initial process because we add value every step of the way, investing the time necessary to help you make immediate savings and then continued, ongoing savings. Initial survey costs are always refunded if your client proceeds with the proposed project.


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